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Two problems, one on both sides.

1. Yes, banks have to ask questions. They have to gauge a person's responses and behaviors, especially for that large of sums. Don't blame them, blame the Patriot Act. However, calling the cops is why this guy is going to win money. Banks don't call cops for fraudulent checks, at least they aren't supposed to. They have cameras and documented processes to follow in situations in which they think someone is being fraudulent. They are supposed to just refuse to cash the check and then move on, unless the person gets unruly and then they are able to call the cops.

2. And then we have this gem that proves this is article is just to fit an agenda (or the man was just trying to make himself more of a victim so he could have a case):

"Thomas said his mind quickly went to the large number of black people killed during encounters with police,"

This is what irks me about the whole "racist cops" situation. Up until a couple years ago, there were NO metrics of race when it came to physical altercations with cops. And even today it is lacking. There are no numbers to prove more black people are involved in cop shootings than white. There are no trending metrics that can be used. Go ahead, try. Look into the FBI's numbers. They never tracked this before and still aren't doing a good job of it. What we DO have are news articles. That's it. Yet they've already proven that black people get more headlines than white people for no reason when it comes to altercations with cops, and white people in negative altercations are not reported at nearly the rate of black people. So there is bias going both ways. But in the end, the reality is nobody knows if "large numbers of black people are killed during encounters with police" and whether or not it follows racial lines. In fact, the mortality rate among ALL altercations with cops is a very tiny percent. Still sucks, sure...but the issue is nowhere close to being a national emergency that the news can report as reasoning to believe that a black person is in mortal danger when approached by cops.

Once again a Liberal establishment has a No Duh! moment. The Earth has been warming for millennia. This is nothing new. Most people aren't disagreeing with global warming, they are disagreeing with the man-made part of it and also the projected effects of it. But the fact that the globe is warming is nothing new. The best part of this article though is how it proves the climate is not changing like the IPCC and other Liberal doomsdayers say it is. If it were, you would see an elliptical trend develop in the graph, even over 50 years. But you don't see that. You see a gradual, steady trend. The IPCC and others have claimed the weather is increasing exponentially on itself (thus an elliptical curve would be seen). That is written in all of their reports. It's good to see an article indirectly prove wrong the illogical conclusions people have made.

""60% of CO2 emissions since Greta Thunberg was born is attributable to China ... but nobody talks about that. They talk as if its somehow Europeans and Americans who are going to fix this problem ... which is frustrating because it doesn't get to the heart of the matter," said Ferguson."

Well, technically, you are making a conclusion based on the end result and not on the causation. It doesn't matter if China holds the most CO2 right now. If they didn't someone else would simply because the demand for the products made in those factories and industries would not go away. Consumers wouldn't stop buying products made in CO2 generating industries just because China isn't making them. If China shut down today, all of those factories would be built somewhere else. So, indirectly, America and Europe as the most populous of the goods consumed by these industries, do play a part in the emissions. Now, that doesn't excuse the fact that Greta has been proven to be a puppet of her father and the other guy he works with and that they are ruining her childhood for their own gain. That is inexcusable and I'm surprised Liberals are embracing her father so much by turning a blind eye to the evidence that proved her father is the one behind it all. The fact Libs are OK with a child's life being taken from her and controlled is terrible.

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