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The first time she heard Houston's version of her song, she had to pull over to avoid crashing her car because she was so overwhelmed.

"I was shot so full of adrenaline and energy, I had to pull off, because I was afraid that I would wreck, so I pulled over quick as I could to listen to that whole song," Parton told Oprah Winfrey in a 2020 interview. "I could not believe how she did that. I mean, how beautiful it was that my little song had turned into that, so that was a major, major thing."

Parton purchased the 6,317-square-foot Mission-style complex in Nashville in February 1997, according to property records. David Ewing, a longtime Nashville historian, told The Washington Post that Parton's investment came when many recording artists did not look toward the Sevier Park neighborhood, now known as 12 South, to set up their businesses.

"We're just hearing now, because of the Black Lives Matter movement, how down for the cause Dolly has always been - even when others in the music industry weren't," Ewing said. "Dolly Parton could have built and bought any piece of property in Nashville. But you would have to have gone out of your way to buy in the 12 South neighborhood, because no Realtor would have shown Dolly that lot to buy."

At the time, the neighborhood was "African American funeral homes, businesses and churches," Ewing said. Now, 12 South is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Nashville, he said.

"But it really kind of all began to be put on the map when Dolly quietly invested in the area," Ewing said.

Dolly Parton - Soul Sister. Who'd ever thunk it? Bless you Dolly for your lifetime of great works for all Americans.

Evidently, the only thing bigger than your ...errr, talent, is your humongous loving heart.

@#20 ... This was a coup attempt. ...

It certainly is looking that way.

And it starts to explain a lot more of why Leader McCarthy, Rep Jordan and others are so eager to attempt to derail the Jan 6 investigation. Rep Jordan reluctantly admitted on FoxNews that he had conversations with fmr Pres Trump on Jan 6.

Jordan acknowledges talking to Trump on Jan. 6

..."No. I mean on Jan. 6, congressman?" Baier asked again.

"Yes," Jordan responded....

Does fmr Pres Trump saying, "leave the rest to me and the R congressmen" indicate that he already has had conversations with some GOP Congressfolk about an insurrection attempt?

Why else would he make such a statement?

According to the reporting, Trump spoke with the acting attorney general and his deputy, Richard Donoghue, on Dec. 27, pressing the officials on voter-fraud claims that the Justice Department already knew to be false. Donoghue reminded the then-president that the department could not help Trump change the election's outcome, but according to the lawyer's notes, the then-president said that wasn't what he was asking for.

"Just say that the election was corrupt [and] leave the rest to me" and to the White House's congressional allies, Donoghue wrote, summarizing Trump's response.

The then-president didn't specify which congressional allies he was referring to, but the Times' report added that during the same call, Trump referenced Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) -- who was recently rejected as a member of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack -- as well as Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).

As the December discussion progressed, Trump's pitch to the Justice Department leaders grew more ridiculous. Told that federal law enforcement can only act in response to "actual evidence," Trump said "people" are blaming the Justice Department for failing to pursue far-right conspiracy theories.

This is nothing more than a continuation of Impeachment Part 1. All of this falls directly upon the entire Republican Party who abdicated their constitutional responsibilities to continue to enable the sociopathy of a narcissistic imbecile who places his own needs and desires above all else - laws and Constitution be damned.

Wheels are turning.


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