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@#88 ... You're wrong. This is about intellectual freedom and treating children with dignity and respect. ...


fwiw, tangentially related...

Russia bans LGBTQ-friendly content under new law

...Under Russia's new law on "LGBTQ propaganda," in effect since December, the distribution of any content considered to be an attempt to promote same-sex relationships and homosexuality can be punished. The legislation, which effectively outlaws any public expression of LGBTQ behavior or lifestyle in Russia, has resulted in a steady stream of book and film bans across the country.

Any person who says something positive about love between two men may be forced to dig deep into their wallets and pay a fine. Anybody who publicly supports a friend who is considering changing gender, especially on social media, is committing an offense. And anybody who praises a film in which two women kiss could end up in court. These examples, and many others, are now forbidden in Russia and can be punished with a fine of up to 5 million Russian rubles (around 65,000/$70,700)....

Florida is looking more like Russia with each passing day...

Never been on Truth Social but I'll bet they have plrnty of your favorite Patriot Bibles! Hell it's got Don Jr's endorsement! Or you can order direct from Christian Bookstore as Patriotic Jesus wants vyou to:

God bless Donald Trump and if you have time Lord America too! And don't tell me you sre a patriot if you don't have one of these Patriot Bibles! General Jesus commands you to own one!

"One of McGonigal's attorneys, Seth DuCharme, declined to comment."

It also turns out that one of McGonigal's attorneys, Seth DuCharme, has close ties to Rudy and Barr:

Someone has probably already noticed this, but Seth DuCharme, the attorney who's representing FBI counterterrorism agent McGonigal in his Deripaska case, was principal Deputy Associate AG under Barr.

And Rudy G was a named partner at his firm.

One of the most interesting details about the Charles McGonigal case revealed today: He's represented by Billy Barr's former aide, Seth DuCharme, who had his hands in a whole ------- of corrupt Billy Barr stuff.

Fun fact! Charles McGonigal's lawyer is none other than Seth DuCharme - the guy Bill Barr appointed as Acting US Atty for the Eastern District after he forced out Geoffrey Berman at the SDNY.

Coincidence? ' Maybe they all just know each other from the Elks Club or wherever


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