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State Rep. Michael Gottlieb, a Fort Lauderdale attorney who is representing an ex-felon arrested in August, said, "Individuals throughout the state should be treated in a similar fashion, and so this just sort of highlights the inequities in the system."

"Individuals in this case were chosen to not be prosecuted and the other defendants were prosecuted," said Gottlieb, D-Davie. "There's something wrong with that, especially when we're using a state police force for political prosecutions."

"Laws of the state of Florida, as well as the United States, are designed to protect everybody equally," said Robert Barrar, an attorney representing a Miami man whose voter fraud case was dismissed. "How can some people be prosecuted and others not? Theoretically, everybody is entitled to equal protection under the law."

Mark Rankin, a criminal defense attorney representing one of the arrested ex-felons, said the cases brought by DeSantis' election police "are all nothing but political theater by the governor."

The story here is not that this prosecutor turns a blind eye to Republican voter fraud - 3 were registered GOP and 3 were registered Dems - it's that DeSantis' election police clearly operate with a bias towards pursuing violators of color, particularly in Democratic strongholds in Florida where local prosecutors reach the same conclusion as Gladson did - it's almost impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these violations were willful when these people were given the papers to vote from the state who's ill-equipped to investigate over 85,000 similar registrations.


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