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Monday, October 21, 2019

Waving your finger at the president of the United States is disrespectful only if the president is a Democrat, according to members of the media.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) received positive coverage when she and other Democratic leaders stormed out of a meeting with President Donald Trump. Trump later tweeted a picture from the meeting that showed Pelosi standing and pointing her finger at the president. Cable news anchors and reporters appeared to be enthralled with the "iconic" photo. They described Pelosi as "giving it to the president of the United States" and stressed how she was "standing in a room full of men."

When former Arizona governor Jan Brewer wagged her finger at former president Barack Obama, the incident was portrayed as "disrespectful" and a political stunt to sell more books. [snip] The narrative surrounding this photo was not about a strong female leader standing up to a man, but about a racist attack on the Oval Office.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Impeachment, as it turns out, cuts any number of ways. In their attempt to prove that Donald Trump tried to strongarm Ukraine into digging up dirt on Joe Biden, House Democrats dug some up on their own. The Washington Post reports that a career State Department officer tried to warn officials in the Obama administration about the conflict of interest that Hunter Biden's work created in Ukraine and with efforts to target corruption. When those warnings reached the Vice President's office in early 2015, Biden's team shut them down

Biden's role at Burisma Holdings Ltd has come under intense scrutiny following unsupported accusations by U.S. President Donald Trump that Joe Biden improperly tried to help his son's business interests in Ukraine. Interviews with more than a dozen people, including executives and former prosecutors in Ukraine, paint a picture of a director who provided advice on legal issues, corporate finance and strategy during a five-year term on the board, which ended in April of this year. Biden never visited Ukraine for company business during that time, according to three of the people

Thursday, October 17, 2019

All Andy Johnson wanted to do was build a pond. Andy, a welder, and his wife, Katie, have four girls and a small farm in Wyoming, and they needed a place for their horses and cattle to drink and graze. Working with state engineers, Andy and Katie spent hours, as well as most of their savings, constructing the pond, filling it with filtered water, providing a habitat for trout, ducks, herons, moose and bald eagles. Approximately two years later, the project came to a screeching halt when bureaucrats from the Environmental Protection Agency knocked on Johnson's door, informing him that, by building a pond on his own property without their permission, he had violated the Clean Water Act. And so began a years-long back and forth between Johnson and the EPA, with Johnson presenting documentation from the state showing that his stock pond was exempt from the Clean Water Act and studies that showed his pond provided positive environmental benefits. The EPA said otherwise...

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Dan Wolken: On behalf of the 327 million American citizens who generally believe that freedom is good and authoritarian regimes are less good, let me apologize to LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers. read more


I'm open minded to the possibility. But it's really a paradox.

The word in bold cancels out your first sentence. You are NOT open-minded to the possibility and never have been, at least for as long as you've been posting on this site.

So, let's dissect the rest of your post:

And if a person only cares about their own wallet and not the future of society, how is that not a form of ignorance and stupidity?

That's a one-sided characterization.

If a person cites the arguments of polluters, whose arguments have been proven wrong time after time, how is that not ignorance?

So, anyone who disagrees with your preferred policies for attempting to address the problems resulting from a warming planet is simply a polluter.

How could a person who's NOT ignorant say that tax cuts pay for themselves or trickle down economics helps the middle class?

Tax cuts provide some economic benefit because the result is more money in the hands of the consumers. Sometimes they pay for themselves and sometimes they don't. Sometimes they benefit the middle class and sometimes they don't. It's WAY more complex than a simple "either/or" scenario.

How could a person who isnt ignorant and brainwashed think that russiagate was a deep state hoax and trump has no shady allegiances to putin and isn't openly asking other nations to interfere in our elections on his behalf.

It's still a developing story. Very recent reporting is trickling out that the Durham investigation is now a criminal investigation, and this guy doesn't mess around. With ALL of these things I'm in 'wait-and-see' mode. Given that, the Mueller report was pretty much a dud when it came to "collusion". That's the 'see' part of 'wait and see'.

How could an ethical or patriotic person fight to keep the most unethical president we've ever seen in office even when he openly commits crimes and ignores the constitution?


He's had plenty of competition in terms of ethical behavior if you take an honest look at the history of this country. Also, speaking only for myself, if he deserves to be removed then Democrats need to clearly and transparently make that case through the impeachment process. There is a reason why impeachment has only been invoked 3 times in the entire history of this country - it's a serious process. It's not something that is done willy-nilly because some people despise the current occupant of the WH.

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