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Neighbors and loved ones watching his May 16 arrest called for 21-year-old Tye Anders to put his hands down and screamed at officers for having their firearms ready.

"He's scared. Y'all have guns on him. He's black," one woman called out to the officers. "Do y'all not see how many black people are getting shot?"

Police wanted Anders to walk toward them while they had their guns drawn, but Anders refused.

"I'm scared," he shrieked.

Anders is facing a felony evading charge. Police were trying to initiate a traffic stop for Anders's alleged failure to stop at a traffic sign but he continued to drive to his grandmother's house, according to a statement provided by Midland Public Information Officer Erin Bailey.

Officers repeatedly instructed Anders to exit his car. When he did, instead of cooperating by walking toward them, "he stopped and laid on the ground," she said.

Another day and another video showing police overreaction in ways seldom seen in urban/suburban non-minority America. I can't imagine how a 90 year old woman with a walking cane trying to protect her rightfully fearful grandson from being shot is threatening to the ones holding the only guns at the scene.

I'm just so tired of this and the dehumanizing treatment of suspects only wanting to live long enough to actually have their day in a court of law without being summarily executed for "failure to comply." No one deserves to be treated like this in response to a non-violent, non aggressive traffic violation. It shouldn't even need to be said.


Video of a white guy breaking the windows of the auto zone place where the looting started.

You seem to have the same mentality right now as many Trumpers who want to burn the system completely down in the naive belief that it would be better if we started over from scratch.
#171 | Posted by sentinel

Trump is actually enduring the surveillance state system in an exemplary manner in his efforts to reform the system. FISA abuse was preceded by years of unchecked illegal surveillance by Snowden level contractors. Clapper admitted back in 2012 to spying on the Senate. No doubt the illegal surveillance precedes even the Patriot Act of 2001.

The FBI, CIA, DOJ and intelligence agencies in general are loaded with bad actors who use illegal surveillance to control lawmakers from both parties. The recently released testimony regarding the Russian Collusion farce shows that politicians from both parties claimed in public there was evidence while they admitted privately under oath that there was no evidence that they hadn't fabricated. The Special Counsel wielded obstruction of justice charges as a bludgeon to keep in line any who might speak the truth about the testimony that had been collected.

I remember when Retorters used to be opposed to the fascist surveillance state, years ago. Now Retorters are desperate to support whatever fascist tools the deep state can create in order to keep powers that Retorters claim to detest.

I don't see Trumpers burning down buildings, looting and rioting. Trump has taken the worst the system can throw at him so far, and seems to have a chance at turning the tables while working within the system.

I do see Trumpers supporting gutting the system of personnel who don't think twice about grifting off American citizens' private information.

Reforming the system to protect the constitutional freedoms of American citizens is the opposite of burning the system down, unless you think the DNC and RNC and their long term, pernicious illegal surveillance are the system that should be protected.

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