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Monday, October 21, 2019

Pardon me, but I actually think human beings are rather insignificant in comparison to the planet. We, humans, are also insignificant to the planet's timeline of the planet's entire existence. If Earth's history is a roll of toilet paper, we're but a fleck of snot debris which hasn't had enough time to soak into half a ply. You're welcome for that analogy. read more

Roosevelt Rappley entered the Dayton-area store, produced a firearm and starting demanding money. One of the store clerks was a concealed carry permit holder and was legally armed. Once the suspect pointed his weapon at this clerk, he drew his own weapon and fired, striking the subject in the chest. Rappley returned fire, hitting no one, before stumbling outside and collapsing. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

As multitudes of politicians, pundits, and talking heads demand gun control, they cite endless stats, often misrepresented, about the damage and destruction caused by guns. Noticeably absent from their arguments, however, is the number of lives saved by guns and gun ownership every year. It is very difficult to calculate how many lives are saved by guns. One reason being that proving something didn't happen is quite a challenge. Additionally, studies that defend gun ownership are often silenced and censored. Still, it happens every day; gun-owning citizens protect their families and the lives of others by legally and responsibly possessing a gun and using it when necessary. It won't make headlines, so you'll have to Google it. But the truth is out there.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

In the simplest terms, encryption is a method of protecting information, the primary way to keep digital communications safe. Every email you write, every keyword you type into a search box " every embarrassing thing you do online " is transmitted across an increasingly hostile internet. Earlier this month the US, alongside the UK and Australia, called on Facebook to create a "backdoor", or fatal flaw, into its encrypted messaging apps, which would allow anyone with the key to that backdoor unlimited access to private communications. So far, Facebook has resisted this.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The executive order repeals a Clinton-era rule forbidding any senior who refuses to accept Medicare from enrolling in Social Security. read more


Evidence of that?

What? Are you kidding me? Too easy...

So when I show you this evidence, will you admit that open borders are only allowing gangs to follow the "good" people here? Will you admit you are wrong and that we need a closed border with defined areas of entry to stop the very gangs from following this vulnerable population here?

Gang members increasingly conduct criminal activity across the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders. Gangs smuggle drugs, firearms, and aliens across the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders. The NDTS revealed that most gang-related criminal activity along the U.S.-Mexico Border occurs in South Texas and California (see Appendix E, Map 11). Several regional- and national-level gangs operate in the Del Rio/Eagle Pass, Laredo, and Lower Rio Grande Valley areas of South Texas. Street and prison gangs such as Mexikanemi (Texas Mexican Mafia), Tri-City Bombers, Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos, and Texas Syndicate transport and distribute illicit drugs throughout the South Texas area. Some of these gangs reportedly have established associate gangs or chapters in border cities in Mexico. A number of gangs also operate in San Diego and Los Angeles. Street and prison gangs such as Sureos 13, 18th Street, and Mexican Mafia (La Eme) maintain significant influence over most of the local suburban and rural gangs in these areas. They work very closely with Mexican DTOs located in Tijuana, Mexico, to smuggle drugs and illegal aliens into the United States.




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