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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Anouk Aime, the French star of European New Wave classics including La Dolce Vita, A Man and a Woman and Lola, has died aged 92. read more

Juneteenth has been recognized as a US federal holiday since 2021 and acts as a day to celebrate the end of slavery in the country -- but millions of Americans will not have the day off today, 19 June, to mark the occasion. read more

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Donald Trump on Saturday night suggested President Joe Biden "should have to take a cognitive test," only to confuse who administered the test to him in the next sentence. The former president and presumptive Republican nominee referred to Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson, who was the White House physician for part of his presidency, as "Ronny Johnson." The moment came as Trump was questioning Biden's mental acuity, something he often does on the campaign trail and social media. "He doesn't even know what the word inflation' means. I think he should take a cognitive test like I did," the former president said of Biden during a speech at a convention of Turning Point Action in Detroit. Seconds later, he continued, "Doc Ronny Johnson. Does everyone know Ronny Johnson, congressman from Texas? He was the White House doctor, and he said I was the healthiest president, he feels, in history, so I liked him very much indeed immediately." read more

Friday, June 14, 2024

Banned after the 2017 shooting in Las Vegas that killed 60, bump stocks make a regular gun fire almost as fast as a machine gun. But now the US Supreme Court has struck down a federal ban on "bump stocks", the devices which can vamp up semiautomatic firearms to discharge ammunition almost as rapidly as machine guns and that have been behind some of the most devastating mass shootings in recent history. The ruling was 6-3, with the court's liberal justices dissenting from the conservative majority's decision. read more

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Israel's security cabinet approved the decision not to return the body of deceased Palestinian security prisoner Walid Daqqa to his family, instead intending to use it as a bargaining chip in a future hostage-prisoner release deal with Hamas. Walid Daqqa, who was convicted of involvement in the 1986 kidnapping and murder of an IDF soldier, died in April. The state admitted the decision marked a policy shift of not withholding the return of the bodies of Israeli civilian terrorists for bargaining


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