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That's not what reports say. We need to look into it:
'The New Yorker' Uncovers Trump Hotel's Ties To Corrupt Oligarch Family
SHAPIRO: The hotel has never opened, but the name at the top is still there, Trump. The Trump Organization says that branding was the only involvement they had. In other words, they were just a licensor. Adam Davidson of The New Yorker says that's not entirely accurate.
DAVIDSON: They were intimately involved in this building. They had a profit share. They weren't owners, but Trump staff were flying over for quite a while every month to oversee every aspect of the building...
SHAPIRO: Including Trump's daughter Ivanka.
DAVIDSON: Ivanka, she went once, but from New York, I'm told she was involved in every decision. She was - she was intimately involved. And that's really important for legal reasons that they were so involved.


#50 | POSTED BY GAL_TUESDAY AT 2020-03-06 12:30 PM | FLAG:

That's what they do when a hotel gets branded. You have people watch it to see if it deserves your brand. And Davidson is a political hack, his stories are based on "people with knowledge", or "it was reported". Reported by who and based on what. He said earlier that Ivanka was involved extensively and then admits she went once.

Here's one: I saw Biden brag that he held up the money to Ukraine unless the prosecuter was fired who was investigating the company his kid worked for. "People with knowledge" have said Biden told Burisma that he would get him fired if they gave him 40 million dollars through his son. I guess if Davidson's "people with knowledge" make it so than my "people with knowledge" do as well.

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