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The following front-page stories received the most comments during the preceding week.

The Supreme Court has barred New York from enforcing limits on attendance at churches and synagogues in areas hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. In a 5-4 opinion with Chief Justice John Roberts in the minority along with the court's three liberals, the court ruled, "Members of this Court are not public health experts, and we should respect the judgment of those with special expertise and responsibility in this area. But even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten. The restrictions at issue here, by effectively barring many from attending religious services, strike at the very heart of the First Amendment's guarantee of religious liberty." read more

Democrats once dominated Koochiching County in the blue-collar Iron Range of northern Minnesota. But in this month's presidential election, President Donald Trump won it with 60% of the vote.

Photographer Go Nakamura has visited a COVID-19 intensive care unit in Houston about 20 times, but he never gets used to what he sees there. read more

On Monday President Trump's campaign lawyer and former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova said that fired Trump cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs should be executed for saying that the election was the "most secure in United States history." read more

Andrew L. Yarrow: While Trump made surprising gains in other demographics, Biden made unexpected gains among white male voters in the election. Here is how he keeps them.

The numbers are ominous: It was reported Wednesday that 3,100 Americans died of COVID-19. And that number will climb with over 100,000 sick enough to be hospitalized and over 200,000 new infections detected. read more

The Justice Department hasn't found evidence to support allegations of widespread fraud that could have changed the result of last month's presidential election, Attorney General William Barr said in an interview with the Associated Press published Tuesday. read more

Socialism. The word sends chills down the spines of many Americans. Yet even as large swaths of the country rail against the concept, many can not define it correctly, identify Democratic Socialist countries, or realize that America is already, in many respects, a Democratic Socialist nation. read more

Maria Bartiromo didn't just give the outgoing president a platform to once again lie to Fox viewers, the host also framed his false election fraud claims as established truth by telling Trump "the facts are on your side." read more

President Donald Trump said for the first time Thursday he will leave office if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden but made clear he's not prepared to concede. read more


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