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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Trump is guilty of all the charges made in the Impeachment documents and far, far, more. Republicans are guilty, too, of assisting, enabling, protecting, and covering up his unethical and criminal acts every way possible. This is the only conclusion a reasonable human can reach based on the action of the Republican controlled Senate. This explains why McConnell can say "We're running this just like the Clinton impeachment proceedings" when the rules proposed are nothing like the Clinton impeachment hearings. read more


When you don't have a crime to prove, threaten the jury with violence, that should go over well.

Schiff did nothing but report what CBS reported - and CBS was told that from the WH. The one threatening Senators is Trump. When Trump turns his twitter feed on you and rallies his crazy-ass 2nd amendment supporters, you better be careful.


So turn your anger where it belongs, and stop excusing the POS POTUS.
That goes doubly for those idiotic Senators that had their delicate sensibilities offended.

As I said, there's only one way to eliminate this threat - impeach and convict him.

Put America first, for once.

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