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"I thought about whether or not I should say this. But it was a fact: The people in charge of the project"the laboratory people, the scientists"they were a bit too arrogant toward Congress. They sort of treated them as if they didn't understand what the physicists were trying to do"a sort of why-are-you-standing-in-my-way attitude. You don't insult people you're begging for money," he said. "Scientists are brilliant people, but they're not salesman."


Do you live in Waxahachie, Pegasus?

While, I do spend a lot of time there... I am after all a flying horse... I spend some of my time in DC spreading my droppings...

Folks here still think it could come back... Local grade school still having kids write letters to Congress and Trump to reconsider bringing it back...

Nothing has changed much. It could easily be built today. Having 2 inter-coordinated SSC's would allow scientists to experiment with entanglement and micro-gravity wave detection.and even possibly communications using Nuetrino's and other high energy particles.

Impossible??... well yea, if you only have one can and a string....

You need 2...

I could never live with myself if I did that and people lives were put at risk.

Your at risk every time you step on a commercial airliner...

Every major airline now uses companies in Mexico and South America to maintain their planes and do heavy C checks.

Let's see the differences....

In America.... you need an FAA A/P license to fix or repair commercial aircraft...

In South America, you don't need a license... you don't even need classes.... If you can fix a lawn mower, you can fix a jet.

Aircraft manufactures no longer ship repair manuals... the information is now shipped on CD's. Only in English as this is an International Treaty requirement.

In America.... most people can speak and write English.

In South America, the supervisor translates what is needed to be done from English to Spanish.

CD is all in standard English measurements...

In America.... we still use this measurement and are quite familiar with it...

In South America, everyone uses metric...no bother to use the correct English tool... just use a metric tool and keep trying different sizes till the nut stops spinning. Close enough is close enough. Whats 35 ftpounds in metric? Don't know? Then tighten nut till it's snug and then loosen a 1/4 of a turn.

I could never live with myself if I did that and people lives were put at risk.

I worked for a major airline and I quit when they started doing this. I'm a private pilot and I love flying but I have never set foot on an airliner since then... nor will I ever... Had to sign a NDA so I can't even tell you about the really bad stuff.


Refugee Resettlement is Costly


Blue State only pay these cost through outrageous tax increases cause Blue State residents to migrate to Red States like Texas putting a strain on both infrastructure and water usage.

Texas has said no because it has seen it's future in red states like California and New York... We Texans take a dim view of people moving in from California and pooping on our streets... pooping in front of the Alamo pretty much crossed the line... ( hasn't happened yet but only a matter of time..." soo which famous music star pissed on a wall in the Alamo?? )

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