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Kamala Harris faced several criticisms during her tenure as Attorney General of California:

Death Penalty Stance: Harris was criticized for her inconsistent positions on the death penalty. While she opposed it as San Francisco's District Attorney, she defended California's death penalty laws as Attorney General, which some saw as contradictory.

Truancy Program: Harris's truancy program aimed at reducing school absenteeism faced backlash for its punitive measures. Critics argued that it disproportionately affected low-income families and led to unintended consequences, such as the arrest of a mother whose child had chronic illness-related absences.

Tough on Crime Policies: Despite her reputation as a progressive prosecutor, Harris was often labeled as part of the "tough on crime" era. She faced scrutiny for her reluctance to support certain police accountability measures and her resistance to releasing wrongfully imprisoned individuals.

Legislative Reluctance: Harris was criticized for her limited engagement with legislative processes. During the early days of the Black Lives Matter movement, she focused more on policies she could implement independently rather than actively participating in legislative debates on police accountability.

Handling of For-Profit Colleges: While Harris took significant action against for-profit colleges, such as suing Corinthian Colleges for misleading students, some viewed her efforts as part of a broader pattern of selective enforcement.

Environmental Stances: Harris's actions against fossil fuel companies and her stance on fracking were points of contention. She sued several major companies over environmental violations but faced criticism for her perceived inconsistency, especially when her position on fracking conflicted with then-presidential candidate Joe Biden's stance.

I always figured her Tough on Crime policies as AG (bold above) would have been a welcomed quality by those on the right. Hell, the Biden-Harris ticket was, and still is to this day, the most supportive ticket for Tough on Crime and War on Drugs policies in American history.

As Vice President, Kamala Harris has made several notable accomplishments:

Record-breaking tie-breaking votes: Harris has cast more tie-breaking votes in the Senate than any other Vice President in U.S. history, surpassing a record that stood for nearly 200 years. These votes have been consequential, including the decisive vote to pass the landmark Inflation Reduction Act.

Leading on reproductive rights: Harris has become the face of the Democratic Party's push for abortion rights since Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022. She launched a "Fight for Reproductive Freedoms" tour and became the first sitting VP to visit an abortion clinic.

Voting rights advocacy: Harris led the Biden administration's efforts to expand voting rights, including helping craft legislation (though it was ultimately stalled in the Senate).

Foreign policy engagement: She has represented the nation abroad, embarking on more than a dozen foreign trips, traveling to over 19 countries, and meeting with more than 150 world leaders to strengthen global alliances.

Climate action: Harris has been involved in efforts to address the climate crisis, including presiding over the vote to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which included significant climate-related investments.

Economic initiatives: As part of the Biden-Harris administration, she has been involved in efforts to create jobs, keep unemployment low, and support small business creation.

Healthcare improvements: Harris has played a role in capping insulin costs for seniors, cutting prescription prices, and improving maternal health by expanding postpartum care through Medicaid.

Diversity in government: Working alongside President Biden, Harris has contributed to achieving historic representation of women and people of color among nominees at all levels of the federal government.

Having antebellum ancestors from both Georgia and Tennessee, I view the heritage and culture of the Deep South from a different perspective. The poor, white, barely educated southern farmer and laborer was used by the rich white plantation owner and politician as a tool to perpetuate slavery and racial inequality. Having no slaves himself, the typical southern man was taught that if the slaves were ever set free or their lack of chattel negated in any way, they would take over his livelihood, drive him from his land, force him to work in the cities, and eventually intermarry with his own descendants.

In modern-day terms, this is exactly what Donald Trump and his elitist loyalists are doing to the 'MAGA" crowd. 175 years later, and by Jove! It still works! The Confederate flag is a potent symbol akin to the modern-day MAGA hat. It represents the fealty of the common man to the white, anglo protestant elitist businessman/plantation owner who promises to keep him and his heritage safe.

If I may add a personal anecdote, my ancestors, many of whom fought for the Confederacy, were able to lift themselves out of poverty, move out of Tennessee and to the western lands of Dakota and Wyoming, where they made a better living as ranch hands and teamsters, eventually co-founding the Cheyenne-Black Hills Stage Company in the 1870s. They still clung to their southern heritage and Confederate culture until at least the 1930s when, on a spring day in 1938 my great-grandfather summoned true courage, started a fire in his backyard, and burned HIS great-grandfather's confederate flag, war correspondence, and, hardest of all, his moth-eaten, tattered butternut military uniform. Thereafter, he moved back to Tennessee a "free man", becoming a friend, confidant, and staunch supporter of progressive Democratic Senator Estes Kefauver's presidential aspirations until his death in 1958.

When I used thr word "zinger" in my #3, I was thinking about Speaker Johnson's threat to file a lawsuit over "switching out" Harris or Biden, which he claims is illegal in some jurisdictions.



House Speaker Mike Johnson reiterated Sunday that any attempt by Democrats to sub in a new candidate in place of President Joe Biden is likely to be met by legal challenges.

Speaking on ABC's "This Week," Johnson said, "Every state has its own system, and in some of these, it's not possible to simply just switch out a candidate."

Johnson's assertion, which echoed remarks he made during the Republican National Convention, suggests a strategy Republicans could be looking toward should Biden decides to withdraw from the presidential election. "I think in states where it can be contested, I expect that it will be, and they'll have an interesting battle on their hands," the Louisiana Republican said Thursday of a possible switch.

Technically, Biden has not yet been formally nominated to be the Democratic presidential candidate and won't be until a vote of the delegates selected to the Democratic National Convention. Still, Johnson said there might be grounds for a challenge, given that Biden was the overwhelming winner of the party's primaries.

"I think they would run into some legal impediments in at least a few of these jurisdictions," he told host Martha Raddatz. "We'll see how it plays out."

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