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"President Donald Trump, for his part, is stoking fear among voters by questioning the legitimacy of mail-in ballots"a claim that has been repeatedly proven as false"and refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses to Biden."

Exactly why politics is such a clown show. I've seen multiple issues about mail-in voting from both perspectives, and both sides completely ignore the warnings from the other side. I've been saying this for many years. We could do a lot better as a country if we didn't allow our politicians to determine legislation and standards by what is good but instead by what they intend to do about the bad. There are very legit issues with mail-in voting, and they are issues both sides agree with and disagree with. But neither side will ever agree with the other on bad things because I guess it hurts their ego. But it has been proven true that voter fraud does happen in mail-in voting. Dems have only responded with "It's not as much as Trump is saying". Ok, so then what do you intend to do about the percent that DOES occur? Are you going to ignore that because your platform would be hurt if you do agree that it is a problem and needs to be addressed? What if the percent increases significantly? Do you have a plan for addressing that or are you going to stick to the "Well it didn't hurt us so it's not a problem" rhetoric?

Also, I do love that people vote before debates and both sides have had a chance to provide all of the information they need to provide. Just another example of Americans being part of the problem. Too many people already know their vote because they belong to a party and don't mind being sheep.

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