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puddle of sick
#11 | POSTED BY JEFFJ AT 2019-12-04 07:55 PM

Meaning, they are re-enforcing strict limits on large geographic areas with weak labor markets to what end? Somehow shame people into employment? If the market is weak, the positions available reflect that. Larger density means more workforce than positions. The enslavement isn't about work, but worklessness leading to inevitable homelessness and debt. We are witnessing the decimation of 3 million more people. Holy days demark our sacred trust and binding.. apparently nothing to anyone in particular. This nation least of all. Travesty upon heapings of disgust, it's hard to communicate how slick the filth your linked spew reads. My workplace is on the county edge, many of us live in a different county. People are not being assessed by their income but their districts'. Merry-f'd-up-Christmas, how utterly crude does this crisis need to become?! The homeless are increasing rapidly in every town, this isn't just a deficit of housing, but reliable income even in nicer neighborhoods.

If ANYTHING food stamps should be made available to all citizens.

Enforcement staves off systemic abuse and reliance. It also prevents a continuation of a problem to a point where it is unavailable and unpreventable.
#22 | POSTED BY HEURISTICGRATIS AT 2019-12-05 03:53 AM

I would imagine if there were other means of paying bills available that "systemic abuse" could be curtailed. What is the income demographic of these "abusers"? Don't they have a Walmart to apply at, or are we talking about near-destitute but not in a shelter yet? So curious why go through the trouble of "abusing" food? There must be a better reason than "because I can".

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