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I am just blown away at the dems Americans' of all stripes complete evolved hatred of Trump.


It ain't just the Dems, Ignatz. And all of it is both well earned and well deserved.

In 2016, many of us who wanted change in the White House took a chance on Donald Trump. We thought he'd lead as a conservative Republican: instead, he has imperiled our republic.

We are alarmed by the anti-democratic tactics and flagrant abuse of power committed daily by Donald Trump. His actions are an affront to our Constitution and the Republican Party. In the words of our 18th president, Ohio's Ulysses S. Grant, "My failures have been errors in judgment, not intent."

In 2016, many Ohio voters put their faith in Donald Trump, us included. That was an error of judgment, not intent.

For these reasons, we're joining with other Republicans in this state to vote against President Trump this November:

He has created a culture of fear within the Republican Party as well as across the country, demonizing anyone with differing opinions. He belittles, berates, and ruins the careers of all who oppose him - including his own appointed government agency heads, respected military leaders and war heroes.

He has undermined the rule of law, obstructed justice, and issued pardons and commutations to personal cronies who helped cover up his misdeeds.

He has demonstrated gross incompetence during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing needless suffering and death.

He has run up a $2.7 trillion budget deficit, $1 trillion of which occurred before the pandemic unfolded.

We are free men and women. We claim our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe Mr. Trump no longer deserves the consent of the governed.

COVID-19 has changed the tenor of the election in unmistakable ways. Optimism has nosedived: the share of people who believe the U.S. is on the right track has declined 20 points since March. The pandemic has brought new urgency to issues like access to health care, inequality and the social safety net, while driving Trump's preferred topics of immigration and trade out of the picture. "The voters are fundamentally the same, but the context of the 2020 election has changed," says UCLA political scientist Lynn Vavreck, author of Identity Crisis: The 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Battle for the Meaning of America.

Trump's character flaws suddenly loom larger for voters. "For a long time, it was annoying but it didn't necessarily change anything in their lives"I wish he'd stop tweeting, but the economy's good,'" says Lanae Erickson, senior vice president at the center-left think tank Third Way, which commissioned polls and focus groups of thousands of voters in suburban swing districts. "What this has done is to put the perception they already had about Trump together with real, horrific impacts on them and their family and their country."

Asked an open-ended question about Trump's vision for the country, about half the respondents in Third Way's surveys volunteered "self-serving" or "divisive." Respondents also rejected his calls for "law and order" in response to street protests. Asked who is hurt by Trump's vision, 30% of undecided suburban voters said "all of us." "It used to be people would say LGBT people, or women, or people of color," Erickson says. "Now, 4% say immigrants, 6% say minorities "but 30% say all of us."

Asked who is hurt by Trump's vision, 30% of undecided suburban voters said "all of us."

Doesn't sound like this 30% is completely undecided after all.


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