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Monday, June 17, 2024

Former Israeli Knesset member Moshe Feiglin quoted Adolf Hitler as he called for Israel to resettle the Gaza Strip and create a "Hebrew Gaza." Feiglin, who quit Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party to found the right-wing Zehut Party and plans to challenge Likud in Israel's next elections, made the comments during a panel discussion on Israel's Channel 12 that was shared on social media on Sunday, as Middle East Eye reported. "We are not guests in our country, this is our country, all of it..." Feiglin said, adding, "As Hitler said, 'I cannot live if one Jew is left.' We can't live here if one 'Islamo-Nazi' remains in Gaza."



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"But the Palestinians are fully on board with the actions Cccccccchamas!!!"

Cool story, dick weed.

The Israelis are fully on board with the actions
of Hitler.

#1 | Posted by tres_flechas at 2024-06-17 04:20 PM | Reply

"Never again"

except when we do it.

#2 | Posted by qcp at 2024-06-17 04:30 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

Isn'treal, as we know it, won't last another decade.

#3 | Posted by tres_flechas at 2024-06-17 05:51 PM | Reply

Notice that when they say things like "we have the most moral military in the world and we would never target civilians..." they say it in English.

When they say they want to exterminate everyone in Gaza they say it in Hebrew.

#4 | Posted by tres_flechas at 2024-06-17 05:55 PM | Reply

I s'pose hating Hitler is antisemitic now.

#5 | Posted by tres_flechas at 2024-06-17 06:02 PM | Reply

Irony is dead. Dumbfuqs like Three Sheets drowned it in their tub of meth and gin.

#6 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2024-06-17 08:29 PM | Reply

Irony is dead.



He's all about completely exterminating everyone in Gaza, but doing it ironically.

Tell me more, sugar ----...

#7 | Posted by tres_flechas at 2024-06-17 09:09 PM | Reply

Setting the world on fire.

#8 | Posted by fresno500 at 2024-06-18 06:31 AM | Reply

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