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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Minutes before giving his valedictorian address, Sam Blackledge was informed by the school administration at West Prairie High School in Illinois to exclude references to God or Jesus from his speech. He is an openly professing follower of Jesus Christ and attributes his success to his faith. He is pursuing legal council for being denied his Freedom of Speech.



There was another tv personality about a year ago who claims he was saying "Martin Luther King Junior"....but he was a fast talker and you can hear his broadcasts. He talks fast.

He blended the "K" sound along with "oo" sound from Junior and well..it came out "Martin Luther coon..pause..King Jr."

He was fired and is suing the tv station.

It doesn't appear the world of broadcasting has any tolerance for phonetic screw-ups.

Would it be fair for her to keep her job after running this guy out of town for something...well...similar.

In both cases the listening audience is positive they heard the offending word.

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