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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland amended his previous closed-door testimony with House impeachment investigators to say that he told a top Ukrainian political aide that the release of US security aid was likely conditioned on Ukraine publicly announcing an investigation that would help the President Trump politically. read more


On the House side:
keep the hyperbole to a minimum.
Take the time to get a court order to subpeona witnesses and documents that they are now claiming are necessary.
Allow the minority to call witnesses.
Don't coach witnesses on what to say in the middle of testimony.
Don't do poll-testing to figure out which terms to use to describe high crimes and misdemeanors.
Don't have closed door testimony and then selectively leak the testimony for partisan effect.
Allow the Executive to present a defense to the House.
Don't bitch about Senate protocols that were voted 100-0 for Clinton's impeachment.
Don't grossly distort the call transcript and when called out for it shrug it off as a parody.
Don't pass out impeachment pens and cheer when articles are brought.
Don't coach members of your caucus to act solemn - the fact that it had to be said is a clear indication that this is anything but a solemn act for House Democrats.
When presenting to the Senate don't repeat yourselves over and over again.
When presenting to the Senate don't insult the very people who you are trying to persuade.
Don't bring an article of impeachment for obstruction of congress when there has ALWAYS been tension between the 2 branches of government over claims of Executive privilege.
Don't lie about not knowing the identity of the whistleblower.
This applies to Senators on both sides - don't proclaim your mind is already made up prior to the commencement of these hearings.


I want to point something out. You keep posting this kind of thing. But you are confusing the role of the House and Senate.

The House is only supposed to conduct an investigation, identify evidence, and find sufficient grounds to send the Articles to the Senate. They aren't holding a trial. They aren't there to give the President due process. That's also why they don't convict or vote on punishments. The House isn't there to turn over every stone.

You keep making a big deal of witnesses. But the Republicans didn't have anyone to call besides legal experts and the Bidens.

You keep telling the Dems to go to Court to enforce subpoenas. That would take years. More importantly, its not the House's job to get all the evidence. They had MORE than enough to charge Trump with the two Articles.

The Senate is the one who is supposed to conduct the trial. They are supposed to call witnesses and take evidence from both sides to determine guilt.

The House did its job. The Senate is refusing.

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