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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Lev Parnas, the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, can be questioned under oath in the coming weeks about financial transfers he made to Republican political campaigns, a federal judge in Florida ordered Tuesday. read more

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Researchers have discovered a hidden continent on Earth, but it's not Atlantis. They found it while reconstructing the evolution of Mediterranean region's complex geology, which rises with mountain ranges and dips with seas from Spain to Iran. read more

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said he has "no obligation" to tell the truth to the media while acknowledging that he had not told the truth when asked earlier this year about his interactions with President Donald Trump. read more


As per the Verge, Google was provided this information by a health care provider (Ascension) so that Google could build tools for that health care provider.


Google isn't the villain here; its the health care provider. With a bit more effort on their part, Ascension could have encrypted the names so that an individual could not be singled out. I don't see how the name of an individual would have any bearing on the efficacy and functionality of any tool that google could develop.

If he runs 3rd party, it ensure a Trump victory - if he doesn't run, Trump will win anyway.

Here is a different view:

If Bloomberg runs 3rd party, he is going to siphon off those repub Never Trumpers that couldn't vote for Warren. Not a big problem because Dems don't need their votes to win. Dems just need them to not vote for Trump.

If he runs 3rd party, he will siphon off some moderate dems that couldn't bring themselves to vote for Warren. However, I think that the number of moderate dems voting for Bloomberg will be very small; to small to effect the outcome because the VAST majority of dems want Trump out of the WH.

If he doesn't run, Never Trumpers will either not vote or hold their noses and vote for Warren. With the Never Trumper votes unavailable to Trump, Warren will win in battleground states because Trump's margin of victory in those states was razor thin in 2016.

The challenge for dems is to get equal or better turn out amongst their base relative to their 2016 turn out performance. Since dems do a sorry job of speaking to the specific issues facing people of color during campaigns, the only way of turning them out in large numbers is to have a person of color on the ticket.

Either way, there is a populist movement of the left; just as there is on the right. The movement on the right elected Trump and the movement on the left will push Warren or Sanders to the top of the dem ticket. Populists on the left and right have a lot in common wrt financial issues. The system is rigged. Moderates know this and will do all they can to preserve the status quo.

If we had punished Nixon for his treason before he was even elected it would have completely changed the course or our history.

I don't think that would have been enough. People ignorant of history (as is Trump) will repeat the same things that got their predecessors in trouble. The trick is to do as the framers of the constitution did: build into the structure of government enough checks and balances to make it difficult to be corrupt and subvert the will of the people.

Over the years, our cowardly congress critters have given more and more of their authority to the executive i.e. ability to declare war, emergency powers, trade authority, etc. Congress, at the first opportunity, should resciend their authorities granted to the executive. Also, they need to start crafting laws that give the executive so much discretion in how the law is implemented e.g. the whistle blower statue that is so much in the news requires that whistle blowers make their complaint through the executive branch. If the executive branch is the target of the whistle blower, the executive has an incentive not to have the whistle blowers complaint never see the light of day. Change the law so that a whistle blower can make their complaint to any branch of government. The receiving branch can then forward the complaint to the inspector general's office and monitor the progress of the complaint as it progresses through the inspector's general office.

Senate rules also need to change to reduce the power of the majority leader and to eliminate the filibuster. Senators should not be able to hide from taking tough votes.

Finally, as Trump is demonstrating, there is not enough separation between the Whitehouse and the DOJ. Perhaps the DOJ should be as independent as the Fed.

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