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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Lawmakers in the Missouri House of Representatives this week adopted a stricter dress code for women as part of a new rules package, and now requires them to cover their shoulders by wearing a jacket like a blazer, cardigan or knit blazer. read more

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

ASHEVILLE - Asheville City Board of Education member Peyton O'Conner announced her resignation from the board Dec. 5 after an anti-LGBTQ group made several appearances during public comment periods, repeatedly misgendering O'Conner, who is a transgender woman, and spreading homophobic and transphobic rhetoric. read more


FYI here is a review of the book miranda is terrified of:


It is a German book, designed for European cultural norms.

Unless you want to claim Europeans are pedophiles, I think this is simply more puritanical --------.

Umm, well I believe it self evident in many ways. Students who attend private schools are, generally speaking, more motivated educationally-they are paying for the education above and beyond what they pay for taxes that cover public schools.



Drawing on two large-scale, nationally representative databases, the Lubienskis show, however, that this difference is more than explained by demographics"private school students largely come from more privileged backgrounds, offering greater educational support.


The results of a new study show that private school education may be no better than public school education. SNIP After reviewing data from over 1,000 students, researchers from the University of Virginia found no evidence to suggest that students from low-income families and children enrolled in urban schools benefited more from private than from public school education.

So, some appear to not get it.

1. Tax money going directly to, primarily, religious institutions. I have a major problem with that personally
2. Those religious institutions do not have to meet the same standards as public schools.
3. Those religious institutions/private schools are not located in rural areas.
4. Iowa public schools were NOT failing-24th ranked state overall-so what is prompting this action?
5. Taxes will have to be raised or programs cut to implement this program-State funding is covering the students whether they attend public or private schools, and an additional 15.8% of that student's cost to the school where they do not attend-so the state's spending increased 15.8% with zero setoffs-Busing, teachers, aids, special ed all will have to remain unchanged. I think it obvious on its face that this will require either a major tax increase OR reduction in services or funding for other programs.
6. Most parents will still have no choice. The schools select/accept the students, NOT the parent/child. Parents who cannot afford the tuition, people who do not meet the school's demographic (i.e. jewish, muslim, poor, minority, LGBTQ, non-english speaking) will be stuck at the public schools-which will receive less funding.
7. This will have zero impact on funding of the MIC
8. Public money that goes to private companies goes through a contracting or public bidding process-not a direct handout. Private schools thus will have no or reduced standards to meet-something no public contract should ever allow. This is a process ripe for abuse and corruption.
9. This is a handout to the upper and middle class that pay for private schools.
10. I don't believe that private schools are necessarily better at teaching children. Any difference in educational results is likely based on the "quality" of the student-more motivated, from a more stable environment.


looks like greater than 90% of the private schools in Iowa are christian schools

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