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Yet not one comment about a very real threat in which illegal immigrants are spreading it across the country. This is what is so sad. Trump makes mistakes and Dems, especially the kids on this site, go insane on him and demonize him and support looting, rioting, and killing because of him. Yet, Biden makes the same mistakes and crickets. Nothing. If Dems are so gung-ho in wanting forced vaccinations, why are they ignoring a group of people in which they CAN force vaccinations before they enter? I won't pull a Fox and say illegals are the main cause but they are a significant cause of it spreading across the country, and some of it is directly due to the legislation Biden has passed down since taking office. Before you try to remove freedoms from citizens, why are so many of you so intent on putting Americans last at the expense of people who are committing crimes? You can't argue any of that, so please just stick to posting the facts that support your cause, not demonizing or name-calling the person who is actually bringing up reality. It's OK to be wrong sometimes or to not have a good answer, what isn't OK is holding the side you don't agree with accountable for every tiny transgression but not holding your own party accountable for even significant issues. Start calling on your own party to do better. Until you clean up their mess, stop trying to clean up other messes because, if you haven't noticed in the last 4 decades (well, all of you on here are kids so I'll say "last decade" instead), partisan hate isn't fixing a damn thing...one could argue it's actually making things worse.

I believe there is ample evidence out there that PROVES beyond any doubt that a majority of Dems believed 2016 was stolen. Hillary was even part of many lawsuits claiming as such across the country. Why do people believe in the big lie? Because the big lie is nothing new and Dems just like Reps have spewed the same rhetoric for decades, probably longer. The true debate to have is why are Democrats so intent on ignoring their history, even in the last 4 years, just to try to spread hate?

Introspection is poison to Dems in this era. Seriously, you bring up critical thinking but you completely ignore every single instance when Dems did the same thing? Every comment on here completely ignores Dem history. Since all of you are under 20, why would you mock a group of people about critical thinking when you won't even do research that exposes your own hypocrisy within the last few years? Creating opinions without actually being informed makes you not qualified to speak about the topic. Since it is so incredibly easy to prove that Dems do the same thing like Reps, over and over again, you are only serving to show how terribly bad you are at forming opinions that are based in reality. This isn't even hate. This is help. The better you get at actually researching, the better your opinions will be and the more the Dem party will come back to reality and start making sense again. It won't take much to be better than Reps but the important thing is that you actually take the first step.

And before you whine and cry, please do just one thing...read these links. Then come back on here and try to post an opinion that DOESN'T expose hypocrisy. Seriously, it will be a fun test of your abilities to read and comprehend. I found these all in one Google search; it took me a minute. So, while it is sad that people contest election results so often, what's even more sad is both sides are full of people who have such fragile egos and low self-esteem that they can't even look at themselves objectively for fear or seeing something imperfect that goes against their own view of themselves.

americandigest.com (this one seems a little biased, to be honest)

I KNEW this would come on DR. It's so very easy to see how the Democrat media and politicians keep their flock in line these days. The sad part is so many of you actually can't see how this is the exact behavior that ensures you stay devoted to that party. Do the research in the legislations they tried to pass. In one case, the name of the legislation has very little to do with what was actually in it, which is a very factual tactic they used for several of the things they passed as soon as Biden got into office. Creating a Bill that has a bunch of bad legislation in it but having 2% of it for an issue (police funding for example), and then using that 2% to claim the other side doesn't want it, is just herd grass. It's there for you to keep your head to the ground and continue eating the grass. The other 98% of the legislation could say that every person in America has to be put in chains and they aren't allowed to walk outside anymore and Dems would still try to sell it as if Reps don't want police funding, instead of actually researching and realizing that one party just doesn't want the other to chain people up and force them to stay inside.

This is an obvious example but is EXACTLY what so many of you are falling for. It's not a new tactic. Both sides have done it for as long as I can remember. But Dems are getting out of control with it. I guess they can't be as hypocritical anymore since they are in power (well, except for this recent nugget...www.foxnews.com) so now they are using other strategies. I assume this is what led to having a guy in office who claimed everything he did was the biggest and best, just to be able to try to counter this Dem tactic. But through all of it, like the fact it hurts the country, the fact we have people blatantly lying, the fact that the media is led by the rich and powerful but those who claim to not like those people are so willing to believe their every word...is that so many of you are actually so willing to fall for it or not smart enough to recognize you are falling for it.

