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"Someone better let Dumtake know the truth. It won't matter though. He'll ignore it just like every other partisan lying lemming does. You can't have propaganda without lies."

And this is why nothing gets better. I know the truth and I say it all the time. Both sides lie. Just like Biden lied about the GA laws to fit his narrative when he said it would close early voting and some other lies. The truth is that both sides lie all the time. The unfortunate truth is that people like you REFUSE to accept that your side does anything negative even when it's right in front of your face.

If you want to call me out about not accepting the truth, fine. I accept your truth. I accept it wholeheartedly. I've always accepted it and almost every one of my posts exposes that I say both parties do these same things and that's the problem. Just like I accept the truth of when Dems lie and act hypocritical. Just like sexual harassment where Dems ignore all of their party doing it but blast the Reps for it. Just like Dems treating illegal immigrants at the border just like Reps yet don't hold themselves as accountable or make it a national emergency because it would make their party look negative. Just like so many Dems being caught without wearing masks over the year but turn it into a travesty when Reps don't wear masks. Just like national spending and debt issues that Dems blast Reps for but then ignore it when it's their party doing it. And on and on and on.

You won't get any denial from me. The point isn't the truth. The point is that people like you won't accept the truth except when it fits your partisan hate and fear mongering. So spare me your hate. It doesn't do any good since you are still ignoring everything you don't like and just concentrating on the things people say that don't fit your party's hate. You are a proof-positive example of the bad I expose coming from your party.

Drudge Retort

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