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This is a shame because Chris Cuomo's show was one of the better ones on primetime cable news.

Better show? That no one watched : www.thewrap.com

But CNN, unlike Fox News, is a media outlet with professional standards....
Anyone who thinks Tucker Carlson should still be on the air should probably sit this one out.

IOW : My Tribe, My Tribe, My Tribe ....

Anyone watching FoxNews or CNN is pretty much brainwashed, and should sit this one out.

Who wrote the software running in your head? Are you sure you actually want it there?


"Everyone should have those benefits... well maybe not aromatherapy but child care and good quality health care and at least two weeks of vacation and so on."

Child care should not be the responsibility of the company. It is your choice to have kids so any benefit they provide you is a benefit they are not providing to the employees that don't have kids. As for 'government', it is the same thing. We have no shortage of population so we don't need to subsidize people for having kids beyond all the programs that already exist.

"In other modern countries, they get those benefits just for showing up."

And in the longer term, those systems fail unless they are backed by a huge oil reserve or other natural resource which provides a huge per capita benefit vs. the rest of the world.

"They don't have to just show up... at a tech company, like I've been doing most every time I can summon the effort to go to work."

I think you are going to have to try harder if you want anyone to believe you worked at any tech company other than pets.com circa 1999...

"Have you seen what it's like to be poor? Have you seen the spam folder of a poor person's email account lately?"

I grew up poor. The fact they can even have a spam folder shows you how well off the 'poor' in the US live.

"It's pretty clear which party wants the bottom 80% of households to have it better, and which party wants the bottom 80% of households to have it worse."

Yes, the Democrats want to keep poor people poor and drag the middle class down too so they can have a stronger voter base. You can see this in all of their policies from destroying education to crippling US companies via regulations and new woke initiatives. You think our international competitors care about your woke initiatives and the fact that you think math is racist?

"Money is fungible. It doesn't care if you get it by renting apartments or inventing YouTube. But only one of those creates wealth. The other is parasitic."

Yes, renting a house creates wealth for the lessor and the lessee. It provides an essential good/service that allows people shelter so that they can do productive things with their time. YouTube is a vast destroyer of wealth on par with fidget spinners in providing mind numbing videos for people to watch rather than being productive.

Seems very common in tech & FAANG-worker circles.

As a former F, and current G I can say for a fact this is correct; except for foreign workers (Chinese, Indian) they take marriage and children seriously, hence the Cupertino School district being so competitive. Which also is why, in general, they can afford the homes in silicon valley. DIWK ;-)

This is in reference to the simplistic takeaway that a decline in traditional nuclear family statistic is our culture.

A valid observation, I would argue that all culture values have roots in the family unit; ergo, less families, the culture will suffer/fragment.

An easy and faux fix would be for older generational households to either split up, to adopt or foster child(ren) so that they can be counted as a nuclear family unit >:).

Incentives is the issue IMO, why would an older person (>50) want to raise children again? What is the incentive to have single parent households, why are DINKs not having kids? Family leave? Child support enforcement? idk ..

Well, I would also argue that it doesn't have to be a man and woman to have a nuclear family. Just that it requires two people with a shared interest, namely wanting to raise kids. That being said, I see no reason, to be married other than to nurture children. You make an interesting observation, multigenerational families are even better.

As a thought experiment, perhaps once a society goes down that path it can't go back, how do single parent children even understand what a two parent household is like.


I would also amend my argument about income inequality, it all begins with parental inequality which begets income inequality.

Not a fan of Nunes, but certainly seems like he's correct.

Not only the cycles he mentions, but the creation of extremist.

Former Santa Clara University professor indicted on arson charges in connection with Dixie Fire

The blaze is the second-largest in California's history and the biggest to burn in the U.S. this summer, as climate change turbocharged severe

Seems to me the GlobalWarming fanatics took over the reasonable argument.

Nunes is a jerk, but in this case the clock is correct.


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