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Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Saying gender identity is real, a federal judge temporarily blocked portions of a new Florida law that bans transgender minors from receiving puberty blockers, ruling Tuesday that the state has no rational basis for denying patients treatment.

Conservative activists Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips used the nonprofit True the Vote to enrich themselves, according to a complaint filed to the IRS.

Chief Justice John Roberts says he's committed to ensuring the US Supreme Court adheres to the highest standards of conduct -- but most federal employees already are subject to more stringent oversight than the justices.

A Texas sheriff's office has recommended criminal charges over flights that the Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, arranged to deport 49 South American migrants from San Antonio to Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts, last year. In a statement on Monday, the Bexar county sheriff's office said it had filed a criminal case with the local district attorney over the flight. The Bexar county sheriff, Javier Salazar, has previously said the migrants were "lured under false pretenses" into traveling to Martha's Vineyard, a wealthy liberal town.

Three months before saboteurs bombed the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline, the Biden administration learned from a close ally that the Ukrainian military had planned a covert attack on the undersea network, using a small team of divers who reported directly to the commander in chief of the Ukrainian armed forces. Read more

In a stunning announcement, the tour, along with the DP World Tour and Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, said the rivals had agreed to create a "new, collectively owned, for-profit entity."

One year ago, I joined the states of Missouri and Louisiana and several other co-plaintiffs to file a suit in federal court challenging what journalist Michael Shellenberger has called the censorship-industrial complex. While much of the press cooperated with the state's censorship efforts and has ignored our court battle, we expect that it will ultimately go to the Supreme Court, setting up Missouri v. Biden to be the most important free speech case of our generation"and arguably, of the past 50 years. Prior government censorship cases typically involved a state actor unconstitutionally meddling with one publisher, one author, one or two books, a single article. But as we intend to prove in court, the federal government has censored hundreds of thousands of Americans, violating the law on tens of millions of occasions in the last several years. This unprecedented breach was made possible by the wholly novel reach and breadth of the new digital social media landscape.

Nikki Haley's CNN town hall was the latest forum to pitch potential primary voters on the GOP's only product: grievance.

A black former assembly line staffer at Tesla is moving to add almost 240 other workers to his 2017 lawsuit in which he called the electric car maker's production floor a "hotbed for racist behaviour".

Sen. Tim Scott is the latest Black conservative to cozy up to white traditionalists by ignoring systemic racism to place Black progress solely on African American self-sufficiency.

A former Senate majority leader blamed the state's failure to expand Medicaid in 2020 on religious anti-abortion lobbyists, with the pivotal bill "single-handedly torpedoed" by a Kansas City archbishop. Jim Denning, in an interview for the Kansas Oral History Project, said Archbishop Joseph Naumann "basically stopped Medicaid expansion." "So if you were an opponent of Medicaid expansion, then he's your guy. If you were a proponent, you're mad at him," Denning said. "He single-handedly torpedoed the bill because he said, You can't vote for Medicaid expansion until the abortion amendment passes with the public.' So he killed it. It never came out of committee." A spokesperson for the Kansas Catholic Church and leader of a Medicaid expansion advocacy group disputed comments made by Denning about the fate of Medicaid expansion in 2019 and 2020, when Denning controlled the Senate's legislative calendar.

The Central Oregon Diversity Project has called for the resignation of state Rep. Vikki Breese-Iverson, R-Prineville, after her teenage son was photographed making a Nazi salute while on a school field trip. The teenager, a student at Crook County High School, was photographed with another student performing a Nazi salute next to a German World War II plane with a swastika painted on it during a field trip May 31 to the Erickson Aircraft Collection in Madras. Breese-Iverson, who serves as minority leader in the Oregon House, posted an apology to her official Facebook page, and attached a handwritten apology she said was written by her son.

(Reuters) - Ukraine's military said on Tuesday that Russian forces blew up a major dam in southern Ukraine, while Moscow-installed official in the city of Nova Kakhovka in the Russian-controlled parts of the Kherson region denied it. "The Kakhovka (reservoir) was blown up by the Russian occupying forces," the South command of Ukraine's Armed Forces said on Tuesday on its Facebook page. Read more

Monday, June 05, 2023

If the headline seems like a Mad Lib don't be alarmed it's merely proof that you're still sane. For a Time Trump had a lawyer who was a large man with a lot of facial hair that let it be known he had been a marine for some time. Reportedly he was the one that warned Trump not to take the witness stand least he should go to prison for life. That is the man that Trump is now declaring has committed liable against him. That man is Ty Cobb and he is being threatened by Trump for publicly stating his professional opinion of Trump's stealing classified documents. Read more

The Safeway grocery store at 1335 Webster St. in San Francisco's Fillmore District has been blasting classical music at all hours of the day and night from its parking lot for at least a week, nearby neighbors told SFGATE. Read more

The Department of Homeland Security plans to transport migrants awaiting immigration proceedings from U.S. cities along the southern border farther into the interior of the country, beginning with Los Angeles in the coming weeks, according to internal documents obtained by NBC News. The plan would alleviate overcrowding along the border, where record numbers of border crossers have overwhelmed the capacity of shelters in some cities, at times leading Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, to release migrants on the street to fend for themselves. Typically, migrants who are allowed to stay in the country and make asylum claims are released to shelters run by religious and nongovernmental organizations after they are released from CBP custody. From there, the migrants pay for flights and bus transportation to cities where they go before immigration judges who will rule on their asylum claims. Read more

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