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@#9 ... Can't get hard ...

Oh, that's a shame.

But to the point...

... concrete evidence unless you move against government employees (investigations are a thing, we just choose not to do them). Repubicans are experts at investigating nothingberders, ...

Possibly, the House Republicans.

But the Senate Republicans, well they have a different history...

Six revelations in Senate intel report on 2016 Russian interference (2020)

... The Senate Intelligence Committee report released Tuesday, totaling nearly 1,000 pages, was the product of more than 200 witness interviews and nearly a million documents. It's the only bipartisan account of how the Trump campaign embraced Russia's intelligence operation in 2016 designed to hurt Democrat Hillary Clinton and help Trump.

Much of the report covers old ground, albeit with more detail than ever before. But there are some important new revelations. Here are some of them:
Trump's campaign chairman was consorting with a Russia spy

The report says -- in a first -- that Konstantin Kilimnik, an associate of then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, was a "Russian intelligence officer." It also says Manafort was meeting regularly and sharing information with Kilimnik, including internal Trump campaign polling data.

But because the men used encrypted communications, and because Manafort never truly cooperated with investigators, the committee was unable to determine exactly what the pair were up to.

The report says there is information, blacked out in the document, suggesting both Kilimnik and Manafort may have had some link to the Russian operation to steal and leak Democratic emails. Whatever it was, it wasn't enough for Mueller to bring charges.

That fact pattern alone led the committee to label Manafort, who is serving prison time for unrelated offenses, a "grave counterintelligence threat." Whether he actually "colluded" with the 2016 Russian intelligence operation may never be determined. ..

And the article continues....


Or, is Pres Biden relying on this ...

Biden's immigration silver lining

... Immigrants are coming to the rescue of employers struggling with a historically tight labor market, and their arrival helps lower inflation.

The big picture: Foreign-born workers now constitute nearly 19% of the labor force, up from 17.3% when President Biden took office.

- - - The recent surge in unauthorized migrants is a key factor in the 1.7 million more workers expected in 2024, according to a recent Congressional Budget Office analysis.

- - - Those new arrivals will help the U.S. economy grow by about $7 trillion over the next decade.

Zoom in: More than 3 million migrants are still in the country who were encountered at the southern border during the Biden presidency. ...

More from the article...

... A linked help page on data sharing clarifies that Meta can collect anonymized versions of any of the usage data included in the "Supplemental Meta Platforms Technologies Privacy Policy," which was last updated in October. That document lists a host of personal information that Meta can collect from your headset, including:

- - - "Your audio data, when your microphone preferences are enabled, to animate your avatar's lip and face movement"

- - - "Certain data" about hand, body, and eye tracking, "such as tracking quality and the amount of time it takes to detect your hands and body"

- - - Fitness-related information such as the "number of calories you burned, how long you've been physically active, [and] your fitness goals and achievements"

- - - "Information about your physical environment and its dimensions" such as "the size of walls, surfaces, and objects in your room and the distances between them and your headset"

- - - "Voice interactions" used when making audio commands or dictations, including audio recordings and transcripts that might include "any background sound that happens when you use those services" (these recordings and transcriptions are deleted "immediately" in most cases, Meta writes)

- - - Information about "your activity in virtual reality," including "the virtual reality events you attend"

The anonymized collection data is used in part to "analyz[e] device performance and reliability" to "improve the hardware and software that powers your experiences with Meta VR Products." ...

Meta is clear that the data it collects "is anonymized so it does not identify you."

But here at Ars, we've long covered situations where data that was supposed to be "anonymous" was linked back to personally identifiable information about the people who generated it.

The FTC is currently pursuing a case against Kochava, a data broker that links de-anonymized geolocation data to a "staggering amount of sensitive and identifying information," according to the regulator. ...

Diana Krall - Temptation (2004)

Hey, look, a song from the 21st century, not my usual ancient tune. :)

Ms Krall's most excellent rendition of the Tom Waits song.

Teflon Don: The 5 Reasons Nothing Sticks to Donald Trump


(If you must... click "Show Transcript" at the link and it will appear to the right of the screen like a Chat.)

Never forget the college age masses that died from COVID in 2020 by gathering in open spaces.

We haven't, dumbf&^%. Nor have we forgotten how they then spread COVID across the country when they returned home.



And since I know you're to f&^%ing stupid to know this, Measles is the most infectious virus we know of with an R0 roughtly 9-10x higher than the original Wuhan-1 strain of COVID.

As usual, you would be better served keeping your ignorant mouth shut.

Donald Fagen - New Frontier (1982)

Lyrics excerpt...


Yes we're gonna have a wingding
A summer smoker underground
It's just a dugout that my dad built
In case the reds decide to push the button down
We've got provisions and lots of beer
The keyword is survival on the new frontier

@#11 ... Isn't this called price gouging? ...

Here in Connecticut...

Price Gouging and Profiteering

... Price gouging or profiteering is illegal in the State of Connecticut. It occurs when the price of an item is substantially increased during certain types of declared emergencies. In some cases, the Governor has the option to impose price restrictions on certain products or services due to short supply.

Price fluctuations that occur during the normal course of business do not constitute price gouging. ...

So it appears that Wendy's legal team did their research, at least for Connecticut consumers.

Here I thought his testimony would be more like...

Call - I Don't Wanna (1987)

Lyrics excerpt...


I ain't here to hold you when you cry
I ain't here to hold your shaky hand
I ain't here to look you in the eye
Or beg for you to understand
I ain't gonna walk you thru your dreams
Walk you thru this life that we all know
I ain't here to listen while you speak
I ain't here to heal your broken soul
Am I here at all?

I ain't here to tell you what you need
I ain't gonna take a noble stand
I ain't here to look you in the eye
Or beg for you to understand
I can only tell you what I've seen
I can only tell you how it felt
When my heart was crushed so bad inside
Till I felt the hatred slowly melt
I don't wanna

I ain't gonna watch your every move
I ain't gonna dog your every step
I ain't here to shape your every mood
I ain't here to keep your secrets kept
Oh, but if I held you in my arms
If I could squeeze you till we cry
I don't wanna lose this love I feel
I don't wanna lose this fight tonight
I ain't gonna

Woof, a powerful song, with the vocal presentation to back that up.

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