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Sunday, April 14, 2024

A campaign staffer for independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr was terminated after telling a group of Republican voters that beating President Joe Biden was her "number one priority" and encouraging them to volunteer for Donald Trump. On Wednesday, RFK Jr's campaign manager, Amaryllis Fox Kennedy, confirmed in a statement on X that the campaign had "terminated" Rita Palma's contract for "misrepresentation". Earlier this week, a video circulated of Ms Palma identifying herself as the New York state director of RFK Jr's campaign to a group of GOP voters. In it, she presented an argument that insinuated the purpose of Kennedy's campaign was to take votes away from Mr Biden.

Garcia's lawsuit, filed in county court in Austin, Texas, names as defendants Fox News, Newsmax, Univision, Steven Crowder and his Louder with Crowder media company, podcaster Tim Pool's company Timcast Media Group, host of InfoWars' War Room Owen Shroyer, Jason Lee's podcast company Hollywood Unlocked, Today News Africa, and that outlet's White House correspondent Simon Ateba. Each of the defendants is accused of having "recklessly disregarded basic journalistic safeguards" by publishing "the photo of an innocent man, branding him as a neo-Nazi murderer to his local community and the nation at large" in reports dated May 7 through 9, 2023. Several of the defendants are accused of not just showing a photograph of the plaintiff Garcia and identifying him as the shooter, like Fox News is accused of doing on their website, but also using his appearance to attempt to cast doubt on reports about the shooter's neo-Nazi ideology

Donald Trump's mention of the "beautiful" Battle of Gettysburg during a campaign rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, on Saturday got the former president some attention on social media, with users wondering what his rambling "rant" was about. "Gettysburg, what an unbelievable battle that was," Trump said while addressing the crowd in the town and wearing a Make America Great Again hat. "It was so much, and so interesting, and so vicious and horrible, and so beautiful in so many different ways"it represented such a big portion of the success of this country," he continued. Gettysburg, wow"I go to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to look and to watch," he said. "And the statement of Robert E. Lee, who's no longer in favor"did you ever notice it? He's no longer in favor. 'Never fight uphill, me boys, never fight uphill.' They were fighting uphill, he said, 'Wow, that was a big mistake,' he lost his big general. 'Never fight uphill, me boys,' but it was too late," Trump added.

In Germany, where most men said they peed sitting down most or every time, YouGov notes there is a mocking term "sitzpinkler" literally meaning someone who sits down to pee. Germans pee sitting down regardless.

Recent comments by Donald Trump on abortion that have angered some evangelical Christians are unlikely to cost him their votes in November's presidential election, according to a number of experts on politics and theology.

Scientists have created an interactive map that shows how parts of Illinois may be swallowed up by Lake Michigan as climate change bites.

Former President Donald Trump offered support for embattled House Speaker Mike Johnson who is fighting to keep his job under pressure from ultraconservative lawmakers, seeking to tamp down on divisions in the Republican caucus.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

President Joe Biden's son failed to provide evidence that the US government's decision to charge him with firearm-related offenses was tainted by outside influence from Donald Trump or his allies in Congress, a judge ruled.

A Russian bank, Promsvyazbank, is to start paying money to thousands of residents of Gagauzia, an autonomous region in Moldova.

The bank is effectively an arm of the defense ministry " and therefore the Kremlin " and is run by the son of a former senior Russian spy. It is sanctioned in the West.

The presence of individuals who appeared to be U.S. Marines in full uniform at a recent Mar-a-Lago fundraiser for Donald Trump, the presumed 2024 GOP presidential nominee, raised eyebrows for some online, who pointed out that it could constitute illegal behavior.

Johnson's fingering of Trump comes as Trump gears up for yet another one of his trials. Hair Furor will appear in court on Monday on 34 counts of falsifying business records for hush money payments he made to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016 while running for President. Read more

A man was shot to death by an armed security guard inside a gas station after a dispute over a barbecue grill turned violent. Surveillance footage shows that a man entered the gas station amd was asked to leave by a contracted security guard, who pushed him back, video shows. The man pulled a pistol with an extended magazine from a holster, which prompted the security guard to "fire in self-defense," police said, using his sidearm to unload more than a dozen rounds. The man, 39, then shot back, police said, wounding the security guard in the thigh, and the guard responded with six more rounds from a shoulder-carried shotgun. Read more

One person is dead and several others injured after a shuttle bus rammed into them at a Honolulu cruise terminal in Hawaii on Friday, according to police and Carnival Cruise Line. The cruise port bus was dropping off people near a pier when a bystander informed the driver that the bus was moving forward. The driver jumped into the driver's seat and tried to stop the bus, but pressed the gas pedal instead of the brakes, police said. "Somebody screamed, and then I looked over and the bus hit into the crowd. It just kept going until it hit the wall there," witness Janet Lightfoot told CNN affiliate KHNL/KGMB. The bus struck concrete barriers and 11 people, five of whom were transported to hospitals for treatment, according to the police. One woman died from her injuries, while the others were listed in good condition, police said. Six people refused treatment. Read more

Days after James Crumbley was sentenced to prison for his role in his son's deadly Oxford High School shooting, authorities released audio recordings of jailhouse calls in which Crumbley allegedly threatened Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald. In one of the calls, he acknowledges that he is being recorded by jail authorities " but rants anyway, stating: "Yeah, Karen McDonald. You're going down. Yeah you stupid bitches at the f------ jail, go ahead. Record this call. send it to Karen McDonald. Tell her how James Crumbley is going to f------ take her down. She will not have a law license when I get done with her. Karen McDonald will be working at f------ McDonalds ... cause she ain't gonna be able to get a f------ job anywhere else." The calls date back to 2022, and include profanity-laced tirades such as: "She really got it coming to her when I f------ get out" and, "Your ass is going down and you better be f------ scared."

On Friday, Julia Davis, founder of the Russia Media Monitor watchdog group, shared a clip from one of the Moscow's state-run news programs, in which pundits touched on a planned meeting between Johnson and former President Donald Trump at the latter's Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, with one guest suggesting that Trump's influence could be the deciding factor in the fate of further aid to Ukraine. During the discussion, host Olga Skabeeva interjected into the conversation about the House speaker to say, "That would be our Johnson." State TV experts discussed Mike Johnson's meeting with Trump as the deciding factor in whether Ukraine will receive stalled US funding," Davis wrote in her post sharing the clip to X, formerly Twitter, on Friday. "Referring to Mike Johnson, state TV host Olga Skabeeva claimed him as 'theirs,' just like Trump."

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Thursday barring local governments from requiring heat protection for outdoor workers.

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