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It used to be that it was not ok to go after a candidate's kids.

Then conservatives lost (or never had) any ethics or morals. So, they attack an adult that Joe Biden has no control over (not an employee or in any contractual obligation to do what Joe Biden says) but will cause Joe personal angst that he is involved and being dragged through the mud, and think it reflects badly on Biden. Yet, when we see ACTUAL wrongdoing from people who DO have a contractual obligation to Trump (people indicted who were paid contributors to his campaign, but that he has absolutely NO loyalty to even though they did his dirty work for him) then for some reason these same conservatives think that Trump has no responsibility for their actions. The hypocrisy is strong in this one. But, that is part and parcel in bring a conservative.

And, btw, from what I have seen Biden is a great father, who did a great job supporting his (flawed human being, as we all are) son. And that just makes me think even more that you are all scum for dragging his poor son through the mud. Because he did not sign up for this.

We cannot help who we are related to. But we can help who we associate with. Joe Biden is related to a non-perfect son. Which I am positive he does not regret in the least. Trump associates himself with criminals and strongmen and other human scum (like, apparently, the majority of conservative politicians and media).

God, I need to get away from all the crappy people (mostly conservatives) in this country.

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