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Now you're getting to the meat of the story, Boaz, but you won't find the answer from the media covering the story or asking DR lefties.

The area within 1000 feet of public housing is a Drug Free Zone in Pennsylvania, apparently, like most every other state. Loitering and Wandering laws in Drug Free Zones are set by the state, not the municipalities, and are biased towards a presumption of malfeasance for those found standing or walking around.

In my opinion, these laws are the story that is not being covered. It is not a municipal issue unique to Chester Township. Loitering and Wandering laws in Drug Free Zones including schools and public housing is a nationwide practice; one can imagine how enforcement can be problematic.

It could be that the details of the arrests of the Briggs family members aren't that problematic. The media outlets covering this story are carrying the water of the family's attorneys, while ignoring or glossing over the obvious question of how did the incidents start.
At one point in the longer video, Ms. Briggs says at the onset of the first incident she told the boys to get in the house, seemingly aware of the loitering laws. Later she says the boys were playing in the yard.

Maybe the lawyers are completely inept, and forgot to lead with their best details, which would be about the initial interactions with the cops that led to 15 squad cars being dispatched.

Honestly, kicking a squad car seems like valid probable cause for an arrest. The charges in the arrests include loitering,failure to disperse, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Why haven't the media obtained and reported on the police reports?

This could turn out to be a milestone case against Drug Free Zones, but it doesn't seem like the details are there to support the lawyer's version of things.

Jesus wept...this idiotic crap went on for over 5hrs...you people need to get a life.

#126 | Posted by Angrydad

Yeah, this thread was up for more than 5 hours with many of the usual DR Democrats gathering round to celebrate an opportunity to claim victim status once again.

Check the time stamps on my first two posts and you'll see that it took me five minutes, not five hours to find the real story:

Some of the usual suspects are pretending not to understand what a smell test is.
Sad affair. Bless hearts.
What country's border do "we" think we can cross illegally without being detained?

#21 | Posted by DixvilleNotch at 2019-10-15 07:23 PM


Wouldn't you know it? There's a lot more to the story:

U.S. officials are disputing the truthfulness of Connors' claim that they crossed the border accidentally.

Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday that surveillance video showed the car "slowly and deliberately driving through a ditch" into Washington state.

CBP added that two of the family members had previously been denied travel authorization to the U.S after applying for visa waivers which are available to British passport holders.

An official told The Washington Post that the two families had $16,000 in cash on them when they were arrested. The CPB official added that Canada refused to re-accept them.

#22 | Posted by DixvilleNotch at 2019-10-15 07:28 PM

One would reasonably think that the Daily News account of the CBP disputing the Connors' claim would have shifted the conversation into the light and brought it to a mercifil end. Instead, biased retorters doubled, tripled and quadrupled down without bothering to read and comprehend.

When last seen, Snoofy still had no idea what hit him.

But sure, blame me and Goatie, for the 5 hours (and still ongoing) of total, blackhole density of our fellow posters.


So, another CBS3 report (same reporter) details the arrest charges to include loitering, failure to disperse, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest:


It sounds like the video may be from the second day's arrest.

Here's a link with a less edited version of Ms. Briggs' video:


You can see that the proceedings became quite a scene. Something like 15 squad cars on hand.

Still a jump cut between Keith Briggs arrest and being in the back of the cruiser. Ms. Briggs is shouting about Keith being maced, not tazed, and the he can't breathe because he has asthma.

Still a jump cut between Briggs arrest and the guy being pulled off the porch.

Less sympathetic? Well, there certainly is more to the story than this thread and most media reports touch on.

I report, you decide.

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