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i always said outsourcing to china was mistake for twenty years now....


>Researchers are warning of an "imminent risk" of a global shortage because of the unprecedented scale of the cull.
>Most heparin-based drugs are sourced from the intestinal lining of slaughtered pigs.
>About 60% to 80% of the active key ingredient is prepared by companies in China and formulated into ready-to-use drugs by pharmaceutical companies around the world.
And how long until a shortage will strike the US.
>six-to-nine-month lag time before a shortage could affect the U.S. market.

If we're going to see a shortage of drugs in the US in only 6 to 9 months when China lowers their production a bit, it can't be longer than just few months until drugs run out completely in a total no production situation.
No one has stock nowadays. Everything is ordered as it's consumed.
This planet can go to crap at a drop of a hat because of this retarded outsourcing.

ere's a good place for most of us DRetarders...


get into that quaran-tine pod and don''t worry about the Pakistanina rape gangs ", there axually britons mate

I hate these communists, always have, always will. America 1st and stop buying cheap Chinese products. Americans offshoring to these commies are true traitors.


>This coronavirus is a catastrophe on the scale of Chernobyl for China but actually it's probably worse than Chernobyl which was localized in its effect. The coronavirus could result in a global pandemic.

>While you were all sleeping overnight, the number of diagnosed cases in China increased by 30%. Now let me be clear: that's not new cases. That is just newly admitted cases. It is probably several orders of magnitude higher than that.

>Also while you were sleeping, China now has its entire border with Russia closed: 2600 miles. Russia has closed that border. El Al [Israel Airlines] has shut down travel between Israel and China. Air France has shut down travel between China and France. And that's in addition to all the other countries that had already shut down travel.

>From what we know so far, and there's still many unknowns, this virus could have both a long incubation period as much as 14 days and individuals could be contagious while asymptomatic which was not the case with SARS in 2003. Furthermore, from some cases it appears the virus could be aerosolized which means it doesn't require the kind of contact that you have with, say, a married couple kissing each other or family living in close quarters in a hotel or apartment, but rather the distance we are all sitting apart right now.

>Yet China is still lying about all of this. They've been lying about it from the very beginning and you don't need their history of lying about SARS in 2003 though it is relevant here. You just have to see what's happened over the last two months. We now know that the first case manifested no later than December 1 even though China didn't reveal it to the WHO until a month later on December 31 when they continued to hide it from their own citizens. And they continued to say that it would be contained inside Wuhan; today it is in every single province in China.

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