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The ability of a renegade President to reach down into command structure of the military and issue an illegitimate order was much higher than it normally would be.

[M]y understanding at least is that Milley was acting on intelligence which suggested China believed we might be about to launch a military attack. Just what did that intelligence say and how credible was it? We can't evaluate Milley's actions without knowing more about that.

The other point is that Milley appeared to be acting on the belief that Trump was dangerously unstable and capable of committing grave crimes either out of spite or in an effort to retain his hold on power. So we need to know just what information he was operating on. What had he seen? What had he been told? Again, we can't evaluate his actions without those details. There's a very good chance those details are much worse than we anticipate.

In short, we can't evaluate Milley's actions which are certainly highly irregular without a searching investigation of the events of the winter of 2020-21. It's almost comical to think we can do so without one.

Based on what we know I think Milley was operating within his oath. But let's find out the details. It's important not only for evaluating Milley's actions. But it also will force us to contend with the unfinished business of Trump's attempted coup which too many of us are trying to sweep under the rug.

I've yet to see a single post that's been critical of Milley even mention Trump's role in the series of events and non events.

One cannot be properly or effectively judged without an equal dissection of the other.

Thank you for your definition of treason. Here is the real one:

Yes, one from some dictionary which is irrelevant when considering whether the crime of Treason has been committed.

The real ones:

18 U.S. Code 2381 - Treason www.law.cornell.edu

Article III Section 3 www.law.cornell.edu

Courts that have had occasion to opine on "enemy" conclude it requires a shooting war.

Condescension comes from fighting this battle with the perpetually ignorant for years.

Shut up loser or post your medical certifications online. Like we need more dumb@ss idiots posting moronic crap.

"Yellow Fever, Rabies, and the Bubonic Plague."

Ok, I'll bite - how many hundreds of thousands have died from those in the past 3 months? HUH? WAITING ON YOU, DUMBFUQ.

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