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"He should have listened to the experts."
You mean the experts that are still learning and still disagree with each other?

#13 | POSTED BY PHESTEROBOYLE AT 2021-07-29 12:42 PM | REPLY

As always, the PHESTER is happing between your ears, it's amazing what's left of what you call a "brain" hasn't leaked out through your ears. So here are some simple facts that maybe will help you to understand:

FACT: The Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, and is generally transmitted through the air by breathing, screaming, and coughing.

FACT: Fully vaccinated people ARE very unlikely to catch Alpha variant. In the unlikely case of a breakthrough infection of the Alpha variant, SCIENCE SHOWED it to be very unlikely that vaccinated people could spread the disease because of low viral load in their nasal passages. So CDC recommended ditching masks for the vaccinated.

FACT: Thanks to anti-vax morons on the REICH, who refuse to do the patriotic thing and get vaccinated, unvaccinated areas in the red states have allowed the Delta variant to take hold, and spread like wildfire. New research shows that vaccinated people are more susceptible to catching the Delta variant than they were Alpha, and they are very unlikely to need hospitalization and almost never die from it. The research also shows that vaccinated people who catch Delta often have no idea that they are sick. Thanks to SCIENCE, we know that the viral load in their nasal passages is similar to unvaccinated people who get Delta, so they CAN spread it just as easily as an unvaccinated moron.

So follow the logic if you can, masking up for vaccinated people is likely to stop them from getting a breakthrough of the Delta variant, AND it will also help to stop those with breakthrough infections from infecting others.

Are you one of those morons who complains about wearing your seatbelt when you have airbags in your car? Individually they both keep you safer than nothing, but combined they make surviving a crash hundreds of times more likely.

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