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See Alexandra Petri's column on "The Difference Between Absentee Ballots and Voting By Mail" in the WP (www.washingtonpost.com).


" An absentee ballot is cast by a Republican, whereas a mail-in vote is sent by a Democrat."

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As we work to find out the scope and goals of the White House's seizure of medical goods across the United States, a simpler pattern is coming into view: the White House seizes goods from public officials and hospitals across the country while doling them out as favors to political allies and favorites, often to great fanfare to boost the popularity of those allies.

Indeed, we still don't whether this is all a central part of the White House's crisis strategy " grabbing supplies from blue states to hand out to endangered Republicans or red state allies " or simply a layering of corruption over the general chaos.

New examples of confiscations or rerouted orders crop up almost every day. Here's one about a shipment of test kit materials bound for the PeaceHealth hospital system in the Pacific Northwest seized and shipped, purportedly, to the East Coast. The supplies would allow hospitals like Bellingham, Washington's St Joseph's Hospital to do tests on premises and more quickly ascertain who is COVID-positive and who's not. "Our analyzers remain idle, while we continue to send specimens to outside laboratory testing sites, prioritizing labs based on the shortest turnaround times," a spokesman for the hospital system told The Bellingham Herald.

For all the confusion, what is clear is that the federal government is demanding that states, localities and hospital systems find their own supplies while systematically interdicting those they do purchase and rerouting them in other directions while providing no explanation of what standards are being used to distribute them. At the same time, Republican officeholders keep turning up announcing windfalls of medical supplies courtesy of the President. In many cases, like Gardner, they're Republicans within blue or purple states.

Josh Marshall

I don't want to read another word about Democrats politicizing their criticisms of the Trump-led federal response to this pandemic. As with everything else that touches his orbit, Trump politicizes everything and always in a way that harms anyone or anything that doesn't serve his personal interests, with his chief personal interest being his own re-election and that of any Republican who curries his favor.

.... pretending that Pelosi and Co are not playing disgusting political games.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) unveiled a blueprint yesterday for an emergency package that would give the administration the $250 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program, but they want the same bill to include an additional $100 billion for hospitals, community health centers, and health systems; an additional $150 billion for aid to cash-strapped states and local governments; and a 15% increase in SNAP food-stamp benefits. www.msnbc.com
Does that look like a disgusting political game to you?

Making sure unemployed Americans have food? That hospitals et_al. get needed funding while being inundated with Covid patients and testees? Helping state and local governments pay for the supplies that Trump says they need to find themselves?

You are one ignorant, ignorant rube to even print that without actually looking at what the Democrats are trying to include in this funding bill that the Republicans oppose for God knows what reasons.

Helping distressed Americans and our overstressed state and local governments and hospitals is disgusting? No Msgt, you're the one who's disgusting.

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