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Of Trump's lengthy history of bankruptcies, it states:

"Entities associated with President Trump have filed for bankruptcy protection. The Trump Taj Mahal, which was built and owned by President Trump, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1991. The Trump Plaza, the Trump Castle, and the Plaza Hotel, all owned by President Trump at the time, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1992. THCR, which was founded by President Trump in 1995, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2004. Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc., the new name given to Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts after its 2004 bankruptcy, declared bankruptcy in 2009. While all of the foregoing were in different businesses than TMTG, there can be no guarantee that TMTG's performance will exceed the performance of those entities."

Of failed license agreements with Trump, it notes:

"Trump Shuttle, Inc., launched by President Trump in 1989, defaulted on its loans in 1990 and ceased to exist by 1992. Trump University, founded by President Trump in 2005, ceased operations in 2011 amid lawsuits and investigations regarding the company's business practices. Trump Vodka, a brand of vodka produced by Drinks Americas under license from the Trump Organization, was introduced in 2005 and discontinued in 2011. Trump Mortgage, LLC, a financial services company founded by President Trump in 2006, ceased operations in 2007., a travel site founded by President Trump in 2006, ceased operations in 2007. Trump Steaks, a brand of steak and other meats founded by President Trump in 2007, discontinued sales two months after its launch. While all these businesses were in different industries than TMTG, there can be no guarantee that TMTG's performance will exceed the performance of these entities."

In both cases, the statement warns there are "no assurances" that the new company will not go the same way as Trump's past scuttled ventures.

The filing also details the "numerous lawsuits and other matters that could damage his reputation, cause him to be distracted from the business or could force him to resign from TMTG's board of directors."

Is there a more prolific failure in America than Donald Trump? The filing forgot to add that he's the only former POTUS to ever lose the popular vote in two consecutive elections. Donnie Fail is truly the king of losers.

So what does that say about all of the people who believe the exact opposite of reality?

Right wing garbage pile website and thread.

#23 | Posted by FasterDisaster

Troll-o-lo-lo speak. I am watching things from the Ukraine Government, Russian Government, US Govt/NATO/EU, MSM, Social Media, Bellingcat and some non-European outlets.

It is despicable first that Putin started this. It is horrific what his troops and mercenaries are doing. Even the people of Luhansk and Donetsk are horrified. I have seen photos I simply will never be unable to un-see. I can't imagine actually living it. Russia is not only an aggressor but too many of the troops and without question officers are purely sadistic and evil. I knew what the Wagner Mercenaries and Chechens were but it goes well beyond them.

All the BS about NATO aside. NATO was never going to attack Russia. The cold war is still embedded in Putin's mind - dictators will dictate. Ukraine had no path to NATO as long as Luhansk, Donetsk and Crimea's fates were unresolved. Period. That was not going to change.

Ukraine elected Zelensky with no need for a run off election. He earned the position with over 73% of the vote in an election. The International Election Observer Mission (IEOM) released a preliminary assessment that noted some problems but termed the election competitive, reported that candidates campaigned freely, and said that the electorate had a broad choice. This election and the 3 previous all earned free, fair, and competitive assessments. Another indicator of a free and fair election.

Zelensky is NOT an OLIGARCH.
Zelensky is a JEW.
Zelensky has the COURAGE to do what is RIGHT.

Does that tell something about the Ukrainian people and what they want? They are smarter on average than a large percentage of Americans.

"Dude refute any of it."


Walk me through how Putin "installed" a puppet.

And then walk me through how he killed half a million people.

#54 | Posted by madbomber

Oh we have to go back to basic facts do we?

Sure. Putin helped trump get elected. Although we dont know all of trump's financial ties to putin because mueller was forbidden to investigate it, we know trump lied about not having any business deals in moscow. He in fact was planning a putin suite in trump tower moscow. We know putin was the only one to keep giving trump loans when all other banks realized he's a bad investment. We know the dueche bank whistleblower with info on the matter was just assassinated in LA. We know trump was buying properties and then flipping them to russian oligarchs for far more than he paid at far above market rate.

Trump knew putin was supporting him in the election and instead of reporting it to the FBI, he welcomed that help. Paul Manafort was inexplicably selected a trump's campaign manager. Manafort's previous job was getting putin puppets elected in democracies across europe. Manafort charged trump NOTHING, but was in debt to russian oligarchs for 17 million. Trump shared polling data with putin, that putin used to target his troll armies on swing districts, spread anti hillary propaganda and encourage bernie fans to hate hillary. This is called colluding. When you commit a crime with someone THEY OWN YOU because they can expose your crimes at any time. So putin had power over trump. And trump started repaying him immediately by changing the GOP platform to let putin keep crimea. Then he selected putin's favorine oil exec to be secretary of state, despite him having no qualifications for the job, other than the fact that he'd profit massively from getting sanctions on russia lifted. Trump tried to lift the sanctions, but congress blocked him with a veto proof vote. When our intelligence agencies said putin helped trump win, trump said he believed putin over them. Trump fired all the people with institutional knowledge on russia from the state department and tried to back out of NATO, but was stopped by his team.

