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So why did the Dems vote to have an open investigation as long as they can veto Republican witnesses and questions.


Because Republicans would do stupid crap like try to subpoena Hunter Biden, or the whistleblower.

Also, as a conservative you no idea what is in the law or the constitution, but there is no law saying how impeachment inquiries are supposed to run. And the constitution ALSO says almost NOTHING about how they are supposed to be run. It is left up to the discretion of Congress (specifically the House).
But, these are being run very similarly to how CONSERVATIVES ran the Clinton impeachment, as well as the Benghazi hearings. If you think the precedent that conservatives set was improper and should be overturned, then say that. But if you are going to claim that they don't follow the law, or the constitution (or that they are being "unfair"), you need to present SOME SORT of evidence or argument that supports that assertion. Instead of just regurgitating right-wing talking points that you previously guzzled down.

When the Durham report comes out we will see how wrong you are again.

Hahhahahahaha. The supposed "impropriety" that Durham is supposed to be investigating is that the Obama unfairly "targeted" the Trump campaign for investigations. It is a BS "nothingburger" (as you would call it) because the Obama administration followed proper procedure (and it was kept under wraps so it didn't affect the election), but even if something does come of it at least Obama did it with warrants and judges and through the American judicial system. What American judge (however improperly) signed off on the Trump Administration initiating an investigation into Hunter Biden in Ukraine???? That is the way things are supposed to happen. If the US government (executive branch) is going to go after someone, they have to go through the checks of the Judicial system (checks and balances built into the constitution). You think that the Obama administration "lied" to a judge. The Trump administration just circumvented the judge and warrant part entirely.

So, if you think that Durham COULD POSSIBLY find something on Obama, then you have to admit that what Trump did was way out of bounds. Well... you don't "have to" admit it. You would only "have to" if you had any intellectual honesty. But, you are a conservative so that is not expected of you.

It is just pushback on conservatives being extremists.

Socialism is seen as the counterbalance to capitalism.

Conservatives want to deregulate everything and redistribute income upwards in the name of "capitalism". People see that this is "bad" for society so they their support swings in the other direction... "Socialism". When most people talk about "socialism" they are using the modern colloquial definition, not the actual definition.

Really, increased support for "socialism" is just an indictment on how crappy conservatives are at implementing capitalism. Capitalism is a very powerful tool that can vastly increase the productivity of a society. But, it also has its negatives (tendency towards monopoly, corruption, using your "capital" to change the rules in your favor). The problem is that conservatives support capitalism with blind faith, very similar to a religion, that EVERYTHING about capitalism is "good". This has resulted in the negatives of capitalism not being properly curtailed by society (government), so people turn against "capitalism" because of how they see it being misused and see it as "bad".

It is very similar to gun control. We could have common sense gun control where we ensure that people who own guns are responsible and accountable and I believe that we would settle in a happy equilibrium with a vast majority of the country happy with where it stands. But, conservatives are extremist and fight any common sense regulation. So, it will probably end up that instead of finding a happy medium the pendulum is being held back so far right now that once it moves it will swing way over to the other side. Very inefficient and ineffective, but that is what you get when your party gets held hostage by extremists.

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