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The problem for the Democratic party, if it's to survive, is that it needs to get us leftmost skeptics back at the polls. To fall back once again on the canard that those of us feeling the worst of America's oppression should vote in favor of the greater good is a losing effort. For Black nonvoters and voting skeptics, there is no longer a greater good; in fact, there never really has been.

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It is not clear to what extent the failure, which has not been previously reported, could compromise Americans' ability to vote in this fall's election. In normal times, hundreds of thousands of people move every week, and those numbers have increased during the COVID pandemic, which has forced millions of people, particularly young adults, to relocate at higher rates than usual, according to public polling and news reports. As of early June, some 3% of adults had moved and 6% had someone move in with them because of the pandemic, according to a Pew survey. That, and concern about the health risks of voting in person, experts from both parties say, will mean an unprecedented reliance on mail-in voting this year.

Several states contacted by TIME were unaware of the change-of-address problem. Officials in Minnesota, for one, sent out their ballot applications by mail earlier in September based partly on information drawn from the faulty database in August, the state's election officials say. Other states had to delay sending out their ballots as they scrambled to fix incorrect addresses. At least 43 states plus the District of Columbia use the USPS change of address database. Many, like Minnesota, face close presidential contests, including Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The postal service says it fixed the change-of-address issue and restored the missing data on Sept. 14. The USPS spokesperson, Martha Johnson, said the problem did not impact mail carriers' ability to forward "eligible" mail to a new address. Many states ban the forwarding of election ballots from an old address, however, and the Postal Service did not respond to requests for clarification on the failure's potential impact on the election. Internal USPS emails shared with TIME describe the source of the problem only as an unexplained "error".

It's too damn bad that Trump and the GOP don't dedicate as much time, energy and ingenuity to governing as they do to preventing Americans from voting.

Little known story:

Back in the days of rhinestones and beehive hairdos on country singers, Dolly Parton parted ways with her singing partner, Porter Waggoner. She heard Mac Davis was in town and called his room at a boutique hotel on Music Row here in Nashville. A friend of mine who was running one of the major labels at the time was visiting Mac Davis there.

Dolly came over. The three of them started talking. Ron, my friend, asked her what her next steps were in her career now that she was on her own as a female country act. And, per Dolly, with few prospects besides signing with a less-than-desirable booking agent known for being a real -------. Dolly stated crying.

As Ron related the story to me, he suggested Mac Davis set up a meeting for her with his manager in L.A., the legendary Sandy Gallin, who aggreed to meet with her. Ron bought her a plane ticket out there to meet with him and accompanied her to L.A. to introduce her to Gallin, who was also a friend of Ron's.

Sandy met her, but told her, repeatedly, that he didn't handle country singers. Again, this was the era of rhinestones and beehive hairdos. Dolly kept pleading with him, so Sandy, feeling sorry for her, said, 'since you flew all the way out here let me invite you to a party I'm having at my house (a huge mansion with a grand staircase).

At his house, Dolly changed into a dress she'd made herself that was completely covered with buttons. Sandy Gallin was gay, and all of his friends were completely enamored with Dolly. It got Sandy Gallin thinking.

Dolly ended up staying in L.A. and moved into Sandy's house where they spent the next couple of years remaking her image - physically and musically - and searched for 'pop' songs for her to record.

If not for Mac Davis and Ron, Dolly would have faded into obscurity. Now you know ... the rest of the story.

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