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While you're reading up on how you got pwned, maybe look up "MORAN" too. It might be above your head.

I expect all of these terms to be used in your trolling lexicon henceforth, as all good conservatrolls do when they learn something new. Preferably, you use it on someone who didn't introduce you to them.


(had to fix the broken link)

While you're reading up on how you got pwned, maybe look up">"MORAN" too. It might be above your head.

I expect all of these terms to be used in your trolling lexicon henceforth, as all good conservatrolls do when they learn something new. Preferably, you use it on someone who didn't introduce you to them.


That's an absurd assertion, as is any broad brushing. But even if true, it's the moderate Americans who elect presidents, not hyperpartisans like you. So it's probably not a good idea to employ your childish name calling against them. They're likely to say, "Gee, I don't want to be like him or his party" and vote for the other guy.


The reason why Clownshack is right is because you're not acknowledging that politicians like Bernie Sanders advocate those issues that have strong bipartisan majorities ...

Allow Government to Negotiate Drug Prices (79%)
Give Students the Same Low Interest Rates as Big Banks (78%)
Universal Pre-Kindergarten (77%)
Fair Trade that Protect Workers, the Environment, and Jobs (75%)
End Tax Loopholes for Corporations that Ship Jobs Overseas (74%)
End Gerrymandering (73%)
Let Homeowners Pay Down Mortgage With 401k (72%)
Debt-Free College at All Public Universities (Message A) (71%)
Infrastructure Jobs Program -- $400 Billion / Year (71%)
Require NSA to Get Warrants (71%)
Disclose Corporate Spending on Politics/Lobbying (71%)
Medicare Buy-In for All (71%)
Close Offshore Corporate Tax Loopholes (70%)
Green New Deal -- Millions Of Clean-Energy Jobs (70%)
Full Employment Act (70%)
Expand Social Security Benefits (70%)

All of the above are in line with Bernie Sanders' politics and all are extremely popular, with support across the political spectrum.

So when people say Bernie, or Yang, or Warren, are far left -- they are dismissing those issues that voters ACTUALLY want, issues that are in the political center due to their plurality of support.

Trump offers fake populism, which is what got Trump elected president.

And previous Democrats NOT named Bernie Sanders DON'T offer Real Populism, like what got FDR repeatedly elected until he died -- and it was FDR New Deal policies that had Democrats dominating American politics for 50 years.

You and others don't understand what's roiling America's politics -- it's having issues that are important to ordinary Americans not being represented by either major political party.

Point out, in the my sentence above, what is untrue.

Did I say that my comment was related to "your sentence above"?

For an attorney you make a hell of a lot of wrong assumptions.

Leveraging Daddy's position as Vice President of the US to get a $50K per month seat on a foreign companies Board of Directors in an industry you know nothing about isn't corruption?

Oh, that's right, Daddy is a Democrat, so it doesn't count.



"Daddy" got the prosecutor fired who CLEARED Burisma of wrongdoing and brought on another prosecutor that reopened an investigation into the company which resulted in fines and reprimands.

So you tell us, numbnuts, how did Hunter HELP Burisma as it regards his father? Only idiots ignore the reality of what actually happened to lie and invent scenarios and speculations of things that didn't.

It is a lie that I said that Hunter's actions "didn't count." Never. Said. It.
It is a lie that Biden's board seat or pay were "corrupt" because they have never fit the definition which Ebs agreed with above. It is cronyism:

Bringing aboard a son of the U.S. vice president was part of a broad effort by Burisma to burnish its credentials that had started before the 2014 uprising. The company tapped Alan Apter, an investment banker who has worked in the United States and Europe, as its board chairman, and the former president of Poland as a board member. Burisma had brought in a new executive team and hired established international firms to audit its reserves and financial results.

The addition of prominent Americans and Europeans to the company's board in the weeks after Kiev's dramatic change in government sent a message internally in Ukraine that Zlochevsky had access to powerful people in the West, according to Bullough, who wrote about Zlochevsky in "Moneyland," his book on tax havens and shell companies.

It is not "corrupt" to take a position that helps a company's/owner's own PR. It's done everyday.

Learn the underlying facts and stop ignoring what has been established as the chronology of events (everything Burisma was being investigated for PRECEDED the seating of the new board, including Hunter Biden - there hasn't been a single allegation of wrongdoing leveled against Burisma since Hunter joined the board). Then perhaps you wouldn't have to stand there holding yourself looking like the uninformed fool and liar your comments show you to be.

What do you call it when someone claims to know another individual's best interests? Hubris and arrogance


I have to agree with you there. Liberals complain about people voting "against their own interests", but the reality is that they don't understand their interests. You would think their "interests" would be economic security, safety nets, and opportunities for them and their children. But they don't want to reach for success. They would much rather elect someone who will tell them that their god-given success was STOLEN from them by XXX (immigrants, liberals, corporations, etc). If you think that someone is "voting against their interests", then you probably don't understand what their interests actually are.

