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"I'm just playing his game and the watching him go silent (mercifully so) or get all folksy golly gee as if anybody believes him.


I guess that explains why you find me and start following me around again after I'm offline for a while. Your post 38 is proof. It comes a full 15 hours after my post you responded to. This post is another example and there are many more in the last 24 hours alone

(an interesting side note on the just mentioned post. JPW calls me "goatmam" as if being called a woman is an insult. Gee, how progressive of you, JPW.)

MOder8 is right.

Just plonk me already, or stop following me around like a lost puppy dog and nipping at my ankles. Your stalking and obsessin are creepy and a sign of mental instability.

Then why hasn't the committee chair sued to get them?

They have.

If i've learned anything since your return to this site, it's that you're a tremendously uninformed person.


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