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The low pay in the restaurant industry is a public heath disaster. When an employee is making low wages, they cannot afford to take time off when they are sick, so they work sick, and spread disease to the customers who can afford to eat out. Diseases like covid.

When the public officials refuse to prioritize restaurant workers for early vaccines, in spite of the fact that in-person dining was one of the main forms of transmission of covid, workers really get the F-you message from their employers and leaders. (meanwhile workers in the health care industry who were working from home were prioritized for the vaccine due to the lobbying power of their industry)

Regardless of the unemployment benefits, many are just unwilling to work for crap wages in an industry where they get no respect. Now, because the restaurant owners and industry has mistreated their employees for so long, they are getting to find out how much they actually have to pay to attract workers. Unfortunately for the owners of restaurants, many of those workers have left for good.

I know many people in the restaurant industry, and they are starting to get real wages which are in line with their talents and efforts. One of my friends got a $3/hr raise last month. Another got a $5/hr raise last week. Literally every restaurant in town is hiring. Restaurants are poaching employees right and left with higher wages forcing restaurants to pay competitive wages. Look forward to half of your favorite restaurants going under this summer.

free market solutions for heartless capitalists who don't mind paying slave wages....

Drudge Retort

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