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"Seems to be a lot of privilege in the world of Hillery, I know for a fact if my computer or records were subpoenaed, and I destroyed the content of that computer or records I would be going to prison. But not HRC, she is above all those pesky laws we mere mortals have to obey.
#34 | POSTED BY DOCNJO AT 2020-03-04 12:26 PM"


If only there were months of investigations, and hours of testimony, and a Republican that hated HRC in charge of the Executive Branch, and a Congress controlled by the GOP, and a stacked "constructionist" Supreme Court, and a Justice Department that said "how high" whenever that Executive Branch said "jump", and ..., and ..., and...

Oh Lordy! That ship has SO sailed that it has been lost at sea, found, de-commissioned, sunk, salvaged, re-furbished, run aground on the rocks, re-floated, and sunk again.

OK, for old times sake, I'll bite ONE more time: Just what privilege does HRC have?
- No enemies?
- Unlimited political power?
- Bottomless supply of $$$
- A secret military that actually controls the entire world.
- The Illuminati on speed dial?
- Knowledge of all the Free Mason handshakes?
- Geronimo's skull in her purse?
- The Bilderberg Group paying obsequious homage?

How DOES she do it and keep it all a secret???
No doubt her power is so extensive that she actually won the 2016 election and placed Donald Trump in the White House to throw everyone off her scent!

This "if only" charade has gone on for so long that I've developed an allergy to popcorn, thank you very little!

Even if by some trans-dimensional miracle (and the Second Coming is put on hold!), the GOP finally "nails" HRC, there will always be the question:

WTF took you so long?

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