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The plain simple facts don't matter to some people.

They appear to "think" that 60 something Courts including Trump appointees who saw what Rudy G said was evidence laughed him out of Court.

That Trump's own appointed AG, his handpicked DoJ and Homeland Sec heads, his own WH lawyers and his personal aides have testified under oath to the Committee and now to the DoJ that Trump knowingly committed crimes.

But Trumpers are under the spell of The Donald, con artist extraordinaire, and the facts don't matter; they won't even address the facts.

We see it here all the time.

Hurricane Ian was able to, over the course of its path, pull a lot of energy out of the ocean, which could have sustained it for longer than normal, said Christopher Slocum, a physical scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

And a few degrees can make a huge difference, said Karthik Balaguru, a climate scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, because it provides extra energy for a storm.

Unlike with land or the atmosphere, "it's very difficult to warm the ocean," Dr. Balaguru said. A large amount of heat had to have been absorbed by the ocean just to raise temperatures by a small fraction of a degree, he said.

More than 90 percent of the excess heat from human-caused global warming over the past 50 years has been absorbed by the oceans, and a majority of it is stored in the top few hundred meters.

Scientists say that while climate change has not necessarily increased the number of hurricanes, it has made them more powerful, as warmer ocean waters strengthen and sustain those storms. The proportion of the most severe storms - Categories 4 and 5 - has increased since 1980, when satellite imagery began reliably tracking hurricanes.

A warmer climate also allows hurricanes to unleash more rain, a consequence of an atmosphere that, with each degree Celsius of warming, can hold about 7 percent more water vapor that then gets released as precipitation. In addition, storm surges are riding on top of elevated sea levels, which can worsen coastal flooding.

I don't know how it could possibly explained an simpler than the preceding sentences. It's not our imagination, hurricanes have been getting larger, more powerful, and more precipitant than before in past times. Warmer waters are the key to this evolution, and the warming of the seas is not something that happens very easily. 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit is an extremely significant jump in water temperature and we're seeing the results: bigger storms, more powerful winds, and much more rain falling in greater volume and concentration - for hurricanes - over a longer period of time.

Sorry, I'm a scientist who spent a lot of time in academia. I've followed closely anti-science movements like anti-vaxx, climate change denial, HIV denial, evolution denial ...
They all use that laughable line.
Seriously, do you have any idea what academic salaries are like? Or the fact that you don't get a grant then simply pay yourself what you want? Or that grants aren't for that much (in the big picture) and you're expected to produce A LOT in order to get it renewed? Or that study sections are anything but buddies yucking it up handing out the government bennies to each other?
Science hasn't changed much (for better or for worse). Society did.

#114 | POSTED BY JPW AT 2022-09-29 03:35 PM | REPLY

JPW, you put alot into what you think I meant that I didn't say at all. I pay attention when you post because I can see you know your subject matter. I have a great deal of respect for scientists and academia, and know that most of you work very hard and adhere to scientific methodology and truth seeking. Unfortunately there is a small minority of your peers who sell their souls, and use their skills to advance pharmaceutical profits, political doctrines, or media talking points for click bait. I'm sure you've seen the poorly done studies, manipulated statistical analysis and misleading "experts" on TV and the internet. These people (who come from BOTH sides of the political spectrum) should infuriate you as much as they infuriate me.

Unfortunately these people make it difficult for the layman to discern truth. The result is a generalized lack of trust in what people USED to see as reliable sources. THAT is what I was talking about. Once upon a time, people knew if Walter Cronkite said it, it was probably true. They respected people with titles like Doctor or Professor. But so many of those people have pimped themselves out and aligned themselves with profit or causes, nobody trusts those titles anymore. That really SUCKS for people like you and leaves a void for the disinformation specialists to walk right into.

Nobody melted down

Says you.

Jenna Ellis -- who is Doug Mastriano's senior adviser -- claimed yesterday that Lizzo "is basically famous, I think, for being one the most morbidly obese people in the world" and said of the Madison flute playing: "This is just desecration purposefully of America's history."
I would say something so crass, demeaning and ignorant is indeed an example of an unjustified meltdown.

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