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"It must be fun to be in the party that gets to say "government doesn't work", after doing everything possible to prevent it from working."

They didn't try very hard evidently as government spending is off the charts. Despite this, the failures in education and poverty eradication are plain for anyone to see as failures. The same is now happening to college education - which again, is being 'solved' by proposing loan forgiveness rather than reform of university spending or curriculum changes to something that can create value post-graduation. They just need more money!

"How successful would a corporation be if half the board of directors were trying to prove their theory that corporations cant be effective?"

Many are run that way. They are highly successful. When people won't step on the other side, the A Team B Team metric is used.

"The one area of government that republicans DONT try to sabotage - the military - works great."

Were you asleep since the Vietnam war? Did you miss that the most basic function of the military - stopping invasion by foreign powers - has failed to stop 30M people from illegal entry? Did you just miss the 20 year Afghan adventure and debacle pull out? We HAD the best military in the world. It is now a bloated spending machine incapable of basic missions due to incompetent leadership despite having the most advanced equipment in the world. We literally just admitted to losing a war to group that has a literacy rate hovering around 10% lacking an airforce, navy, or any significant mechanized units with little more training than playing on monkey bars and running through tires. In the process, we left behind enough equipment to vault the Taliban into the top 10 in the world in terms of military equipment.

"We have the best military in the world. We could also have the best schools and health care if repubs didn't sabotage those.

We don't have the best military in the world despite spending so much money - because....shocker....throwing money at a problem will not solve it if our way of thinking is fundamentally broken.

Drudge Retort

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