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#16 | POSTED BY HELIUMRAT AT 2021-03-23 05:40 PM

That sounds astonishing.

You were on a military base - were you near any atomic weapons? Allegedly UFO's are interested in nuclear sites and they are constantly passing around DC airspace for some reason.

The pendulum activity is very different from anything I've ever heard of. Can you remember the speed - was is rhythmic?

I don't typically see the lights at night, just the white balloons during the day. The one above my neighbor was nearly invisible, but as soon as I noticed it took off as I depicted.

I've had lots of other "sightings", but all daytime and typically during nice weather. The one in the rain was the anomaly, but it appeared to be a dirty white balloon following the bus.

Perhaps the weather plays a part?

I have experienced things when I was around eight, but that was at night - and was completely shocked when I realized I was barefoot in my pj's outside in the dark. I remember nothing else about that other than voluntarily - casually - walking through the house in the dead of night apparently on my way outside. I don't remember going outside. I "woke up" staring at a streetlight - that unnerved me. Sleep walking isn't something I have any knowledge of doing any time in my life.

There are other things around 1999 before I took a job in California that are seriously confusing, but I've never discussed these things with anyone. I can remember some of it, but there is no way I could have done whatever happened, such as opening magnetic locks and leaving a locked building. I remember arriving at my house, six of my friends were there - I loved having lots of people around, but everyone was standing still and just looking ahead silently. I walked past them and into my room, but I don't remember what I did. The next thing I remember I was back at work. I must have driven, but I don't remember anything about that. Do people sleep drive? How strange that an anonymous board gives people the impetus to share these otherwise unbelievable "experiences". Have you ever told anyone about your sightings?

I've met people who are different. The most alarming one was while I was working next to Google headquarters in Santa Clara, again otherwise in an empty building. We didn't really "meet", but we did lock eyes and I felt instantly belittled somehow. Almost maliciously. This sounds nutty, but I'm a pragmatic and logical person generally (in my mind). They were noticeably different.

I don't believe I've ever seen lights moving unnaturally in the sky, but I do look at the night perhaps more than other people would, kind of a compulsion maybe?

Thanks for sharing, and for the record I don't think we're necessarily crazy, particularly compared to some of the right wingers on this board. :]

Look at the SIZE of that thing behind Ratcliffe - it's enormous hanging at a jaunty angle, halfway inside of a cloud. Does that indicate that gravity isn't necessary to maintain a crew while within the Earths gravity? What else could be inside of such a transport?

Are they manned? Are the pilots artificial? Is onboard gravity artificial?

When we see a UFO screaming through the ocean do they even care if they destroy pods of whales? I highly doubt our military would.

When we see a UFO fly into a volcano does that indicate that potentially extreme conditions are irrelevant to their operating?

What powers that kind of technology? Is it using some kind of field, projection, syphon or do they physically modifying themselves?

If the military are aware of this why have they murdered to keep it secret?

IF there are ships visiting, I highly doubt they're manned with aby beings. Seems like a race that far advanced would be able to use AI and Google maps to tour the galaxy and keep an eye on us humans.
#2 | POSTED BY BELLRINGER AT 2021-03-22 05:51 PM

Not certain what aby means, but why not both or enhanced? According to the link I posted in the "NASA's A+ success" thread there are several visiting species - meaning living?

A friend of mine - who was ancient when I met her - told me about when she was a little girl her father was given some honor at NASA in Houston (if I remember right). She snuck away and saw a lot of focus on Venus, not Mars. Has NASA lied to several generations about the nature of all of the planets and their exploration?

I really want an honest explanation of Omuamua.

Are we hiding from something? Maybe we are hiding someone?

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