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I've always referred to black people as black. Should I change that up and start referring to African American people as African Americans?

Just now saw this. With the caveat that I'm 61 and hardly in touch with today's generation's sensibilities, it seems that in print, the preferred nomenclature is now Black - capital B. Personally, as long as the person is saying it respectably, anything outside obvious slights are acceptable.

I guess in my life we've gone from colored people to Afro-Americans to blacks to African Americans back to Blacks. And I've left out persons of color - which now fits the broad category of multiracial Americans of many ethnicities.

Personally, I only use racial terms when absolutely necessary to differentiate how we commonly analyze and talk about the immediate physical identification of individuals as members of social group. As you've undoubtedly seen me argue, race is a created construct that cannot be quantified biologically - ie, what percentage of what blood lineage makes one this or that, and very few humans are 100% anything as the globe continues to shrink.

It's kinda funny, but I read your Wikepedia link in the Yang thread, and a portion of the 'white privilege' introduction took great pains to note that many aspects of "racial" bias and language are actually based on class bias, and many transcend "race" into economic inequalities that fall not only on non-whites but poorer whites as well. IOW, as with life, it's complicated, and any intelligent discourse has to allow that any one person's opinion is just that.


According to Forbes, federal employees get 44 days annually.

By 1860, the final census taken before the American Civil War, there were four million slaves in the South, compared with less than 0.5 million free African Americans in all of the US.


You do realize that slaves were bred like farm animals right, dumbass?

Take your worthless statistic and place it in your ample lower intestine.

Honestly, you have to read the whole WP thing. It's so retarded it's awesome: projecthumanities.asu.edu

This is what they are talking about when they talk about your White Privilege. No, seriously. Read it dude.

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