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70% of Americans WANT WITNESSES, including almost 50% of GOP voters. If this was such a perfect phone call and Combover Quisling should not be removed from office, why are Moscow Mitch and the GOP so eager to cover it up? Americans know this SMACKS OF CRIMINALITY which is why large percentages of people believe Drumpf sought illegal foreign campaign help and that he did something illegal, and 51% want him impeached and removed from office, numbers that Nixon didn't get close to until the smoking gun tapes came out.

Thanks to Nancy's brilliant stoke of political magic, we've seen a cascade of damning evidence come out since December which has made impeachment more popular among all segments of the population. The question is, how much more evidence will come out after the GOP whitewashes this thing. Bolton's book is timed to be released prior to the election, what will he say? How will GOP Senators defend their votes in 2020?

Voting to have no witnesses would guarantee Dems take the Senate in 2020. Out go Gardner, Ernst (Drumpf is -9 in Iowa), Collins (most hated Senator in the country), Tillis, McSally (polling behind and being out raised by Mark Kelly), Kansas (Dem Governor and Dems are polling ahead of election poison Kris Kobach), Perdue and the open GA seat. All these seats are in play, and the Dems are looking likely to pick up at least MA, CO and AZ. Plus look out Mitch and Lindsey as Dems are polling very well in their respective states and raking in LOTS of campaign cash. Mitch is the second most hated Senator in the country and his state just elected a Dem Governor! Depending on who Dems pick at the head of the ticket (POTUS and more importantly VP), this could be a bigger blue tsunami than 2018 in the house.

I find it hilarious that people who support an obese orange grease-stain who slurs, sniffs, constantly mispronounces the most basic words and appears to be deep in the throws of a mental health crisis would suggest that Speaker Pelosi should retire because she's mentally incapable.

She runs circles around Dotard, Moscow Mitch, and the moron Kevin McCarthy (an absolute imbecile who claims he's met kings and queens and traveled to Hungria among other fantastical places) and the rest of the HYPOCRITES in the GOP. By withholding the articles of impeachment for a month, Speaker Pelosi ensured that Dotard won't be able to claim he's been "exonerated" at the State of the Union. There is now significant pressure on Cocaine Mitch to have a real trial. Polling shows that now the vast majority of Americans want to see witnesses and documents, and impeachment and removal has gotten more popular over the past 30 days. Most importantly, since the house voted on impeachment, even MORE evidence of the scope of this criminal enterprise has come to light thanks to news reports and FOIA requests.

In recent days as reality has set in, Agolf Twittler has begged for the Moscow Mitch to simply hold a dismissal vote. We now know that the turtle lacks the votes for that spineless act. So he'd better get ready, because even if CULT45 in the Senate votes for acquittal, Diaper Donnie will have been exposed as the wannabe mob boss that he is and that he abused the power of the Presidency for personal gain. He talks like a mob boss, he acts like a mob boss, he surrounds himself with wannabe mobsters and prior to his political aspirations he surrounded himself with actual NY City mobsters. So long story short YES, Drumpf does paint houses.

Actually, it comes down to state actors vs. non-state actors. By killing AQ and ISIS members, President Obama was killing non-state actors/terrorists which was covered under the existing 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force which gave POTUS congressional authorization to go after AQ and other militant groups. Combover Quisling is killing state actors, which is an illegal act of war and does not fall under ANY existing AUMA. I believe it's the reason Pence STREEEEEEEETCHED to claim that Salamani helped the 9-11 hijackers, which would have made the assassination legal under the 2001 AUMA but of course that was pure fiction as proven by the 9-11 Commission report. So what IMPOTUS is doing is a war crime. The fact that he's doing it inside the borders of other countries makes it even WORSE! Now we find that his weak excuse of "imminent" terrorist attacks at some vague time in the distant or not so distant future turns out to be nothing but fantasy. Now he claims they were going to bomb four embassies? More fantasies and conspiracy theories from the old man's syphilitic brain! So this is Drumpf prosecuting an illegal war on a whim in order to not look weak and mostly likely to distract from impeachment, nothing more. He just committed ANOTHER impeachable act, a war crime but we won't fully know about it and be able to prosecute it until after he's removed from office, because he'll classify any and all documents surrounding this mess and claim none of the people involved can testify due to fictional "absolute immunity."

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