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Sunday, June 30, 2019

"Columbia is in this in a big way within two years." "It's more of a local problem. If I were governor of my state or mayor of my town I would be passing new ordinances relating to stiff criminal penalties for anyone who held a rave. The promoter, the guy who owned the building, I would put the son-of-a-gun in jail. I would change the law. But we're afraid to do that because it would effect commercial interest - they get shaky when you do that. I would be moving vigorously. It's no.. You can ask my cops are going to testify, and you know your folks. There is no doubt about where these raves are. In the middle of the desert. Arrest the promoter. Find a rationale unrelated to drugs." W..T..F.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Facebook is going into the banking business. The social networking company on Tuesday said it plans to help launch a digital currency in 2020, marking one of the company's most aggressive moves yet to push beyond digital advertising. read more


How is this not FARKed all over the world, I could see matching NAZI uniforms in a She-Wolf of the SS Halloween theme, maybe the could both dress as Tetsuo (an amorphous.. this, Notice the leg, still in it's pant and shoe. Just laying there. So, maybe one should be the leg? Anyhow, I would desperately hope that this idea is picked up and carried far away.

Danforth vs Iragoldberg

Exciting thread fellas. Don't plonk yet, we've to conclude how Social Security holdings will become 0% by 2032 and if 30 year olds are time-travelers? If only we could have prevented shenanigans and made every citizen it's investor, rather than benefiting only the mirefolk of Ira's nightmare.. with savage legion overspilling every city.. You mentioned "de-population"? Is that something you invest in?

Yep, everyone should cater to her. When she passes, should we all get on our knees and bow? Just want to make sure we do everything she wants so we don't get an article written about me not respecting the millionth "unique" thing I have to cater to in my life.
#23 | POSTED BY HUMTAKE AT 2019-08-13 12:26 PM

Decency aside, why are "social conservatives" posts diverge away from common sense?

Your reaction seems to blame the victim, this is a running theme. Cruelty, "make them cry" - which I don't believe is so much a lack of empathy, but a misuse. You understand it's a horrible dilemma, but by publishing and nation-shaming her in-laws the victim is become an abusive snowflake!? Absurd life issues? Do you share something with the victim and believe they are not acting "tough enough" by enduring like you've had to? I love spinach, so helped others by eating theirs. But I seriously dislike cilantro and am of no use there. Some people just dislike certain food, but in this instance the food dislikes the digestor. Actually, her throat would begin swelling shut the moment she shovels it inside of her mouth as it touches her cheeks, tongue and lips, then it's either swallow and her throat will swell shut sooner, or spit it out. Inflammation response is a brilliant preventative behavior but can be triggered haphazardly. Everything is poison, nothing is poison.

As for catering - that's all she would need though, isn't it? And a good family does just that - millions and billions throughout just your own lifetime. We capitulate and agree upon menus every single day. What is unique is her family risking her life so deliberately. Does your family share in your disrespectful, backwards contributions unfit for consumption? I go extra effort if I get a chance, some people I guess just don't enjoy food?! I mill soaked almonds to add to wheat flour for extra rich density in my pineapple upside-down cake. I also make a deadly berry buckle, blueberry is my favorite, but sour cream and cherry or strawberry rhubarb are also swell. A nut allergy is not necessarily the same as an allergy to "nuts".

Down on your knees?

I ask, because I suspect that you're a supporter of the left flank of the Democrat party, and you're trying hard to get Warren or Sanders nominated. But not Biden, Bullock or Delany. Given Warren's thoughtful positions, she may have a slight chance in the general election. Bernie is a lost cause, due to the fact that he has staked out the far left, with no room to move back to the center.
if you have done this, then you've likely done more than any republican to ensure that Trump gets re-elected.
#187 | POSTED BY MADBOMBER AT 2019-08-07 01:09 PM

What about his policies are you seeing as unappealing? Is it the cost? I can't believe the idea of free standard health care is considered wrong-headed or bad or difficult to implement. Is it that insurance companies added costs are no longer inflated outside of reasonable scope causing the most personal bankruptcy and home loss? Hurricane Aetna does more family devastation than Katrina and her sisters ever have. I want those corporate persons to pay back their "earnings" and track every single upper management throughout their lives as examples of how a mindset calculating death for profit can infiltrate leadership. Also liquidate their assets and track their daily spending habits. Just ways to compare and contrast how they transition into poverty and what is the least they can survive on.

Bernie's ideas might be slightly different, I'm uncertain. He said something about using Wall Street to pay into the health care. From what I understand from a janitor last week Jeff Bezos' Amazon paid no federal income taxes last year. Is that possible? His employees must have Cadillac coverage!

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