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Remember when Pizza Gaetz came charging to AOC's defense last year?

Struck me as somewhat weird then, seems creepy now.

And now they've walked it back.

And here I was ironing my "Spit in my mouth if you're vaccinated!" t-shirt for this weekend.

In unrelated news, the Border Patrol agents are working to sabotage the Biden administration', according to insiders.

"This is a planned, coordinated attempt to sabotage the Biden administration," said Jenn Budd, a former Border Patrol agent-turned-immigrant rights activist who works with the Southern Border Communities Coalition. [...] Budd recounted a time when she approached a border station in 2019 and spoke to agents who were aware that she had been part of the agency but were not aware of her current immigration activism: "I asked them why it was taking them so long to process " it didn't take that long [even] when I had to hand-write everything back in the day " and they would say, We're trying to teach them a lesson'. So they were intentionally keeping people in there for over two weeks at a time in these conditions to punish them. That is the only reason why they were doing that."

Drudge Retort

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