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John Wayne was nothing but a racist! variety.com

Typical of the Putin Pedophiles on this site to defend him. (Mao, Oneiornaut, wating for Boaz and Visitor to chime in).

AGAIN, I question the monitoring of this page with the outright outrageous racist comments that are allowed. I guess the monitor agrees with them.

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Trump is squarely in the crosshairs of at least three grand jury investigations that have been very active over the last half year: the Fulton County, Georgia investigation of election fraud and related offenses; a federal grand jury investigation of the January 6 insurrection and events leading up to it; and a federal grand jury investigation of Trump's unlawful possession of government records since leaving office and related offenses. These investigations suggest that Trump's long run of avoiding accountability may soon be over.

Failing to deter Donald Trump from engaging in further criminal misconduct would have profoundly damaging consequences for our democracy. Criminal law is designed to punish individuals for criminal offenses to discourage these individuals and others like them from engaging in the same conduct in the future. If President Trump avoids criminal prosecution for attempting to retain power despite being voted out of office or for compromising some of the country's most sensitive national security secrets, the message to him and others who hold power will be clear: you can commit crimes that threaten the future of our democracy with impunity.

The rule of law is not self-enforcing. The individuals who serve in the Department of Justice and in prosecutors' offices across the country are charged with upholding it. They must pursue criminal charges against President Trump if the facts, law, and principles of prosecution support doing so.

The main and unaltering difference between today's left and radical right is encapsulated within the previous sentence above. Whenever the left calls for criminal accountability it almost always makes those calls based on the circumstances, facts, and evidence all supporting indictment; and for the accused to be afforded all the protections and procedures due any accused before being found guilty by plea or jury. The radical right simply wants to see their political opponents charged for imaginary non-crimes or for simple normal political policies which they disagree with, often implying that fair, unbiased jury trials should be skipped and incarceration - or execution - should immediately follow indictments.

There is no both sides are the same because both sides aren't remotely the same.

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