Like all those farmers who are being hurt by Trump's tariffs. You think they are going to drop Trump? No... because they don't actually want "fairness" in trade. What they want is a hand-out. They want the government to guarantee them a good wage without having to actually go through the effort of learning to become competitive in the marketplace.

As far as people being "fkkking stupid"? Yeah... that is why fly-over country votes Republican. But it is not because rural people are inherently stupid, it is self-selection. The opportunities are in the cities, not the country. So, the smart people move to the cities to take advantage of the opportunities. The dumb ones are stuck where they are, trying to make do in dying towns. And the people from the city who can't cut it move into the country. We are creating our own Idiocracy. And that is the conservative base. That is who elected Trump.

Unlike Republicans, and apparently Tony, I don't believe in collective responsibility. You show me where Joe Biden did something inappropriate, and I will pile right on. I preferred Warren from the beginning and think she will end up winning the nomination, and would have regardless of this Ukraine BS.

But this Ukraine thing has actually given me more respect for Joe Biden, mainly because of one quote. Apparently, when Hunter Biden told his dad about the Burisma gig, Joe Biden said "Well, I hope you know what you are doing." That is it. Now that is a good parent. Unlike the, apparently, conservative helicopter parents making up the Republican party, he was not going to tell his adult son what to do. It is apparent that he thought it seemed a little sketchy, and probably could see where it might come back to bite him politically in the future, but he was willing to let his kid live his own life and, potentially, make his own mistakes.

I can't control my own relatives. I don't expect Joe Biden to control his. I always say, you can't control who you are related to, and you can't control how they are going to act, but you CAN control how you interact with them.

AGAIN... you show me what Joe Biden actually did wrong, and I am all for throwing the book at him. But I have seen zero evidence, or even believable conjecture, that he did anything wrong. Did Hunter Biden cash in on his last name? Maybe. Probably. Don't know enough to be sure, but that IS believable conjecture.

Is that "unseemly"? Yeah. It is when anyone does it. Though I do think it is rich that conservatives suddenly find it so distasteful considering that the last presidential nominee who wasn't born with a silver spoon shoved up his ass was Bob Dole. But that does not make me find it any less distasteful when Democrats do it.

But, what actual harm does it do? And what could actually be done about it? It doesn't hurt me that Burisma (supposedly) wasted $50k a month on putting a Biden on the board just for his name. Except I find it a little distasteful and "unfair". But what could you actually do to prevent it? Do we tell family members of politicians that they are no longer allowed to work while that politician is in office? Do we start giving them a stipend? Or is it only SOME jobs that you think they are not "allowed" to take? Who decides that? What is the penalty if they decide to take the job anyways?

There seems to be a lot of ignorant bellyaching on this thread. "Oh... it's not fair that they are able to profit off their names." You want to blame the politician, but the politician cannot prevent them from doing it. Give me an actual explanation of what Biden should have done DIFFERENTLY (based upon the evidence of what we KNOW happened, not based on conjecture of all the wrongs that you HOPE he did) and I will take it back.

But as it is, all I have seen is a bunch if idealistic whining.

Hunter Biden only got the job in China due to VP Biden's influence, which is corruption

No, it is not corruption, it's unearned privilege due to who he's related to.

Unless you can prove that Hunter Biden illegally used his father's vice presidency to bring about some regulatory or statutory change through the use of government that assisted his Chinese company to profit, then nothing illegal has occurred. This is pretty simple stuff.

There is a story today about wealthy/influential kids having a glass floor where no matter how many times they fail, someone else will give them more chances that aren't available to others without their pedigrees.

None of this is corrupt in the legal sense of the word until their associations can be proven to have violated specific laws. Gaining positions due to the unfair advantage of one's birth or connection to others with influence does not make one corrupt alone.

As much as Pres Trump seems to be trying to frame his decision differently, that longer-term aspect seems to stay important to those on the left.

The use of America's military should never be viewed solely in a "left/right" dynamic. All of our citizens are represented in the services and our physical well being inside the 50 states is also at issue so what occurs involves everyone, even those unaware of what's going on.

As has been recounted for decades, the sacrifices of American soldiers should never be minimized, and abdicating our light touch presence in Syria was one of them imo. For those who've sacrificed their lives and health, and for those who toiled in Syria to make sure that ISIS could not use the territory as a base to launch terror attacks the world over, Trump's unadvised decision disrespects all that's come before it.

In my eyes, that shows respect for our soldiers, not a cavalier willingness to use them as pawns towards an unachievable or dishonest ends. And I'm sure they didn't want to cut and run from our former allies that did the brunt of the fighting and dying on behalf of our stated goals only to see a compromised president turn his back on them after being strong-armed by a tyrant who likely used Trump's own business as incentive to get the US to withdraw.

Our soldiers and military deserve far better than a CIC as compromised as this one where no one can be certain of his exact motivations for doing anything when his own business intersects in opposition to this nation's expressed and longstanding policy which he abruptly negated.


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