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You can't deny threats like this are done by both sides. It's out in the open. It's impossible to deny. Literally, realistically, impossible. So why care about one person threatening something bad when others are threatening things just as bad? At this point, it's because you are CHOOSING to ignore them. And that, my friends, make you just as bad as the people doing the threatening whether you like it or not.

#9 | POSTED BY HUMTAKE AT 2020-10-21 12:33 PM | FLAG:
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A seriously stupid take, but then what should I expect. Provide ANY in-context example of Dems trying to discourage voting of ANY KIND. Seriously, since the civil rights era, voter suppression, originally of black voters, then of any minority voter, and now of any Dem voter has been the hallmark of GOP election philosophy. From originally beating, hanging, making homeless black people who tried to use their franchise, to GOP robocalls warning that police will be at the polls to arrest people with warrants, and advising people to vote on the wrong day, to elected officials changing polling locations to make them harder to access, allocating fewer machines in minority districts to create ridiculously long lines, sending poll watchers to intimidate minority voters before that became illegal, to purging voting rolls, messing with the USPS, taking states to court to limit mail-in voting, dropbox locations, etc. and now threatening violence with Proud Boys robocalls.

You give me one or two good in-context examples of Dems doing anything even close to what I've listed above. This is not a both sides argument, Dems know that when people vote, Dems win, so they want more people to vote, even if it means GOPers vote, we know that Dems are the majority and if we vote, we will drown them out.

Yeah, but that will jeopardize Democrats chances in the mid terms. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that if I were you.

#53 | POSTED BY HAGBARD_CELINE AT 2020-10-21 03:08 PM | FLAG:

Honestly, I think the biggest mistake President Obama made was not holding the Banksters accountable. All those folks who got rooked, who lost their homes and their life savings, the Dem base lost their enthusiasm and didn't vote in the midterms and Dems took a bath. I think the reason they lost enthusiasm was because the criminals got to walk free.

President Biden should empanel a bipartisan commission similar to the 9/11 commission with subpoena power and federal prosecutors attached. They should investigate everything that happened over the past four years, from emoluments to Hatch Act violations, to kidnapping and caging kids, to illegal kickbacks to Trump and Kushner etc., to crimes outlined in the Mueller and Senate Intel Committee reports, the attempted destruction of the USPS, and so on. They would write a report at the end recommending ways we can better protect our democracy from a second coming of Trumpism, but also the federal prosecutors could recommend cases to DOJ for grand jury consideration. It can't be seen as a partisan witch hunt if it's being done on a bipartisan bases. Trump gave up any claim to the old boys club policy of not prosecuting your predecessor when he demanded that Barr open investigations into his adversaries and when he pushed this bogus Hunter Biden laptop story and claimed over and over that Joe and before him Hillary were criminals who needed to be prosecuted and shouldn't be allowed to run for POTUS. A POTUS can never again be allowed to use the levers of federal power to try to retain power.


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