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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bill Maher on Friday night went after the BDS movement. Maher drew applause in studio on his HBO show after declaring the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement supported by some congressional Democrats "a bullshht purity test by people who want to appear woke but actually slept through history class."

"It's predicated on this notion, I think " it's very shallow thinking " that the Jews in Israel, mostly white, and the Palestinians are browner, so they must be innocent and correct, and the Jews must be wrong. As if the occupation came right out of the blue, that this completely peaceful people found themselves occupied," he said. Forget about the intifadas and the suicide bombings and the rockets and how many wars."

Maher also went after Reps. Tlaib and Omar, supporters of BDS, criticizing Tlaib for using her grandmother as a "political pawn" and Omar for her anti-semitic statements.

"I see why they don't get a hero's welcome," he added. read more

Friday, August 16, 2019

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib said Friday she would not visit her grandmother in the occupied West Bank, despite being granted an Israeli permit on humanitarian grounds, saying Israel's "oppressive" conditions aimed to humiliate her. read more

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A federal judge on Wednesday rejected House Democrats' effort to put two key legal cases the Judiciary Committee is pursuing in its impeachment investigation before the same judge. The decision from DC District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell is a massive setback for the House Judiciary Committee in its effort to use the courts to obtain information from the Trump Administration. read more

Jeffrey Epstein had a bizarre portrait of Bill Clinton in a dress hanging in his Manhattan mansion. The picture depicting Clinton lounging on a chair in the Oval Office, wearing red heels and posing suggestively in a blue dress redolent of Monica Lewinsky was in a room off the stairway of Epstein's townhouse.

The dress is also strikingly similar to one worn by Hillary Clinton at the 2009 Kennedy Center Honors. The original painting is by Australian-American artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid and was secretly snapped inside the pedophile's lavish $56 million home in October 2012. The source, who asked to remain anonymous, was visiting Epstein to present a business proposal.

'It was absolutely Bill Clinton. It was shocking - it was definitely a painting of him. It was a very provocative, sexual picture. He was wearing heels, a blue dress and his hand was in a weird position.'

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Amid 10 consecutive weeks of protest in Hong Kong, Beijing is looking to a seemingly unlikely place for support: Europe. In recent days, Chinese ambassadors across the continent have gone on the offensive to rally Europe behind Hong Kong's government and against the protestors. As China attempts to spread its authoritarian values across the globe, and especially as the competition between China and the United States intensifies, Europe has conspicuously avoided siding with the United States over China. read more


"Consider" means exactly that, they are thinking about it. Nothing concrete at this point.

While you are right it takes time, it is happening at a rate that is starting to alarm the PRC leadership.

China is racing to keep foreign enterprises in-country, dangling special benefits so that the advantages of staying outweigh the heavy tariffs imposed by the U.S.

A year into the trade war with Washington, more than 50 global companies, including Apple and Nintendo, have announced or are considering plans to move production out of China, Nikkei research has found.

And not just foreign companies. Chinese manufacturers, as well as those from the U.S., Japan and Taiwan, are part of the drain, including makers of personal computers, smartphones and other electronics.

"We need permanent measures to avoid the risk of tariffs and be eligible for U.S. government procurement," said Kiyofumi Kakudo, CEO of PC maker Dynabook. The unit of Sharp is considering a plan to relocate production of its U.S.-bound notebook PCs to a new plant being built in Vietnam. Such PCs account for 10% of the unit's total notebook production.

Dynabook makes almost all its notebook PCs in China, mainly at a plant in Hangzhou, 175 km southwest of Shanghai. "Although the fourth round of U.S. tariffs has been temporarily shelved, we cannot tell what will happen nor when," Kakudo said.

Apple has called on major suppliers to consider moving 15% to 30% of iPhone production out of the country. The Nikkei Asian Review reported on July 17 that Apple is about to start trial production of its popular AirPods wireless earbuds in Vietnam. Trials such as these are usually precursors to mass production.

American PC makers HP and Dell are thinking of moving up to 30% of their notebook production in China to Southeast Asia and elsewhere. Japan's Nintendo will also shift a portion of its Nintendo Switch game system production from China to Vietnam.

As I keep saying, if you want to understand what is going on from a non "Dump Trump" MSM or official Communist Party standpoint, you need to read the Asian newspapers.

China scrambles to stem manufacturing exodus as 50 companies leave

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