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Saturday, January 23, 2021

The largest cohort study of "recovered" COVID patients done to date shows that ~75% still had at least one symptom of COVID six months after being discharged from hospital. The number one symptom (63%) reported was fatigue and muscle weakness. The overwhelming majority of those in the sample did not require ventilation or intubation. In those with mild cases the same symptoms and persistence are found. read more

Sunday, January 03, 2021

President Trump tried coercing Brad Raffensperger, the Republican secretary of State for Georgia, to "find" enough votes to overturn Trump's loss. ...Trump berated Raffensperger, flattered him, begged him to act and threatened him if he refused to pursue Trump's false claims. '"The people of Georgia are angry, the people in the country are angry," he said. "And there's nothing wrong with saying, you know, um, that you've recalculated. Raffensperger responded: "Well, Mr. President, the challenge that you have is, the data you have is wrong."'

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, who won Louisiana's 5th District in a runoff this month, tested positive on December 18, admitted to the hospital on December 19th, transferred to ICU on the 22nd, and died today December 29th. He leaves behind two small children and a wife. read more

Monday, December 28, 2020

President Trump late Sunday signed the stimulus bill into law, three people briefed on his decision said, averting a Tuesday government shutdown. His decision to back down and sign the measure will release $900 billion in stimulus funds into the economy that had been held up for nearly a week. read more

Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Supreme Court has barred New York from enforcing limits on attendance at churches and synagogues in areas hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. In a 5-4 opinion with Chief Justice John Roberts in the minority along with the court's three liberals, the court ruled, "Members of this Court are not public health experts, and we should respect the judgment of those with special expertise and responsibility in this area. But even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten. The restrictions at issue here, by effectively barring many from attending religious services, strike at the very heart of the First Amendment's guarantee of religious liberty." read more


Two more articles from AARP - who seems to be doing some really good work on gathering information we should all know:

Consider the case of 63-year-old Marina Oshana, a patient of Sandrock's. A retired philosophy professor in Davis, California, Oshana picked up what she thought was a nasty bug in February 2020 that turned out to be COVID-19.

Eleven months later, though, she is still battling fatigue, heart palpitations and a blood oxygen level that sometimes drops to dangerous levels.

"I can be standing in my kitchen chopping onions and, suddenly, my heart will speed up to 126 beats per minute " that's scary," she said. "Before, I was an active person. I worked out five or six days a week. Now I have to really dial it back. It's frustrating not to be able to do what I did before."

The point being, this is nothing to treat lightly, especially with the vaccine finally starting to roll out, as slowly as it is. Stay safe, protect yourselves and others.

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