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Being a gay Christian is a test of faith.

There are conservative Christians who have not yet come to terms with the idea of being a gay person who is also a Christian. Actually, I don't entirely believe liberals have either.

I think some liberals way of justifying the conflict is by discounting the sinful aspect of homosexuality in the Bible. They have decided homosexual behavior is not a sin and just a misinterpretation in the Bible.

True story.

After getting out of the Navy I had no where to go and was not yet 20. I had been in the Navy from the age of 17 to 19 and discharged for being a practicing homosexual.

Once I was sitting with a friend in a restaurant, who bought me lunch in a big city, and was talking about being unsure what to do with myself. I had no where to go and no parents to fall back on.

A Pastor of a MCC church (Metropolitan Community Church) in the 70's that was newly founded overheard me and walked over to me and started talking to me and offered me a room in his apartment with him and his lover. There never was anything sexual about it and he was genuinely offering to help me....a perfect stranger. He was rarely home and we talked when he was. His lover got me a job where I worked until I started college, thanks to the friend I met at that rally I talked about before who helped me get enrolled in classes after finding out I was a Veteran.

So...my point. The Pastor and I spent time talking. I don't think his views were exactly like what I hear from liberal Christian churches today. MCC was known in the 70's as a church that encourages gay people to continue with their walk of faith. There were few options in those days and the prevailing opinion was being gay and Christian were mutually exclusive. MCC was founded by a man who felt compelled to minister to gay people.

My point is I personally have handled the conflict not by denying homosexuality is a sin.

Instead....I have chosen to believe I am forgiven because I believe in Him and He died for my sins. I accept my sinful nature as just something that's part of me. I am a sinner. We're all sinners and can never stop feeling the way I feel. That's the whole point of Christianity....forgiveness.

I am forgiven and that applies to all people...gay or straight...who are willing to accept the gift of salvation in exchange for repentance. I choose to believe Jesus was God who came to earth and was the final sacrifice for all mankind for anyone who decides to believe it.

I don't agree with what I hear from some liberal churches that deal with the conflict by saying homosexuality isn't a sin. In the Bible it is.

Back to my first sentence....being a gay Christian is a test of faith.

I am pulled in different directions by different viewpoints anywhere from crazy preachers who spread their hatred of gays and liberals who spread their hatred of Christians.

I am a gay man who is also a sinner and a Christian and forgiven.

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