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the zombie left and inciting media of course keep saying there is no reason kyle would have been there with a firearm if his intent was not to commit murder. what do they say regarding at least three of the sign less people in that original group at the gas station and one more whose bicep was atomized having guns? i mean the express intent of the people there was to burn loot and destroy and some of them said kill white people. so they gathered with intent to destroy the city since of course beating, robbing and destroying private property is the answer to a corrupt systemically racist government. intent to riot, intent to commit crimes, armed with firearms - all beyond reproach. boy scout ky;e present on record stating his intent was to protect property and help people with his medical kit with firearm is libeled to have only intended to murder or he wouldn't have been there.

of course we know everything the media says is not just a law but libeling, slanderous, seditious inciting of the overthrow of government and it's futile to break apart every one of their lies, and futile to reeducate those who in willful ignorance accept and act on those lies, but nonetheless i must at times expound on these egregious hypocrisies if for no other reason than to add into the public consciousness (even if it is in a containment zone) a voice of logic and reason.

this case will be dropped in a month like it should and you will still be burnin, lootin, and attempting murder of innocent people trying to defend their way of life.

stop burning apartments democrats!

other illogical clownworld items to discuss related to this...

so if i wear provocative clothing it is ok to rape me?

imaginary borders mean something now to leftists?

man who go to bed with itchy butt wake up with stinky fingah

Should there be a new thread about democrat supported and obviously created BLM violence?


Is wiki a good URL source? Or is it nazi russian propaganda??

And what hat ever happened to BAMN?...why are they laying low???hmmmm...

Here you go suckas
>Joseph Rosenbaum was shot in the head by Kyle Rittenhouse because he was chasing Kyle through a car dealership and assaulting him with thrown objects, taunting and threatening him with bodily harm. He was a convicted sex offender with a record of relations with an underage child.
>Anthony Huber was shot and killed because he struck Kyle with a skateboard. He was previously convicted of domestic abuse and false imprisonment.
>Gaige Grosskreutz was shot and had a chunk taken out of his arm by a 5.56mm round because, while wearing a hat with PARAMEDIC embroidered on the front, he committed an act of false surrender and attempted to draw a pistol and execute Kyle on the ground, but Kyle's reflexes, honed by years of Fortnite or CS:GO or whatever the ---- Zoomers play nowadays, were faster. Gaige was another dirty felon and had no right to lawfully own a gun in the first place.

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