Since we've already had enough evidence provided that most of the Libs on here are under 20 so just don't know any better, the next time you lower your head to eat some more grass...just remember, you are only eating that grass because you are falling for this strategy. The ultimate goal is that you learn to identify these tactics, how to counter them, and thus take back your party from these ------ who have hijacked it.

Here is an article all of you should read. I know you will try to find ways to discredit her because she doesn't agree with your opinion, but read it anyways....


My favorite line is ""That is what is happening in America," she continued. "People see things but they've just completely lost the ability to think critically.""

That's truly how America is seen from foreign viewpoints and America is just letting it happen.

Both sides got what they wanted but that inherently means neither side won, so then there will be whining from both sides. All the article really illustrates is that teachers now have to think critically and come up with constructive ways to explain racial issues. That's exactly what they should be doing. But at the same time they can't start teaching blatant lies and opinions in a history class, which is what critical race theory wanted. So both sides got what they wanted. It's much better for our kids to have to find better ways to teach them about race than it is to teach them the wrong facts about race.

Or, if you are a fan of critical race theory, then we need to TRULY teach it. From ancient Egyptians enslaving Jews and their fellow people (all black), to gladiators in Rome who were white slaves (not all were white or slaves but a good majority were), to Asian dynasties not only enslaving their own people but doing inconceivable mutilation and harm to their slaves constantly, to Jews once again being enslaved in concentration camps and killed by the millions, to modern day African nations STILL practicing slavery AGAINST THEIR FELLOW BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS, to sex slaves throughout ALL of history, and everything that happened in between those eras. See, Liberals only like to separate Americans by race because that's what gets them votes. They are so low that they will even ignore every other types of slavery with just maybe one sentence on one page of a school book discussing any of it. Critical race theory is just a vote getter in much the same way trickle-down economics is. Sure, they both have some merits but the overall practice removes those merits and replaces them with opinionated absolutes disguised as facts to ensure new voters as they grow.

"My favorite part of this whole mess,
is how 'the Brave Whites of the South
and Red States' (he says in a deep and
brave sounding voice) are deathly afraid
of a minority (in this case black people)
that represent only 10% of the U.S. population..."

Libs tried to do this with gay people too. When you are making stuff up to try to censor those who don't agree with you, all you do is make it sound like someone is "afraid" of something. Any time someone says anything about gay people, you call it "homophobic". See, very few people are scared of anything that has to do with race, sexual preference, etc. But in order to keep your voters and your narrative alive, you have to try to equate their stupidity to fear...which only makes you look afraid of them. And that empowers them. So good job giving a tiny percent of the population more power and more space on the platform.

Two obvious conclusions come from articles like this.

1. All this means is the people in the article aren't Liberals or Democrats. That's one definition of racism today.

2. This gem:

""These responses and perceptions paint a picture of a VMI where African Americans experience racism but Caucasian cadets do not or choose not to see it," according to the report."

It's possible. I won't say it isn't. But when one side gets favoritism by providing an opinion, there will undoubtedly be a higher percent of that side reporting their opinion. If a white cadet and a black cadet get punished for doing something wrong, for example, and are both told to 50 pushups...when you ask the black cadet if he feels there is racism KNOWING that if he says yes that it makes it harder to be punished, then of course he is going to say there is racism. Liberals have caused this to occur so much that now the numbers are skewed and can't be trusted in any way. Sure, there could be very real racism going on but Liberals have redefined the word to mean anything they want. As an example:

"...including a photo of Commandant of Cadets Col. William Wanovich posing at a 2017 Halloween party with cadets wearing a border wall costume labeled "Trump's Wall" and "No Cholos Allowed." In January, the school announced that Wanovich would retire at the end of the academic year."

There is nothing racist about that statement. It could have been meant as racist, sure. But it could also mean that these people are against illegal immigration and don't care about who is trying to break the law, just that people should not be able to break the law. I know Liberals don't like to hear reality but that is the case with most people who do not like illegal immigration. Sure, there are some people who do it because of racist but they are against ALL immigration of non-white people, they aren't actually against illegal immigration. Calling them cholo means nothing. I would be willing to put money down that those same people would have absolutely no issue fighting and dying for their fellow people of any race. They have no problem sharing a foxhole with any Hispanic or other race. But since Liberals have redefined racism to include what they think someone feels, it just opens the door for anyone and anything to be called racist at any time without any real evidence whatsoever.

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