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New flash - people who join the army dont usually have a lot of options.
In related news, people without a lot of options usually aren't very smart.
In our final story of the night, stupid people don't trust vaccines.
#3 | POSTED BY SPEAKSOFTLY AT 2021-04-10 04:51 PM

Maybe it's trending that way now, but before our excellent adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, the men and women joining up were trying to get help with college. Some were orphans, some were from one parent families, some were from families where one or both parents had massive health problems and on disability and couldn't afford to send their kids to college except for some toothpaste, ---- paper, and a 20-pack of Marachuan Ramen. Out of the 10,000 cities and town in the US, a great many of the recruits come from one-horse towns with no opportunity for employment or college. My dad was disabed from a massive stroke at 50 and couldn't work. My mother tried her best to keep the family together. I realized by my 17th birthday I needed to get my ---- together if I wanted to go to college. I'd made it a priority to become a professional chemist and work for a drug company. My parents had to sign a waiver for me to enlist on my 17th birthday. I got to train for a year during my senior year in high school and went in a PFC (E-3_I made more in one weekend drilling than I did with the three after school jobs put together.

Thank your lucky stars you aren't susceptible to conscription any more and that you came from a good family. It shows because you usually come up with the most intelligent retorts no matter what the subject matter. That stuff doesn't come naturally, you have to learn it from good mentors.


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