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And Democrats would rather make up exaggerations and be hypocrites instead of being objective.

This, just like the stupid article released before that it references, is almost EXACTLY the same rhetoric used by Reps about Dems. And both sides continue to keep their heads up their butts and realize that both sides are right. Both sides are making policies that contradict the democracy of America. And they are doing it 100% to further their own partisan wants. Dems want to force people to pay for a service. Dems want to force people to take a vaccine. Reps want to force people to take tax cuts that indirectly benefit the rich the most. Reps want to force women to not be able to make decisions about their own body.

Those are just 2 of the many examples from each party. But because both of the examples of each further what they believe is right, very few of them have any ability to see objectively that it may actually NOT be right. Or it may not be right in the context of our democracy. Hell, most Libs just on this site alone can't even realize that they are whining about Reps worshipping Trump when Dems did the same thing to Obama and are doing the same thing to Biden. It's not worship, it's the fact that most can't be objective and see their own hypocrisy. So their POTUS can do no wrong, which is evident in the way DR Libs have ignored everything Biden has done wrong because they either don't think he can be wrong or are too scared to say he is wrong for fear of their image being considered "lesser than" by their DR Lib peers. THAT is the kind of mentality that ruins democracies, not opinions. Opinions are great and, in fact, our entire system of government was predicated on everyone being able to have their own opinion. The problem isn't our democracy going away, the problem is America is too full of people who are willing to do harm in any way to others who don't agree with their opinion.

"It's not an impossible number. In Portugal, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, upward of 80% of the total population are vaccinated, and cases and deaths are falling."

This is why it's important to do research. Maybe this will shine some light on why you should actually not believe everything you read, even if it's from outlets that lean towards your party affiliation.

Portugal is in a valley of spikes, just like America has and the majority of ALL countries in the world. Sure, they aren't as pronounced but they have still had 2 spikes and are just on the downward side of one. Enough time hasn't lapsed to show if they will get any more spikes.
Singapore, well I'll let you look at the numbers. They are having a very huge spike right now (in proportion to their historic trend). This is a blatant lie and, in fact, contradicts the entire point this article is trying to make.
United Arab Emirates look good right now but they've had one long, continued spike this whole time. So this is the only one where a conclusion can reasonably be made based on the information today but has a chance to be disproven on a long enough timeline.

I can look through all of the numbers of every country and find ones that are in valleys, or at the beginning of spikes, at the end, etc. and cherry pick ones to mention in an article to try to make any point I want about covid. Anyone can do that. The problem here is this outlet is dead wrong on one of them and provides almost no relational evidence that the other two

Before you respond, PLEASE actually look at the numbers of those countries. This article is blatantly lying and misleading and, in this case, it's incredibly easy to prove that so there is no excuse for any of you to actually use this article as any sort of smoking gun to point out a conclusion.

"White is right, that is the real basis for almost everything the right believes in. Deny it all you want but it is still true."


If it's not a problem, WHY DID DEMS GO NUTS WHEN IT WAS HAPPENING AT A LESSER LEVEL DURING A REP IN OFFICE? Seriously, you kids don't even try anymore. The border right now is much worse than it was when it became a national emergency to Dems under Trump. The numbers are higher. The cages still exist. Kids are still getting separated from families. The ONLY difference in all of it is the noticeable lack of media coverage by Liberal outlets. In other words, white is right to Dems right now and Dems do nothing about it, and Lib kids apparently aren't trying to hold them accountable for it. The party of racial division strikes again. Maybe Reps need to send an extremer from their side to go to the border and take fake pictures of him/her crying and showboating to get Dems to feel like it is a problem again?

Go ahead, try to say that what is happening at the border right now isn't bad and doesn't deserve the same response as when Trump was in office. No matter what you bring up as proof, it can be debunked by non-biased facts. This isn't like most situations where it's just opinion vs. opinion. This is actual reality playing out at an increased scale of severity that should have prompted a relational degree of response or, at the very very least, the same response as before by Dems, but it hasn't. And there are two explanations...1) Dems are racist and don't care or 2) Dems are hypocrites. I mean, I guess option 3 is that it could be both but I'll give Libs some credit.

I am still waiting to hear Dems consider the acceptable death rate is for causes in America before freedoms have to be removed. The number can't be lower than 600k a year since heart disease numbers are around that annually. So any covid deaths up to 600k are acceptable since I don't see Liberals trying to protest, riot, and force people to wear muzzles and all the other things it would take to bring that number down significantly. And, before you try to say heart disease doesn't hurt anyone, it has the same impacts as everything else. They take up ER spots. They increase health insurance costs. They cost families a lot of money in many cases. Etc. etc. It's truly isn't that hard to understand why Liberals aren't breaking any ground in their fight. If they actually made sense, used logic, and learn how to compromise, things could be better.

"Sounds like MAGAts aren't OK with the GOP's "Let Them Die" healthcare plan."

Considering underdeveloped nations have much, much worse healthcare and many, many more people die, your exaggeration means absolutely nothing and serves to illustrate you haven't actually logically thought about the issue. Let Them Die would look even worse than those underdeveloped nations. So why make the stupid exaggeration? Sure, it may not be up to par with where you want it and there is nothing wrong at all for fighting to improve but exaggerating to make a point shows how wholly inadequate you are to actually speak to the topic.

But, again, go ahead and just attack me in your replies. That's typical and means nothing. Trust me, when all of you are grown up you will learn that having kids attack you means almost nothing. There are a lot more things to worry about.

It is funny to watch Liberals squirm. It's just their turn, that's all. The news is already clear on even Liberal outlets, Dems are losing their grip on even in their own party. They are becoming the GO of 2010-2014. It will normalize eventually like it always does, kids.

"Fish... what do you think the three branches of government are? "Executive", "Senate", and "House"?"

This is a great example. The GOP did this when it was their turn. Since Cons have a different opinion than Libs, Libs just name call and resort to attacking the other side instead of coming up with constructive ideas. This is why the Dems gained so much power during Obama's years. The GOP got so frustrated that they lowered the bar when it came to compromising and working with the other side. And then Obama said he isn't going to work with the other side and bam, the GOP turned into a bunch of apes in the jungle. I mean, one could say Dems control 50% of the Legislative branch outright because of numbers but reality proves that wrong today with the infrastructure plan in jeopardy because of other Dems. And other Dems trying to distance themselves from the Squad, who is really just the newest version of the Tea Party but on the Liberal side.

Being a butt and resorting to name calling and throwing hate at anybody only makes you the fool.

"Since they also wave around the constitution but have no problem violating and contradicting it when it is in their best interest.

So when Dems do it, it's OK right? If doing that is so bad, why do Libs not hold their own side accountable when they do it? Both sides use the same tactics to get what they want, have been for many, many decades, probably since the beginning. I mean, the very name of this link shows 100% hypocrisy where, if setting things on fire is bad, then Dems have already owned that action in 2020 in multiple huge cities. So why is it not bad when Dems do it? Because Dems agree with the reason. But if Dems don't agree with the purpose of Reps, then setting things on fire is bad. Which means it's only a matter of opinion on whether things need to be set on fire. And the only way that humanity has EVER found a way to deal with this nonsense is to compromise. But you are doing the opposite of that. You are attacking the other side. And you are attacking them for the same reasons they've attacked you in the past. Dems used the filibuster vehemently during W's and Trump's tenure, but now it's a bad thing because it's being used against you.

All of that just uses logic to explain why you are wrong. And the only responses I've ever seen to counter that logic are attacks. THAT is the true compass of partisan hate, and one that is causing the demise of the Democrat party right now. It's OK though, they will get back on track eventually. Both sides do every time.

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