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Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Nikki Haley's CNN town hall was the latest forum to pitch potential primary voters on the GOP's only product: grievance.

Sen. Tim Scott is the latest Black conservative to cozy up to white traditionalists by ignoring systemic racism to place Black progress solely on African American self-sufficiency.

Monday, June 05, 2023

A Palestinian toddler who was shot by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank last week died of his wounds on Monday, Israeli hospital officials said. Mohammed al-Tamimi was shot in the head last Thursday near his village of Nebi Saleh while riding in a car with his father. He was airlifted to Israel's Sheba Hospital, which announced the 2-year-old boy's death. But the boy's father, Haitham al-Tamimi, told The Associated Press that he had just buckled up his son in the car and they were driving to visit an uncle when the bullet struck. The father was also shot and treated at a Palestinian hospital. "I hope this message will be heard: Innocence and childhood are sacred," the boy's father told reporters. He accused Israel of targeting "unarmed people, whether young or old, under the pretext of self-defense."

Let's call the Supreme Court what it is: an openly corrupt institution whose right-wing members are destroying its reputation because they simply do not care how the broader public sees them. They are in fact so blind to their own corruption that they don't even recognize it when they've reached the point of parody. Its corruption is tied directly to its conservatism. I don't mean that it's not possible for liberals to be corrupt. But liberals would never be corrupt in the way that these right-wing justices are. They don't believe in the law or any particular judicial philosophy, no matter what they tell us or themselves. What they do believe in is a set of policy outcomes that a huge network of right-wing activists desire. They believe, in other words, only in ideology. So their only real loyalty is to that ideology, not to the Constitution or the law or any particular set of jurisprudential principles.

Thursday, June 01, 2023

States across the country have implemented a series of highly restrictive education laws in recent years, but Texas is the first state to pass legislation banning students from communicating with elected officials. The bill prohibits [schools and teachers from offering course credit or extra credit or making part of a course a student's] "political activism, lobbying, or efforts to persuade members of the legislative or executive branch at the federal, state, or local level to take specific actions by direct communication." Texas students say the law changes how young people engage in civics in school and how they view it outside of the educational setting.


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