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Sunday, November 07, 2021

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians rallied in Addis Ababa on Sunday to support Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's government as federal troops fight rebellious forces threatening to march on the capital. read more

Saturday, November 06, 2021

Hundreds of protesters are rallying outside a prison in Georgia to demand that the former President be transferred to a private clinic because he is weakening while on a hunger strike

Friday, November 05, 2021

A Chinese tennis star's explosive #MeToo allegation against a former state leader has been muffled by blanket censorship, with authorities racing to wipe out any mention of a politically sensitive scandal that has reverberated across the Chinese internet. read more

Thursday, November 04, 2021

Seven Syrians face deportation from Turkey after posting videos of themselves eating bananas on social media amid wider complaints about the supposed lifestyle of refugees, a Turkish news agency reported Saturday. read more

New York City hosted a spectacular fireworks show on the Hudson River on November 3, as part of Diwali celebrations. This year, the festival of light is celebrated from November 2-6, with the main day of celebration on Thursday, November 4th. read more


Guns don't kill people, Jon Lajoie kills people... with guns. Pow.

"Why is Rittenhouse the only person that night whose self-defense rights you recognize?"

Of the four people we're talking about, Rittenhouse is the only one who did not initiate a violent assault against the other person.

"Rosenbaum was being shot at the time he allegedly reached for Rittenhouse's gun. Anybody being shot would grab for the gun."

You are dishonestly spinning it to make it sound like Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum out of blue, without cause, even though the videos and witness testimonies all point to the exact opposite. Anybody being chased by a crazed psychopath who was threatening to kill them would shoot them if they had gun. Including you, I'd wager. If an attacker continued to advance on you after you shot them once, you'd be justified in making subsequent shots until you were sure the threat was neutralized.

"Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz were trying to stop an active shooter. Anybody in that situation might attempt to stop the shooter before he killed them or somebody else."

And they could try to use that as a defense if they were charged for assaulting Rittenhouse, but neither have been (or would have been in the case of Huber had he survived) by the D.A. Even if they genuinely believed they were trying to stop an "active shooter", that does not make it true nor invalidate Rittenhouse's self defense claim. You are misusing/abusing the term "active shooter" by applying it to Rittenhouse for defending himself at those moments.

"Rittenhouse chose to flee after killing Rosenbaum."

Natural fight-or-flight response, especially when you know there are other assailants in the vicinity, one of whom had just fired a gun. Also, a person is no longer an "active shooter" if they ever were one (which he wasn't).

"He created the situation that led to people trying to stop him to save lives."

You're defending a lynch mob.

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