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It's called GREXIT. BOTH the EU and the GREEK government were (and some say...still are) discussing GREECE's exit from the EU... to wit...

The top-secret plan had been filed away in 2012, the previous time Greece had teetered on the edge of default. It was code-named "Croatia's Accession to the European Union" to disguise that it was a doomsday scenario for the country farther south. Any hint it even existed would have sent Greece deeper into crisis, spooked financial markets, and shaken confidence in the euro itself. Then in early June 2015 a fresh round of default negotiations seemed to be at an impasse. Not till negotiations ended on July 13, 2015, did the EU and Greece agree to a third bailout. In the meantime, the EU's preparations for catastrophe continued, as detailed in this excerpt adapted from Viktoria Dendrinou and Eleni Varvitsioti's book, The Last Bluff.


It's called SWEXIT that is... Sweden's demand for exit from the EU. Latest news is that all parties have dropped wording for an exit fo this year. It's on hold for this year... but various parties have been demanding it for 24 years...

My take is that they are holding how to see how much EU funding they will get next year. Meanwhile there is an increasing conservative pro-Sweden undercurrent growing in strength every year. I think this "hold" is the last gasp of the liberal government attempting to stay in the EU.

For the first time since joining the European Union in 1995, all Swedish political parties have now declared being in favour of staying in the EU.

At a recent party meeting in Norrkoping, ahead of the May European Parliament elections, the Swedish Left Party decided, by 41 to 30, to officially put its campaign for Sweden to exit the EU on hold.
But the European Union's problems are far from over. Economic growth is slowing. The population continues to age. And EU critics are gaining more political power.

Even as Brexit has provided some breathing space, populism is a bigger challenge today than it was in 2016. Populists are in charge in Italy, the third-largest economy in the eurozone, and populist parties in Sweden, Spain, Germany, Austria and Estonia have made breakthroughs.

"I think you can make a convincing case for why the challenges to the EU have gained momentum," said Matthew Goodwin, co-author of National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy.

That's because Greenland is nothing much to begin with.
"Greenland has a population of 56,700 inhabitants, 88% of which are of Inuit origin."

Thule Air Base is the US Armed Forces' northernmost installation. ... The airfield's 10,000-foot (3,000 m) runway handles more than 3,000 US and international flights per year. Finally, Thule is home to the northernmost deep water port in the world. Thule is the only Air Force Base with an assigned tugboat.

Located on the northwestern coast of Greenland, Thule Air Base is the U.S. military's northernmost base and the only installation north of the Arctic Circle. It is home to the 12th Space Warning Squadron, a cadre of Air Force officers and enlisted personnel that provide 24/7 missile warning and space surveillance using a massive AN/FPS-132 radar.

Thule's position on the globe and its radar's 240 degrees of coverage " which projects over the Arctic Ocean and Russia's northern coast " make it an ideal location to track intercontinental ballistic missiles and satellites in low-Earth orbit, including polar orbit satellites.

On a given day, the 12th SWS will record the trajectories of hundreds of satellites, including dozens of "high interest objects" that the CSpOC deems worthy of additional attention based on its country of origin, payload or mission.

It also keeps a constant watch for activities that may indicate the United States is under threat of nuclear attack via ICBMs or submarine-launched nuclear missiles.

That's because Greenland is nothing much to begin with.

That depends on your point of view,.... eh Comrade?

As for an argument about BREXIT... there is none.... come the 31st... Britain will be gone... Trading deal or not...

GONE... as in Ciao baby, CHA CHA CHA....

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