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Vindman Just Destroyed Trump's Ukraine Call Cover Story

...Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified on Tuesday that he listened to both of Trump's Ukraine calls, and corruption was never mentioned.

Here was the exchange:

Q: So it is a part of U.S. Official policy that Ukraine should root out corruption, even if President Trump did not mention it in the April 21st phone call, is that right?

Vindman: Certainly.

Q: And he also did not mention it in the July 25th phone call, is that right?

Vindman: Correct.

Q: So even though it was included in his talking points for the April 21st call, and presumably even though you can't talk about it for the July 21st call, it was not included in either, is that right?

For the April 21st call "

He did not mention it in either, rather.

Vindman: Correct.

Q: So when the president says now that he held up security assistance because he was concerned about rooting out corruption in Ukraine, that concern was not expressed in the two phone conversations that he had with president Zelinsky earlier this year, is that right?

Vindman: Correct.

Well, isn't that interesting.

No wonder there is such an effort to characterize the call differently.

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