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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Paul N. Miller, who's amassed more than 40,000 followers on Telegram, was arrested in Florida early Tuesday. Some of his followers fear they could be next.

South Carolinian William Robert Norwood III is facing federal charges after allegedly telling a family member he assaulted and stole gear from police officers during the Capitol riot. "I'm dressing in all black," Norwood wrote under the name "Robbie" on January 5, the day before the riot and insurrection, according to text messages cited in an FBI affidavit. "I'll look just like ANTIFA. I'll get away with anything."


I Can Only Imagine the damage and irate feral cat in the cockpit could do LOL I also suspect that Muhammad would find the whole situation hilarious

The severe weather crisis in Texas was so bad that power went out and water and sanitation quickly followed. While Texas has power and water and can begin the long, tedious process of repairing their homes, Mississippi is still suffering. Like Texas, Mississippi suffered under the same cold snap, and while they didn't lose power, they did lose water. While most states would be fighting to help their people, Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, focused instead on ignoring all COVID-19 protections. Reeves is an anti-big government Republican, but he's pondering taking over Jackson, Mississippi's water system, reported WATP last week. "To get the water system fixed would cost more than a billion dollars, which would take local, state and federal funds," said the report. That's more than six times the annual budget of the city.

Capitol Police said on Tuesday that they will be increasing security around the Capitol this week due to "concerning information and intelligence" they have received. "Based on the intelligence we have, the Department has taken immediate steps to enhance our security posture and staffing for a number of days, to include March 4th," the statement reads. There have been concerns surrounding March 4 for weeks due to Qanon conspiracy theories that falsely say former President Trump will be inaugurated on that day.

At the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday an attorney for the Republican National Committee admitted GOP candidates need voter suppression laws, especially those that target minority voters, to win. The high court was hearing arguments related to the historic Voting Rights Act of 1965, which under Chief Justice John Roberts was gutted to be almost useless in 2013 when he infamously announced, "Our country has changed." The Guardian and HuffPost have written he was suggesting that racism is pretty much over. It is not. "What's the interest of the Arizona RNC here in keeping, say, the out-of-precinct ballot disqualification rules on the books?" That law forces the state to throw out voter ballots if cast in the wrong precinct. The question was asked by Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Read more

The survey finds the political divide in America has gotten so bad 29 percent of voters would entertain the idea of spitting the country into smaller regions. One in three Republican respondents support their state seceding from the union. Overall, just 21 percent of Democratic voters also support secession however, the idea is even more popular on the left in areas where Democrats hold power.

New York's leading Democrats reach deal to strip Cuomo's emergency coronavirus powers --The move comes as the governor is enmeshed in scandals. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's emergency powers would be limited by state legislators under new legislation, the leaders of the state's Democratic legislative majorities announced Tuesday. They said they had finalized a deal to strip Cuomo of his emergency coronavirus powers. It comes amid growing uproar surrounding his alleged treatment of women and his handling of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in the state's nursing homes.

The situations and people are fake but how Brian feels is very accurate. It's a hell of your own building LOL

Bunny Wailer, a founding member of the Wailers and a reggae music giant whose career spanned seven decades, has died at the age of 73. Wailer's manager, Maxine Stowe, confirmed that Wailer died on Tuesday at the Medical Associates Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica (via the Jamaica Observer). No cause of death was given, but Wailer had been in and out of the hospital since suffering his second stroke, in 2020. A representative for the musician did not immediately respond to Rolling Stones request for comment.

Sailors aboard the guided missile cruiser USS Gettysburg are among the first to test a stress-mitigation initiative, the U.S. Navy announced on Monday. The Expanded Operational Stress Control, or E-OSC, Program using stress mitigation leveraging techniques with standardized support structures at the command level, according to the Navy. Personnel will be taught to better manage their own stress support their fellow shipmates, a Navy statement on Monday said.

Jordan played an important role in desegregating education in the South, particularly at the college level. In the early 1960s, he became the Georgia field director for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and he famously helped escort Charlayne Hunter through a crowd of white protesters at the University of Georgia in 1961.

Yesterday, the Senate passed Senate Bill 43 by a bipartisan majority of 31-18. The bill expands the ability of citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones while attending religious worship. SB 43 now goes to the House for further consideration. Read more

What if you could fly around Mars? NASA may have achieved that capability last month with the landing of Perseverance, a rover which included a small flight-worthy companion called Ingenuity, nicknamed Ginny. Even though Ginny is small -- a toaster-sized helicopter with four long legs and two even-longer (1.2-meter) rotors, she is the first of her kind -- there has never been anything like her before.

Per Maggie Haberman's New York Times report, Donald and Melania "quietly received coronavirus vaccinations in January before leaving the White House," news that came to light after Donald appeared at the CPAC conference and instructed the crowd to "go get your shot," after which it was revealed he'd gotten his own the previous month.

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