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Saturday, March 28, 2020

President Trump was set to fly to Norfolk, Va., on Saturday to see off the Comfort, a naval hospital ship, as it deployed to New York where it will help a state struggling to handle an influx of coronavirus patients by adding 1,000 hospital beds to a system in short supply. The 200-mile trip will be Mr. Trump's first time leaving the White House in nine days, and his decision to turn the moment into a high-profile photo opportunity raised questions about safety and his use of government resources at a time when the administration's own federal guidelines advise against most travel and gatherings of more than 10 people. read more

The University of Michigan's popular consumer sentiment tracker dropped nearly 12% in March " its fourth-largest one-month decline in nearly 50 years, according to data published on Friday. The deepening financial crisis in October 2008, Hurricane Katrina in September 2005 and a recession in 1980 are the only three times in modern history that the index plunged more severely in the span of just a month. The tracker is among the first few economic indicators to preview exactly how severely the coronavirus pandemic will hit the U.S. economy. Jobless claims suffered a historic spike last week, but delays in government data reporting have otherwise left analysts biding their time until a storm of bad news makes landfall.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Medical professionals around the US told BuzzFeed News that the official numbers of people who have died of COVID-19 are not consistent with the number of deaths they're seeing on the front lines. read more

Francis Wilkinson: This is not Trump's Katrina; it's his Vietnam -- with a warped timeline. Trump's response to Covid-19 runs strictly on personal pathology. The failure to obtain basic equipment, including masks and ventilators, is akin to sending soldiers off to war without rifles. read more

A North Texas man was charged Thursday with threatening to shoot and kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats for being part of a "satanic cult." Gavin Wesley Blake Perry, 27, of Wichita Falls, made his initial appearance before federal Magistrate Judge Hal Ray. He is accused of transmitting a threatening communication in interstate commerce. The criminal complaint states a concerned citizen informed local police that Perry posted threats on Facebook. "If youre a dem or apart of the establishment in the democrats side I view you as a criminal and a terrorist and I advise everyone to Go SOS [shoot on sight] and use live rounds," Perry posted March 23, according to authorities. "This is not gonna change until we attact NSA the DOJ the FBI and Any other agencies who want to get involved. Shoot to kill. This is a revolution."


Rick Wilson ""@TheRickWilson

President Kevorkian's death toll is mounting.

NBC News ""@NBCNews

Arizona man dies after ingesting chloroquine in an attempt to prevent coronavirus.
There are no drugs approved to try to prevent or treat the new coronavirus. Self-medicating to prevent the coronavirus can be dangerous and possibly deadly.

7:29 AM - Mar 24, 2020

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