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"Majority Rule" means that 51% of the people can vote to piss in the Cheerios of the other 49%.

That's not how the country was set up, and for good reason.

#7 | Posted by Mao_Content at 2020-09-22 03:06 PM | Reply | Flag:

BS, it was NEVER intended to work the way it does now. The courts were intended to be the referees, the moderator of radical ideology, not the political football the way GOP and Moscow Mitch have made them. Moscow Mitch has packed the court with radical Reichwing zealots who believe that money is political speech, political PACs can accept donations from anywhere (even Russia for the NRA) without disclosing, corporations are people, and that states have the right to make voting as difficult as possible for whichever group they want. The Dems are going to have to unpack the courts by either expanding them or by firing/impeaching a bunch of GOP judges starting with Judge Keg, who obviously lied during his confirmation hearings; because it's not right that SCOTUS has the ability to overturn broadly popular legislation like ACA simply because of hard Reich political ideology.

I'm sure if the Founders had seen the way the country would expand and change, they would have made the Senate more representative. The fact that we are moving toward a time when the vast majority of people in this country will live in 15 states, why should states like RI, WY, ID get two Senators when far more populace states like CA, TX, FL get the same. The votes of people in WY should not count five times as much the votes in CA, that's anti-democratic. Dems can fix some of that by making DC and PR states. That should be their first order of business.

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