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Three Nevada men with ties to a loose movement of right-wing extremists advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government have been arrested on terrorism-related charges in what authorities say was a conspiracy to spark violence during recent protests in Las Vegas.

Federal prosecutors say the three white men with U.S. military experience are accused of conspiring to carry out a plan that began in April in conjunction with protests to reopen businesses closed because of the coronavirus and later sought to capitalize on protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis after a white officer pressed his knee into his neck for several minutes even after he stopped moving and pleading for air.

The three men were arrested Saturday on the way to a protest in downtown Las Vegas after filling gas cans at a parking lot and making Molotov cocktails in glass bottles, according to a copy of the criminal complaint obtained by The Associated Press.

"People have a right to peacefully protest. These men are agitators and instigators. Their point was to hijack the protests into violence," Nicholas Trutanich, U.S. attorney in Nevada, told AP. He referred to what he called "real and legitimate outrage" over Floyd's death.

The complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas on Wednesday said they self-identified as part of the "boogaloo" movement, which U.S. prosecutors said in the document is "a term used by extremists to signify coming civil war and/or fall of civilization."

The Seattle Times

Will Trump designate the Boogaloo movement as terrorists? Of course not! Because they're actual terrorists.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked by a reporter yesterday to comment on Donald Trump's threat to use military force against American protesters. Trudeau, who's taken great care to avoid direct public criticisms of his U.S. counterpart, paused and stood silently for 21 seconds.

"We all watch in horror and consternation at what is going on in the United States," the prime minister eventually said, after lengthy consideration.

NBC News had a related report today, which quoted Ziya Meral, a senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, a London-based think tank. "With all of its shortcomings, the U.S. has stood for many ideals we dearly share," he said. "Now we are witnessing an America spiraling down into chaos, poor governance, social friction, poor policing and poor leadership." He added, "The city on a hill no longer inspires or shines."

In late April, the Irish Times' Fintan O'Toole had a rather brutal column on Trump's presidency and its impact on global perceptions of the United States. "Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred a very wide range of feelings in the rest of the world: love and hatred, fear and hope, envy and contempt, awe and anger," O'Toole wrote. "But there is one emotion that has never been directed towards the US until now: pity."

The award-winning columnist added, "The country Trump promised to make great again has never in its history seemed so pitiful."

Trump hasn't made America great, he's made America a pariah.

Prosecco Proletariat Rose
@Chris_SactoCA Replying to @DrAtlasShrugged @ClauserLotus and @dfriedman33

They did not say they are federal "officers". Fed officers work for agencies that have names like FBI, homeland security, etc.

These are private contractors.

Private contractors are unaccountable to the people.

You're cheering on mercenaries patrolling American streets.

Attorney General Barr ordered authorities to clear protesters near White House, DOJ official says

This is really happening.

I Cannot Remain Silent (op-ed)

...It sickened me yesterday to see security personnel --including members of the National Guard --forcibly and violently clear a path through Lafayette Square to accommodate the president's visit outside St. John's Church. I have to date been reticent to speak out on issues surrounding President Trump's leadership, but we are at an inflection point, and the events of the past few weeks have made it impossible to remain silent.

Whatever Trump's goal in conducting his visit, he laid bare his disdain for the rights of peaceful protest in this country, gave succor to the leaders of other countries who take comfort in our domestic strife, and risked further politicizing the men and women of our armed forces.

There was little good in the stunt....

Why don't these reporters where something that makes it obvious they are with the media? She certainly didn't have anything obvious saying "Media" or "Press" or "TV". She didn't even have a visible press badge. Nothing.

If you go to their website there is a photo of him getting punched - Clearly that big camera is something a person from a news outlet would lug around. Either that or someone filming a documentary - either way abuse by the cop. But again he doesn't appear to have anything on proclaiming he is with the media...

Shouting you are "Press" or "Media" as you get slugged doesn't do you any good. You need to be saying it well before. I mean if you have something in huge letters and attracting attention you have more of a case.

All that said - there was no reason for that bum rush. There was no reason to punch a guy holding a camera - totally uncalled for. The protest looked pretty peaceful. THAT is why police are getting a bad name. I bet that "officer" didn't have his body cam on either.

WASHINGTON " A day after a much-criticized photo op at a fire-damaged church near the White House, President Donald Trump took his anti-protester "law and order" message to a Catholic shrine, a visit that drew swift condemnation from a top church official.

Washington Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory slammed the presidential visit in a statement shortly before the Trumps' arrival.
"I find it baffling that and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles, which call us to defend the rights of all people even those with whom we might disagree," Gregory said in a statement.


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