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The following front-page stories received the most comments during the preceding week.

Kanrei: I've stayed silent for a long time and I can't hold my tongue any longer. My retirement continues, but I got to get this stuff out. First it was Mexicans are rapists and criminals while "some I assume are also good people." A neo-Nazi rally where chants of "Jews will not replace us" by torch-welding marchers was described as "good people on both sides." Hispanic immigrants are referred to as an invaders who are coming to "replace" you. Mostly black neighborhoods and cities are described as "rodent infested." Jewish people who don't support him are disloyal to "the King of the Jews" and the "Chosen One." If he ain't a racist bigoted xenophobe, he sure does a great impression of one. read more

David Koch, the billionaire industrialist who, along with his brother Charles, helped fund a vast conservative and libertarian political operation, died on Friday, according to the journalist Jane Mayer, citing family sources. CBS confirmed his death. He was 79 years old. read more

Yes, President Trump, when asked about his ongoing trade war with China, deemed himself "the chosen one" when talking with reporters outside the White House on Wednesday. As Trump put it, when it comes to dealing with China's trade practices, "somebody had to do it." He then added "I am the chosen one" as he looked up to the sky. read more

Car rental company Nextmove has walked away from a 5 million euros ($5.55 million) order for 85 Tesla (TSLA.O) Model 3 electric vehicles following a dispute over how to fix quality issues, the German company said on Friday. read more

The Amazon has been burning for weeks amid increasing deforestation. The intense smoke was detected by NASA and plunged So Paulo into darkness on Monday. read more

President Donald Trump says he has "hereby ordered" American companies to leave China, after Beijing announced plans to slap new tariffs on US goods. read more

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders told a group of people Saturday that if elected president in 2020, he will "go to war" with white nationalism and racism. Sanders said he would use every tool at his disposal, including executive orders. Speaking to a crowd of mostly African Americans at the Young Leaders Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Sanders described his family background as being Jewish and from Poland. "My father's whole family was wiped out by Hitler and his white nationalism," said Sanders, who is one of many Democratic presidential hopefuls in 2020. "Too many people have fought over the years, too many people have died against racism to let it resurface and flourish in America." Then he made his declaration. "We will go to war against white nationalism and racism in every aspect of our lives," he said.

Michael Gerson: "Trump veered from topic to topic with utter confidence, alarming ignorance, minimal coherence and relentless duplicity." read more

Jonathan Chait: If the president is seeking more insight into why Jews have failed to jump onto the Trump train, this tweetstorm itself supplies more evidence. Root is taking the traditional complaint that Christians make against Jews - Why are you stiff-necked people forsaking your Lord and Savior? - and substituting Trump himself for the role of the Messiah. read more

Psychology Today: When a leader is seen as infallible, supporters can become disciples ... a significant portion of his supporters literally believe the president was an answer to their prayers. He is regarded as something of a messiah, sent by God to protect a Christian nation. read more


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