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"S. Korea has done a good job of social distancing and some very solid measures - which is referenced in the scmp link you provided as well as the graph I provided, and this one www.statista.com"

South Korea and Japan have been in the crossfire for a lot longer than the US due to their geographical locations. Americans need to remember COVID has been around for months, not just the short time it became a national issue to America. It would be like someone being surprised that America has more than China if an outbreak occurred in Canada.

"Not all will be proven wrong. There are some who feel it is on the decline. Indeed, there is no question in the numbers from the Far East where it started that it is declining. There is no reason to believe that trend won't continue."

We are starting to take precautions that other countries who were hit first took a while ago. Our response is following their lead, mostly, except for the ignoring of basic human rights that America doesn't do as quickly as other countries.

Our numbers will jump but won't get to even 1% of the population, before a vaccine hits. The next crisis we are going to face, and partisan haters are going to jump all over, is when a good vaccine is available and there is a short supply at first. With Americans feeling entitled to everything, they are going to think we should get the vaccine components before any other country, just like they have been doing with the test kits, which require components not made or manufactured in America (or weren't but it looks like some labs have removed wings dedicated to other research into making components for kits). This whole situation is playing out exactly as any objective person would have guessed.

"Just think how much better it would have been without Dear Leader?"

Probably pretty much the same because no leader starts throwing their hands up in hysteria, regardless of what the hate coming from their opposing party says they should do. So far, this country's response has been great. The fact our per million rate is so low should clue you in to just how good we have been. Now, that doesn't mean it won't get worse but it's not the President's fault for people who won't listen and follow crisis rules. Unless you want Trump to just shut everything down. You want to bring up hypotheticals? Just think of how pissed off everyone would be if Trump declared martial law to force quarantine like you are suggesting? Your panties would be so wadded up that you wouldn't know where your legs began and your feet ended. There can always be things done better but when everything is already done how it should be, now you are just trying to throw hate for no reason. Which makes you a partisan hater who only wants to spread hate instead of being constructive and bettering this country.

"Maybe you people need to "self-isolate" on election days? You spread worse things around than "colds"."

I'd try to defend myself if I had any more affiliation with W or Trump that I did with Clinton or Obama. Actually, during Clinton's term I was still a Dem so I was partial to him, but once I got to a level of intelligence where I realized the popular opinion is based off of party affiliation than actual opinion, I quickly got off the partisan train and just focus on the actions. But the fact that your statement is verbatim something that is a template for one person filled with partisan hate to hate on the other party should tell you EXACTLY how ridiculous that statement is. I heard your exact hate you are spewing being thrown at Obama and Clinton, so technically your opinion is shared and gives you more in common with Cons than you think. You, in fact, are just like them.

"The fact that we are basically last in testing per capita makes our response to this virus less then acceptable.
Hopefully we can turn it around before the bodies start stacking up."

Yet, we were one of the last to start getting the impacts. By your logic, S. Korea should be hated on because China got tests quicker. Regurgitating headlines without actually doing the research shows why Trump was able to become the leader. We didn't need the tests before many of those other countries so they went to the countries who needed it. And there are global shortages (or were, haven't seen any updates today) to ALL countries by the time we needed them. It's sad you feel so entitled that you think Americans should be given all of the tests and to just ignore all other countries. Population doesn't matter, they are going by who needs them the most. So far, BECAUSE OF THIS COUNTRY'S RESPONSE, we haven't needed them as seriously as other countries.

Damn it gets so bad to see people trying to spread so much hate because they want to instead of doing research to figure out the truth behind what they are talking about. Start worrying when there is something to worry about. Right now, 4k people out of 320 millionish have been infected.

Hey, not one thing mentioned about actual proof that we are facing a testing situation unlike any other country. That's called fearmongering.


That's called proving that this is a global problem. So all the dumb people who keep trying to hate our country and make us seem like we are the worst thing in the world need to just shut up. We have one of the lowest %s of people getting the virus and most of the problems we face are being faced across the world. Your hate just makes you dumb. It's funny how Liberals LOVE to say how much they are in tune with science and how everyone else is stupid for not believing everything any scientist says, but then they completely ignore science and just spew hate because that's all their small minds know how to do.

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