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Let's look at what Floridians face: skyrocketing property insurance premiums, up 25 percent from 2020 to 2021 on average, but in some cases tripling in one year, according to the Insurance Information Institute, a nonpartisan, nonprofit trade group that tracks industry trends.

The average cost of homeowner's insurance in Florida was $3,600 in 2021, double the rate for the rest of the country.

That's if you can even get insurance. In the past 12 months, more than 400,000 Florida home policies have been dropped, most of them in the past 90 days, according to the institute.

Why? Because Florida law allows plaintiff lawyers to be awarded 2 to 2 1/2 times their usual hourly rate for property insurance lawsuits. Talk about a plum incentive for lawyers - it gives a whole new meaning to hanging out a shingle.

Florida has 9 percent of the country's property claims, but it accounts for nearly 80 percent of the nation's property insurance lawsuits, according to the Office of Insurance Regulation. Property insurers in Florida paid out $15 billion in claims costs between 2013 and 2020. Eight percent of the money went to consumers, and 71 percent went to lawyers.

The spiraling costs of property insurance have made Florida, one of the most expensive housing markets in the country, even more inaccessible, especially for first-time and middle-class buyers.

Another special session? What does DeSantis think, that Florida taxpayers are made out of money so the Republicans call call sessions whenever they feel like it?

All those who want to see this type of leadership at the federal level raise your hands ... or flip the bird whichever you feel is more appropriate... Looks like the birds have it.

Of Trump's lengthy history of bankruptcies, it states:

"Entities associated with President Trump have filed for bankruptcy protection. The Trump Taj Mahal, which was built and owned by President Trump, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1991. The Trump Plaza, the Trump Castle, and the Plaza Hotel, all owned by President Trump at the time, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1992. THCR, which was founded by President Trump in 1995, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2004. Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc., the new name given to Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts after its 2004 bankruptcy, declared bankruptcy in 2009. While all of the foregoing were in different businesses than TMTG, there can be no guarantee that TMTG's performance will exceed the performance of those entities."

Of failed license agreements with Trump, it notes:

"Trump Shuttle, Inc., launched by President Trump in 1989, defaulted on its loans in 1990 and ceased to exist by 1992. Trump University, founded by President Trump in 2005, ceased operations in 2011 amid lawsuits and investigations regarding the company's business practices. Trump Vodka, a brand of vodka produced by Drinks Americas under license from the Trump Organization, was introduced in 2005 and discontinued in 2011. Trump Mortgage, LLC, a financial services company founded by President Trump in 2006, ceased operations in 2007. GoTrump.com, a travel site founded by President Trump in 2006, ceased operations in 2007. Trump Steaks, a brand of steak and other meats founded by President Trump in 2007, discontinued sales two months after its launch. While all these businesses were in different industries than TMTG, there can be no guarantee that TMTG's performance will exceed the performance of these entities."

In both cases, the statement warns there are "no assurances" that the new company will not go the same way as Trump's past scuttled ventures.

The filing also details the "numerous lawsuits and other matters that could damage his reputation, cause him to be distracted from the business or could force him to resign from TMTG's board of directors."

Is there a more prolific failure in America than Donald Trump? The filing forgot to add that he's the only former POTUS to ever lose the popular vote in two consecutive elections. Donnie Fail is truly the king of losers.

So what does that say about all of the people who believe the exact opposite of reality?


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