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#14 | Posted by ClownShack at 2024-06-15 02:59 PM
Do people just not pay attention?
They pay attention to their favorite loud voices screaming hate at them on talk hate radio AM. They pay attention to the angry faces screaming hate at them on Faux News.

You are confusing CEOs and business owners/execs with hoi polloi who have nothing better to do than "pay attention to their favorite loud voices" on Fox News... or MSNBC... or eX-Twitter... or their other favorite "channels."

What's really happening: thehill.com - Scaramucci suggests CEOs backing former president have 'Trump-nesia' - 2024-06-15

|------- Jeffrey Sonnenfeld**... does not believe that CEOs are backing Trump.

"Not a single Fortune 100 CEO has donated a single penny to him, which is a break from major CEO support for GOP presidential candidates dating back over a century, going back to Taft ... all of whom regularly had 50% or more of major CEOs.

CEOs are not isolationists, protectionists, or xenophobic. Other than two or three prominent CEOs, none support Trump vocally or financially."

This election will be decided not by "Big Business" CEOs or "Big Labor" leaders, but by "never-Trump" and "never-Biden" no-shows in 6-7 swing states:

www.bostonherald.com - Double-haters on the rise: One in four voters reject both Trump and Biden - 2024-06-16

|------- The ranks of the double-haters - voters who say they don't like either major party presidential candidate - are at a historic high and make up one-quarter of the electorate, according to Pew Research. That's nearly twice as many as at this point in 2020.

Biden and Trump are taking roughly equal measures of these disillusioned voters in battleground states, with Biden winning 25% to Trump's 22%...

It's also why republicans oppose public education. Public education allows people to think for themselves...

Then you clearly don't understand why the enrollment in public schools has been declining since before COVID-19. I don't know Republicans who oppose public education - what they don't like is "progressives" vehemently opposing charter schools and parents' school choice - quite the opposite of "allowing people to think for themselves" - while educating their own children in private schools.

www.nbcnews.com - Public school enrollment falling nationwide - NBC, April 2024
Census Bureau data shows K-12 enrollment continued its downward trajectory in 2022, and experts say it's more than just declining birth rates.

www.educationnext.org - Teachers More Likely to Use Private Schools for their Own Kids

www.chalkboardnews.com - Public Teachers Send Their Own Children to Private Schools

www.nytimes.com - What Have We Liberals Done to the West Coast? - NYT, Nicholas Kristof, June 15, 2024

** Jeffrey Sonnenfeld is the "CEO whisperer" who was partly "responsible" for Trump being elected by making him somewhat palatable to "business community" and bashing Carly Fiorina just when she was "rising" in 2016 GOP primaries... then in 2020 he "whispered" to business leaders to "dump Trump" - not that they needed much convincing at the time.

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