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Quote from www.heritage.org

"Some of these cases are still being prosecuted, but the report states that there have already been over 225,000 convictions. Those convictions represent: 500 homicides;..."

This is since June 2011...8.5 years.

From the OP article:

"Collin Wiant, of Dublin, Ohio, is one of at least 80 college students who died in incidents connected to Greek life in the past 15 years."

This is where the communication gap happens. Cons say illegals are a problem because they bring crime. Liberals ignore it and go so far as to even say they don't cause crime. Yet there is data that 500 murders have occurred in 8.5 years due to illegals. Let's even go so far as to say that number is inflated and it's half that...so 250 murders in 8.5 years. Cons do everything they can to stop illegals from crossing; Dems do everything they can to let them in.

Yet, then we have an issue where Liberals are mad about hazing traditions because 80 people have died in 15 years. If you are bad at math, let's just say that breaks down to a MUCH less incident rate than illegals. I mean significantly less. So, why do Liberals completely ignore the bad that illegals do but make hazing a national problem? I mean, based on first impressions of the article I could say that it's because Liberals only care about affluent white kids who attend college, but of course they will come up with some other excuse.

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