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Thank you. This article could not have come at a better time.

Dems, if you have any question as to why Reps are winning seats. If you can't understand why anyone opposes the moral center you try to live by. If you have difficulty accepting someone else as your POTUS. This article is a shining beacon of example and explanation. Not because the author got anything right, it's because the author hits every checkbox on the "Why I can't vote Democrat" list. Smug? Check. Baseless accusations? Check. Thinking everything that is wrong is because of everyone but you? Check. Understanding politics but not leaving your fantasy world? Check. Not researching history that E.A.S.I.L.Y. exposes your smugness? Check.

It just doesn't end. Dems aren't in power BECAUSE articles like this are penned and released beyond any sane reasoning, not because the content of the articles are thought-provoking or accurate. This isn't even an attack. This is a call to action. Read this article. Digest it objectively. This article is a full template of how to get your people back. This article gives you everything you need to regain sanity in this country, if you could just stop being so smug and see things objectively, and understand that you do have faults but that's OK. Leadership is largely understanding your own faults, accepting them, and making the right decisions in spite of them. Leaders who think they do no wrong are not effective leaders...as is evidenced every day by our current POTUS. You know he is wrong. You know he's not effective for governing by your ideologies. So why, then, do you treat your opposition the same way?

"Of the nearly 1,200 victims listed, roughly a third of them died between the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012 and the massacre in Dayton, Ohio, last Sunday."

So, once one gets passed all the ignorant political hate that does nothing to help find a solution, then logic is all you have left. In this case, if the number has skyrocketed since 2012, then what changed? People still have the same guns they had before 2012. We've gone through 2 Presidents since then. What could have changed around 66-2011 that would pre-empt a large increase in mass shootings? There are a lot of answers but, unfortunately, America is so filled with hate that people have not only divided themselves up into 2 ideologies but they have also lost all willingness to compromise and accept their own faults. The reason this has almost destroyed America's foundation is that it prevents research being done that would help find out where the problem is. For example, one could say that the snowflake mentality is causing the problem. Since we baby our kids, they don't learn to accept hate or failure with dignity. But if you bring that up on the main stage, half the country will demonize you and, instead of doing research, the country will just argue about it and hate each other over it. One could say that the ability to get guns of all kinds has increased dramatically so not only finding one but getting one when you are angry about a situation is too easy. So we would need research. But if you bring that up on the main stage, half the country will demonize you and, instead of doing research, the country will just argue about it and hate each other over it. There are so many good possibilities that will never, ever become serious research because of the hate.

Neither side is willing to accept that maybe their ideology causes a problem so neither side can ever truly be part of the solution.

Drudge Retort

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