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This past week, the RNC feed has misleadingly called attention to two video clips of Biden. One was so distorted that it resulted in a "community note" on the X platform calling out its dishonesty. But the RNC's dismal track record - which we have highlighted on multiple occasions - has not stopped right-leaning outfits from echoing the RNC's framing and reinforcing its narrative that Biden has lost a step.

The New York Post video on social media was a vertical edit, which further removed the context of Biden's conversation - nothing of the panoramic view to the right and left can be seen. This is a good example of how cutting a viral "moment" vertically, without taking into account what's going on in the rest of the frame, can alter perception.

An X community note was added to the video clip, saying: "Biden didn't wander off'. After viewing a skydiving demo with the other G-7 leaders, Biden stepped aside to speak with one of the other skydivers who is kneeling on the ground packing away his chute. The video in the above post has been digitally altered to remove the skydiver."

When reality doesn't fit your desired narrative, then alter reality by fraudulently editing a video clip to in order to criticize something that never happened in real life.

We've now plumbing the depths of dishonesty and deceit thanks to the RNC's takeover by Trump and his honorless crew of hacks and reprobates to the point the old Richard Pryor line "Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes(?)" no longer is uttered as a joke. It's simply the recognition of a political cult that innately understands it has no chance without the continuing use of distortion to keep those occupying Earth 2 intoxicated in misinformation broadcast by disreputable media or criminally convicted supporters spewing endless lies - and now altered video misleadingly edited - to reach weakened minds who don't know any better nor seek the actual truth from reputable sources or through later-posted corrections.

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