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"No one is arguing differently.
You did with your vague (intentionally?) language."

No. Everything that I posted focused on that age group as outlined in the original article. Perhaps you can read it again.

"It's a model."

And? So, your problem is that they didn't carry it out and then add up the dead 1 year later? Are you a moron or something? Basically everything we do in life is based off of models that take a limited sample size and extrapolate the results. At this point, I can't take you for someone putting forth a serious argument.

"Describing a single effect of a single vaccine, not THE vaccine, in a particular age group of recipients.
Buck up or shut up."

Yes, this focused solely on the blood clots that killed a bunch of people with the AZ vaccine. The side effects are similar to that of the J&J vaccine, which is why no one in the US wants it. It did not account for all the other claimed side effects and doing so would only make the outcomes even more lopsided in favor of the antivax crowd.

"What evidence do you have that fertility is a problem here? What other vaccine has reduced fertility? Real links, please. No Zero Hedge."

Reduced fertility? We don't know. Longer term birth defects? We don't know. Your ASSUMPTION is that there is zero risk. Then again, no one accused you of being smart.

What science? Citations necessary."

I posted links. You posted emotional appeals and outright nonsense. Someone should take your shovel away as you are only going to encourage more people to not to vaxed.

"There is no evidence that vaccines have any risks greater than Covid. Best guess is 99%.

Well, except for you being 100% wrong.

The study, published in the weekly edition of the Eurosurveillance journal, models four months of a vaccine distribution strategy in France involving Vaxzevria (commonly called AstraZeneca) from May 2021, and concludes that using the vaccine on the entire adult population there would avert 10 deaths from Covid among 18-39-year-olds, but would be associated with 21 deaths from blood clotting in the same age grouping over the same time period.

"This is Texas. Infections are up and so are COVID deaths. Mostly among you smart people.

Actually, based on the data and not your emotions, what you said is 100% wrong.


Download the data sets, graph by ages (all sexes).

In the US overall, total death from covid for those under 45 were 817 in March'2021 and 415 in June'2021, a redux of almost 50%. Additionally, as a share of covid deaths, it was about 7% in June for this group. So, no, there have not been upticks amongst young, smart people. A vast, vast majority of deaths are occurring in the group that is NOT vaccine resistant according to this article (45+ crowd). This tends to imply the people dying of covid may not be vaccinated, but it is not because of hesitancy. Perhaps what we are seeing is the people too sick to take the vaccine dying now. As a testament to this, the US "excess deaths" are now negative, likely because covid took a few months off the lives of those that would be dying now in the absence of covid.

I will add, for those under 35, the total covid deaths was 135, or 2.2% of June covid deaths. If you were in this age range and planning to start a family, I completely understand their hesitancy to get vaccinated as the unknown risk to their kids outweighs the covid death reduction risk in their minds.

Again, I am sorry for bringing actual data to this thread but I think it is important to understand it rather than just emotional arguments about people hating their country and deserving to die.

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