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How many layoffs occurred at Foxnews?


How many layoffs will occur after the Dominion lawsuit is settled? Can anyone credibly claim anymore that what you see on Fox is "news"?

"more comments from high-ranking Fox News personalities and executives casting doubt on the fraud theory even as they pushed it on air"

"Rupert Murdoch admits Fox News hosts peddled election lies"

"There was yet more evidence that high-ranking Fox officials saw themselves as allied with the GOP. "

"As Fox News continued to broadcast lies about Dominion voting systems and the 2020 election, Tucker Carlson, one of its star hosts used one word over and over to describe what the network was doing " "reckless"."

"Given Mr. Carlson's reputation, any reasonable viewer arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism' about the statements he makes,"

Yet this is what those morons vote for:

Tennessee legislature passes permitless handgun carry bill

Putin Says He's Putting Nukes in Belarus

Things must be really bad all over for Putin - you don't threaten "nuclear" and "WWIII" and "Armageddon" if you are winning conventional war, it only makes you look even weaker and his "red line" bluffs have been called before.

** The Russian offensives in Bakhmut, Avidiivka and Vuhledar have yielded no significant results and all are petering out at the cost of tens of thousands mobiks and 'contractors' and massive daily losses of hardware, including tanks, MBPs, aircraft and drones.

** Medvedev started talking again about "nuclear red flag" if Ukraine starts taking back Crimea.

** Putin is so desperate to show that he "means it this time" that he is doing "Potemkin Village" theater with nukes everyone knows he can't use in Belarus, in the process humiliating his BFF Xi, with whom he made an "iron-clad" agreement not to deploy nuclear weapon beyond Russia's borders (unless of course, Putin has made a decree pronouncing Belarus a "Russia's territory," which for all intents and purposes it might be under Lukashenko.)

** Effeteposer scripts have just been flipped from "Get ready for great victory" back to pleading again for "West / NATO starving Ukraine of weapons to force them to 'negotiate' (read 'surrender') for 'peace' with Russia."

See, paid Russian trolls can sometimes be useful in providing / confirming intelligence. Gives a new meaning to the phrase "useful idiot."

Headlines and news from the front:

Russian Troops Fighting 'for Free' as Pay Is Delayed for Months
Russian brigade destroyed and reconstituted up to 8 times after losses
Russian charged with "badmouthing" military after private call wire-tapped

High losses of manpower and equipment hurt Russia's ability to fight for Bakhmut
Igor Girkin : Russia's forces making "no progress" in key offensive
Igor Girkin : Russia's huge problem - its troops in Ukraine "have no legal standing"

Anti-Putin group "Black Bridge" claims setting FSB building on fire
Boris Bondarev : Russia's elite knows "something is wrong" with Putin

Putin's 12: The Russian Oligarchs Summoned to Kremlin
Putin demands Russia's wealthiest prioritize the national interest over profit
Russia's ballooning budget deficit raises the danger of long-term economic malaise in Russia, with sanctions isolating its major businesses

Ukraine drone strikes major oil pipeline inside Russian territory
Russia is building bunkers and shelters in Moscow after strikes hit inside borders

Ukraine drones destroy cache of Russian Kalibr missiles in Crimea
Crimea explosions reported as Ukraine launches more drone attacks
Ukraine Flag Raised in Crimea as Resistance Grows to Russian Rule

Russian "Zoopark-2" Radar System Obliterated in Ukrainian Strike
Multiple Russian Tanks Eviscerated by Ukraine's Special Forces 'White Wolves'
Russia loses 15 Tanks, 15 APVs and 8 artillery systems in a day
- Putin pledges to produce and upgrade 1,600 tanks in the next three years.
Ukraine downs barrage of Shahed-136 drones in overnight assault

F/A-18 "Hornet" fighter jets may go to Ukraine as Finland PM weighs options

Ukraine Counterattack Will Take Aim at 'Exhausted' Wagner Troops Soon
Ukraine's Army Is the Best in the World At the Moment, Retired General Mick Ryan Says

Russia must emerge from Ukraine war incapable of future attacks : German ambassador

Russia's military industry "hopelessly outmatched" by the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to "create the false impression" that Western countries supporting Ukraine is "futile" : ISW
Putin Wouldn't Win a War of Attrition in Ukraine. He wants the West to think that's his goal, but the longer the conflict drags on, the worse things get for Moscow : WSJ

Another view...

...Mr. Gallant was fired after urging that the legislation be postponed, warning that it had caused turmoil in the military and was therefore a threat to Israel's security.

"The rift within our society is widening and penetrating the Israel Defense Forces," Mr. Gallant said in a televised speech. The schisms, he said, have caused "a clear and immediate and tangible danger to the security of the state -- I shall not be a party to this."...


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