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Wednesday, December 06, 2023

A loud farting sound erupted during John Kerry's lecture on Climate Change in Dubai Monday night. The embarrassing moment immediately went viral on social media.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader threw his support behind former President Trump in the 2024 race for the White House, accusing Democrats of racist policies that are working against the Black community. Mark Fisher, who is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Rhode Island, joined FOX & Friends' to discuss why some Black voters are leaving the Democrats as they contemplate who they will vote for in the 2024 presidential election. "It's the duplicity of the Democrats, the hypocrisy," Fisher told Lawrence Jones Tuesday. "We're not stupid. The brothers are not stupid. We understand when someone's for us and when someone is not, and it's obvious that the Democratic Party is not for us."

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Over the past few weeks, I have watched from Israel as a 43-minute film containing raw footage of Hamas terrorists' Oct. 7 massacre in southern Israel makes its way around the world. The extreme and horrified reactions in Congress, the United Nations and even in Hollywood to the film " a compilation of body cameras worn by Hamas terrorists, dashcams, traffic cameras, closed-circuit TV and the mobile phones and social media accounts of victims, soldiers and emergency medical workers " have not surprised me. I will be haunted forever.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

A recent graduate shared how little time she had for her personal life while working a full-time job. Comments came out in support of the TikToker and said they could relate to the same feelings. read more

Monday, October 09, 2023

There are videos showing the bodies of some 260 Israelis, many horribly mutilated, who had been attending a music festival. read more


but it is not correct to say that they have been record-breaking for the last few years.



But I guess you will go about being technical about terms. Liberals always do.


Case in point Earthmuse,


Why would this not be shown on regular nightly news? Why do you have to go to "other" sources to see this?

I'll tell you why, it doesnt hold the narrative that liberal news outlets want to have of the Palestinians.

Outlets like MSNBC, CNN never show the atrocities committed by the Palestinians. But those things are happening and they did happen. Normal people know that. So the 24 hr showing of what happening to the Palestinians doesnt look quite right to the average person.

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