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Thursday, August 13, 2020

As the United States reported its highest number of deaths from the novel coronavirus in a single day since mid-May, President Trump on Wednesday continued to press for the nation's schools to bring children into classrooms, for businesses to open and for athletes to fill stadiums. "We've got to open up our schools and open up our businesses," Trump said at an evening news conference at the White House, adding that he wanted to see a college football season this fall. "Let them play," he said. read more

Herman Cain's Twitter account has shared an attack on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris despite the former Republican presidential candidate having died earlier this year. read more

A top federal health official is issuing a dire warning: Follow recommended coronavirus measures or risk having the worst fall in US public health history. read more

BY THE TIME Trump declared he was running for president in June of 2015, the Hunted Man was already what his lawyers would later call a "Trump superfan." He had attended a Trump career-coaching event, devoured the mogul's TV shows, and purchased several products branded with the Trump name. And now the Hunted Man believed that his hero was fighting to Make America Great Again for "forgotten people" precisely like him. Now he was attending rallies, passing out brochures, and decking out his white van with custom pro-Trump stickers. He joined hundreds of right-wing Facebook groups like USA Patriots for Donald Trump (sample post: "Democrat terrorist group Antifa plan to make US ungovernable'"), Mad World News ("VIDEO: Hillary's Deep KKK ties exposed, here's what she's been hiding"), and the Angry Patriot ("EXPOSED: THIS is the REAL reason Obama is letting ISIS murder Americans").

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a businesswoman who has expressed racist views and support for the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon, has won the Republican nomination for Georgia's 14th congressional district. read more


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