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Thursday, March 26, 2020

To anybody suddenly tuning into the president's news conference this Monday evening, it might have seemed like the leader of the free world was channeling an off-hours televangelist, taking advantage of a pandemic to offer a hazy tale of a miraculous cure.

"There's a sense," added Michael Caputo, a former Trump adviser, "of a cliffhanger at the end of every one"you can almost hear it at the close of every briefing, something straight out of, like, same bat-time, same bat-channel.'"

The UK should now be able to cope with the spread of the covid-19 virus, according to one of the epidemiologists advising the government.

Neil Ferguson at Imperial College London gave evidence today to the UK's parliamentary select committee on science and technology as part of an inquiry into the nation's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

When You File Your 2019 Tax Return Will Impact Your Stimulus Payment Easy enough...but lost among the other aspects of the calculation is that your payment also depends on whether or not you have filed your 2019 tax return, and that is a factor that you may still control.

According to the new law, the IRS is going to look first to your 2019 tax return to compute the payment. If no 2019 return has been filed, however, the IRS will grab your 2018 return instead.

(If you receive Social Security and don't need to file a return, the IRS will send you a payment based on your Form 1099-SSA).

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham assailed the massive $2 trillion economic stimulus bill in a radio interview with Sean Hannity on Wednesday afternoon, calling it "Bernie Sanders on steroids."

"This is Bernie Sanders on steroids ... This is Bernie Sanders running away," he said on the program, referring to the Democratic presidential candidate. "He could not win at the ballot box, but he's winning in this bill."

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak recently took a troubling turn when it was declared a pandemic, and although it erased hopes of containment, there is still much that can be done to defeat it. Here are a few ways how this pandemic could play, or hopefully die, out


Tal Wilkenfeld - "Killing Me" Opening for "The Who" at TD Garden


she was one named of the best bass players in the world while still a teen, now a singer, songwriter

ck out Don Was, Jackson Browne, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck (she was his bass player) Herbie Hancock, Todd Rundgren, and Pete Townsend all high on her talent.


- the first "rap" song

ha... never thought of it that way, but yeah it's rap-y.

And now for something completely different.... and a little bit 1930's Wiemar Republic Germany dance band rappy.




they were students at a Berlin Univ in the 80's who focused on the mostly Jewish music that Hitler banned. Still together, they research and use original scores from those German bands and depression era American show tunes.

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