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Friday, September 18, 2020

"Those who follow the issue closely know that Trump is deeply hostile to Social Security. The hostility is clear from his statements before running for president and his actions once in office. Trump's recent declaration that, if reelected, he will permanently "terminate" the payroll contributions which fund Social Security is consistent with many past Trump statements. His obsession with ending those Social Security contributions is also in accord with a threat he made in July to veto the next COVID-19 relief package if it didn't cut Social Security's dedicated revenue. When even congressional Republicans refused to buckle to his veto threat, accurately labeling the move a raid on Social Security, Trump did what he does so often. He decided he would find a way to do it on his own. He took the unprecedented, alarming step of unilaterally deferring a portion of Social Security's insurance contributions.

Friday, September 04, 2020

The Pentagon has ordered the Stars and Stripes newspaper to shut down after 159 years in circulation for military service members, according to a memo obtained by USA Today on Friday. read more

Thursday, September 03, 2020

The Trump administration is ordering a halt on evictions nationwide through December for people who have lost work during the pandemic and don't have other good housing options. read more

Saturday, August 29, 2020

President Donald Trump closed out the last night of the Republican National Convention with a lengthy, falsehood-laden speech that put partisan politics on full display at the White House and painted his opponent Joe Biden's agenda as "extreme." read more

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Vice President Mike Pence used his convention speech on Wednesday to rail against his predecessor, Joe Biden, and the woman he will face on the debate stage this fall, Sen. Kamala Harris. With Fort McHenry in Baltimore as his backdrop, Pence warned that a Biden administration would threaten American freedoms and crumble the nation's economy. In making that case, Pence deployed several inaccurate or questionable claims. Here are a few of them:


"Why Trump's expected Supreme Court nominee believes all Civil Rights legislation is illegitimate'"

"Amy Coney Barrett regards herself as an "originalist," that is, someone who believes that all legal decisions must be based on the "original understanding" of the Constitution. This is often put forward as a straightforward, consistent lens through which law can be viewed, rather than trying to put into context little things like shifting views on race and gender equality. However, originalism is further complicated by a split between groups focused on "intent" and those focused on "meaning." And if you think those are the same things ... well, you're just wrong. Intentionalists believe the law is determined by what the original authors of the Constitution intended when they took quill to parchment. Those focused on meaning insist that they support the "public meaning" of the words at the time they were written. People who, like Barrett, belong to the later group, insist that their interpretation is more consistent.

In fact, both approaches require jurists to peer into the minds of 18th-century Americans, interpreting words, attitudes, and relationships that have shifted enormously over two and a half centuries. In short, any claim that the nation can be properly governed by divining the inner monologue of wig-wearing slaveholders not only makes about as much sense as using the plans for a Conestoga wagon as the repair manual on the Space Shuttle, it's also just plain --------."


These "originalists" want to negate Amendments as if they weren't allowed under the original doucment. They are simply wrong and the woman will do grave damage to our nation if confirmed.

It shold also be alarming that Donald Trump actually said he wanted her on the court so she could rule on any challenge of his own to a defeat in the election.

"Trump argues his nominee needed on Supreme Court in time to vote on election legal challenges"


She is basically a political appointee there to rule in his favor during any challenge no matter how specious. You could call her an Ace in the hole. Crooked beyond belief and that she welcome the appointment it cast huge doubt on her character.

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