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FTA: "SB 553 is focused on protecting employees. The bill does not prohibit employees from stopping theft. It does prevent employers from asking non-security personnel to confront a person involved in criminal activity. We don't want rank and file employees to be forced to place themselves in harm's way."

This is a well intentioned but stupid bill.

The level of retail theft going on at this time is eye watering and so is the violence associated with it. My wife still works in retail and I can talk about some of the generalities... At her company when they have no asset protection on duty they are not allowed to confront or call the police on shoplifters or anyone for that matter - unless there is a clear threat of violence or destruction of property. The shoplifters can and do literally walk in and take whatever they want and walk out. Some are not even pretending to be stealthy anymore. Weekday evenings are prime time for shoplifters. The young ones are the worst as they have no morals about it and either start screaming about racism and/or threaten to or get violent at the slightest interference. The older pros still try and be stealthy. They come in all ages, creeds and races but in this area at least it is young black people that are the biggest issue by far. The groups seem to be organized as well. If one group gets "caught", next thing you know you have another 2 groups showing up and eyeing up employees. It is at the very least intimidation tactics. Her store alone seen enough in losses to pay for multiple additional asset protection people. Unfortunately I cannot offer too many details.

She doesn't work for Menards though and I had the opportunity to talk to a cashier and security guard about it over Memorial weekend. They both were talking about the boldness of people. They are stopping people all the time with with literal cart loads of merchandise. What's funny is about half of them say something to the effect of "Don't worry, I'm not stealing this" as they roll a cart load of stuff out the door. The guard said he stopped a guy with about $2000 of goods in his cart just the week before. He also talked about a guard he knows at another store that was assaulted recently when he tried to stop shoplifters with several thousand dollars in goods.

Society must have rules. That is how society works. The problems are rampant and something has to be done about it. I have no idea how we have sunk so low as a society. Segments utterly lawless and others absolutely militant.

It's kind of cute that you think you know more than me.


Now get back to the True Crime podcast and try to convince yourself that that makes you an expert on serial killers.

We know now that most of the COVID policies were ineffective in slowing the pandemic.

We don't "know" that at all.

Countries with strict mitigation strategies held off mass infection for a long time. Where people get it wrong is the assumption that it would be doable in perpetuity.


Countries like Japan, South Korea and New Zealand arguably outperformed countries like the US (where mitigation was highly inconsistent) or Sweden (where mitigation was non-existent). Sure cases eventually went up, but excess deaths were much lower in those countries.

but neither was more or less correct than the other.

Nope. The Pompous Barrington Declaration has been shown to be garbage. The only way one reaches the conclusion that its ideas are still valid is if you place individual irresponsibility and selfishness over societal well being.


Robert Lewis Hinkle (born November 7, 1951) is a vile human being and senior United States district judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

Seems someone isn't happy with a judge acknowledging trans people exist.

Damage found on major Ukrainian dam after fears Russia could blow it up and flood area (November 2022)

... Significant damage has been found on a major hydroelectric dam in Ukraine following Russia's withdrawal from the southern city of Kherson.

Satellite images taken on Friday showed that the Nova Kakhovka dam and several bridges that cross the Dnipro river had been damaged.

Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy had said Moscow would be "declaring war on the whole world" if it blew up the dam.

It comes after Ukrainian troops were greeted by joyous residents in the centre of Kherson city after Russian troops were ordered to retreat following a successful counter-offensive by Kyiv.

US satellite imagery company Maxar, which released the pictures, said: "Satellite images this morning ... reveal significant new damage to several bridges and the Nova Kakhovka dam in the aftermath of the Russian retreat from Kherson across the Dnipro river."

It added sections of the northern extent of the dam and sluice gates had been "deliberately destroyed".

The possibility of Russia destroying the Kakhovka plant was previously raised by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a major US think tank.

The ISW said in its 21 October update: "Russian forces will likely attempt to blow up the dam at the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) to cover their withdrawal and to prevent Ukrainian forces from pursuing Russian forces deeper into Kherson Oblast.

"Russian forces will almost certainly blame Ukraine for the dam attack." ...

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