As for his half million american deaths, there was this thing called covid 19. And it made trump look bad. So instead of doing all he could to save american lives, he attacked reality instead and tried to make americans think it was no big deal, and it was being exaggerated to harm trump. So it became a sign of loyalty to trump and opposition to libs to reject covid science, eat horse paste, and not wear masks or get vaccinated, which is estimated to have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Congrats. You're all caught up now.

A couple of thoughts about the larger picture beyond the immediate do-we-or-don't-we-continue-aiding-Ukraine question.

Russia is a hostile rival to the U.S. Probably the foremost hostile rival to the U.S. You can argue China is a greater economic rival, but we also maintain close economic ties to China. In 2020 US-China trade was over $435 Billion. US-Russia trade about $36 Billion. China-Russia trade about $147 Billion, a third of China's trade with the U.S.

Supporting Ukraine weakens Russia. Want to call it a proxy war? OK. Russia is expending money, people, resources, internal political control, and international goodwill by continuing the war. Their expense is far more than ours, and even more so when you factor it as a percentage of GNP. With the current aid package, we'll be up to about $54 Billion. Which is less than .25% of our GDP. Russia has spent an estimated $73 Billion already, not counting their losses. The Moskva alone was worth $750 million. And we're not even calculating the cost of the sanctions. Russia's GDP is 7% of the US. That makes what they've already spent on the war almost 5% of their GDP. At at 900 million per day to sustain current efforts, Russia will continue spending .4% of their GDP every week, again not counting the expense of lost equipment. And what is the loss of 10k-15k people worth? Think back to the nuclear arms race during the Reagan years which bankrupted and led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Think further to the stilling effect of Russia's war of choice, and the resulting international response, upon China's interest in Taiwan. Think even beyond that to the perception of other Asian nations to China's continued trade with Russia, refusal to condemn Russia's invasion, and condemnation of the West's assistance to Ukraine. Look back to the US pulling out of the TPP, resulting in greater Chinese influence and erosion of trust toward the US in the region, and how the current situation can help us win both influence and trust back.

In short, there's a hell of lot more at stake for the US on the world stage than the simplistic view of how much money we're sending to Ukraine.

"They have the wall in CA."

14 miles out of a total border of 140 miles.


Looks like Donnie Fail's idiocy is doing that for us.

"Ever hear of a "speedballing" using Meth and fentanyl."


I suggest you try it, with plenty of fentanyl.

Not surprising that Mr Musk seems to be looking for an out to get out of this deal.

The talking heads on BloombergTV have been saying for over a week that it has been looking like Mr Musk wants to walk away from the deal.

OpEd: Elon Musk Does Not Care About Spam Bots

...I think it is important to be clear here that Musk is lying. The spam bots are not why he is backing away from the deal, as you can tell from the fact that the spam bots are why he did the deal. He has produced no evidence at all that Twitter's estimates are wrong, and certainly not that they are materially wrong or made in bad faith. (Musk can only get out of the deal if Twitter's filings are wrong in a way that would cause a "material adverse effect" on Twitter, which is vanishingly unlikely.)

His own supposed methodology for counting spam bots is laughable. Yesterday Twitter's chief executive officer, Parag Agrawal, tweeted a thread explaining in general terms how Twitter estimates that fake accounts represent fewer than 5% of its count of active users, and how this analysis can't be easily replicated by outsiders (because they don't know which accounts are real, and also because they don't know which accounts Twitter counts as daily active users). It seems clear that Agrawal's thoughtful answer is basically correct. Musk responded with a poop emoji....

- and -

Elon Musk Has a Bigger Problem Than Twitter Bots: A Huge Debt Burden

...Elon Musk may be directing his buyer's remorse at Twitter Inc.'s bot problem. But underpinning the deal is a $13 billion debt bill that's looking like a bigger burden by the day.

The package, drummed up in a rush and signed by banks before the end of the billionaire's beloved April 20 weed holiday, will leave the social media platform with an annual interest expense approaching $1 billion, giving the company an alarmingly small margin for error.

To sober-minded credit analysts, second thoughts about the deal are to be expected.

The purchase will be funded with a leveraged loan and high-yield bonds. CreditSights estimates this will dramatically increase Twitter's annual interest expense to around $900 million, while Bloomberg Intelligence sees $750 million to $1 billion.

With numbers like those, Twitter looks poised to burn cash, boosting the pressure on Musk to transform the company by finding new sources of revenue and slashing costs. That's even the case with Wall Street analysts estimating record earnings in 2022, though those rosy forecasts could be imperiled if predictions for a US recession -- Musk said Monday one is already under way -- come true....

- Those Nazis

You know, you could continue to be a moron and patented Putin patsy without lying about, "Nazis!".

"But the myth that Ukraine is run by far-right zealots is no more than Russian spin. In fact, during the federal election of 2019, the coalition of extreme-right parties, including the Azov movement's National Corps, received a total of 2.15 % of the votes and no seats in parliament in a -- according to Freedom House -- free and fair election."

2 percent of the vote. There are more Trump Nazis voting here. Perhaps you should start a campaign to rid the GOP of Nazis.

It would make more sense than your current more mythical pursuits.

But you'll prolly just run away again without refuting the well sourced and well reported facts about the utter lack of any meaningful number of Nazis in Ukraine.


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