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Getting some phrenology vibes, but I wonder how far this goes.

Can we identify extremism from photos? For instance, do people have resting-January 6th Insurrectionist-face? And could they have that look going back to infancy?

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Trying to make what was at worst a misdemeanor and to try and spin it into a felony I offer to get around the statute of limitations is Banana Republic crap.

Only if you ignore the depth of actions taken by Pecker and the National Enquirer which intentionally placed false stories about Trump's GOP opponents so that he could defeat them and gain the party's nomination. Once you introduce the money/payoff factor, the conspiracy to affect the election becomes the underlying crime that elevates the travesty into a felony as it should be. Trump and Pecker defrauded and deceived the American voters in two ways. First, they conspired to print knowingly false information that damaged multiple GOP candidates' campaigns at the exact moment their polling threatened Trump's nomination. And second, they conspired to buy the silence of multiple women willing to let the public know that Donald had sexual relations with them while he was married to Melania, keeping damaging character information from the voting public everyone readily understands could have fatally damaged his candidacy, denying him the White House.

Trump is under 88 indictments. No one charged with that level of criminal activity deserves any benefit of the doubt as to their innate criminal nature and total lack of respect for laws and regulations. Trump has never claimed that he's actually innocent of any of these charges outside of lying that he didn't have sexual relations with either McDougal nor Daniels. The charges aren't banana republic-like, Trump's denigration and total disdain in disrespecting public servants (and their family members) doing their jobs and trying to give him fair trials with impartial juries is the most dictatorial, tyrannical act any defendant has ever played when faced with accountability for their own actions.

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