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"Obama's fault, somehow.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, millions will vote against their self-interest and vote for Der Dotard, because
(A) He says things they think, but don't have the nerve to say when sober
(B) They are NOT going to vote for a woman, anyone connected to Obama, an old coot, or some other dark-skinned guy, not matter what
(C) They think their pay checks got bigger with the tax cut, when all they actually saw was and adjustment in withholdings
(D) America is great again, because Trump said so, and we all know a lie becomes the truth the more its repeated"

Well, let's fact check some:
A...Well, this is an assumption so can't fact check it, even though Liberals don't know the difference between a fact and an assumption.
B...Sure they will, when a woman holds the same values as a Con then they won't have any issues doing so...and factually speaking, there are a ton of women who are Cons and many of them HAVE been voted in to political offices, so your statement is an assumption again, not a fact.
C...Obama did the same thing and Liberals fell for it just like Cons did...no different than today. And my paychecks are bigger and I got more back at the end of the year. So, your statement is false because it DID change peoples' checks and taxes. My assumption here is it didn't change yours so you are being a typical selfish partisan hater and blasting it because it wasn't your party who did it and it didn't help you, and you couldn't care less about other people who it may have helped.
D...If it becomes truth the more it is repeated, then you are admitting America is great again...so that can be considered a fact. Or, just maybe, you are full of hate and use sarcasm as an outlet for that hate...

Drudge Retort

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