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"This doesn't really hold up when one side is outlawing ablution and trans, and the other side isn't doing anything like that."

This is the kind of statement that proves there is a huge problem with people who are too partisan to be objective. The fact you think Dems aren't doing things to limit freedoms and gain control, when there is ample, real-world, irrefutable evidence they are, is indicative of everything wrong with this country today. Your statement would be correct if you said, "This doesn't really hold up when one side is outlawing ablution and trans, and the other side isn't doing anything like that" and had qualified it by saying the other side isn't doing anything like that in regard to those specific topics. It still would read bad but at least it would be the truth and not some partisan statement. Dems have been trying to control free speech and free thought for most of the 21st century so far, and that isn't debatable, just like Reps have been trying to control abortion. Enough people have been fired, their lives have been ruined, etc. because of Liberals. Even in cases where someone was falsely accused, the Liberal outrage that occurred ruined that person's life.

And that's just one example. There are many, many, MANY others. Your inability to think objectively and understand that both parties are vying for control based on their prevalent opinions is harming this country, not the actual legislation itself. America is meant to change with the times so laws changing is a good thing, it's the people who refuse to see any other perspective and then making everything they don't agree with into a national emergency that is why this country is hurting.

"FOX is right-lite designed to sell advertising to people that can't stomach the left leaning sources."

I have to say, that is one heck of an accurate description of FOX. Can't stand all their ads and their catering to the companies that match their narrative.

How dumb and if you fall for this kind of stuff, I hope you seek help.

First off...
"Documentarian Ken Burns on Tuesday said the bills that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is advocating for resemble the "Soviet system" in deciding what students are allowed to be taught in a classroom. "

Well, that's how it's been in America since formal education began. So having a problem with it now only reeks of an agenda, not doing what is right.

Secondly, and this is the most serious point, we have escapees from China who have been publicly making these same types of points in this article about the damage Liberals in America are perpetuating for some years now. These are people DIRECTLY FROM COUNTRIES WITH REAL HUMAN OPPRESSION. Yet, Liberals demonize them, ignore them, etc. But Liberals LOOOOOVE talking about how great someone who has lived almost his entire life in America is when it comes to what it's like in other countries.

Godwin's Law almost always is entirely incepted by kids with very little real-world experience because they can't understand hypocrisy, which mirrors what most DR Liberals are anyways. So, it's a moot point. Hitler made it a policy to destroy historical artifacts that didn't agree with his ideology, just like Dems are doing today in America beyond any debate. Once Liberals can admit that every ideology has its faults and to not be hypocrites about it, only then can they be considered logical, educated people that should be listened to. Stop doing what Hitler did and then pointing the finger and demonizing others for doing what Hitler did. There isn't any trick to this. It's absolute common sense. Argue all you want but that doesn't change reality.

Ok, perfect! Consequences for past actions. 100% on board.


In other words, Florida is going 100% by the logic in this article. The best part is there is absolutely nothing Dems can say that doesn't further their hypocrisy. Nothing. You can try but EVERYTHING you try to counter with can be responded with the OP's article.

You want consequences? You have them. And adding context doesn't do any good because Dems have not enabled context from any of their past "consequence culture".

And many of the comments already on there ALSO lend to agreeing with consequences. There is no way out of this hypocrisy for you. None. You either agree or you are 100% hypocritical.

And I tend to agree with every one of the Dem's responses. This is stupid and silly. This takes away from concentrating on real issues. But, that hasn't stopped Dems in the past. If this is what it takes to get them to stop their "consequence culture" once and for all, then so be it.

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