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Thursday, June 18, 2020

LawfareBlog examines the legal issues rising in the DOJ's filings to stop the dissemination of John Bolton's book about Trump: "This post explains the case and offers our initial thoughts. The big news to us about the government's case is that it's weaker than we expected. We should emphasize, however, that these views are preliminary and incomplete. The case implicates a complex and in some ways unsettled area of law; and the government hasn't yet even explained to Bolton which information in his book is allegedly classified (something that it's promised to do by this Friday, June 19, at the latest)." read more

Monday, June 01, 2020

The U.S. judge in the criminal case against President Donald Trump's former adviser Michael Flynn defended himself on Monday, saying it was proper to seek outside views on the Justice Department's request to drop a charge to which Flynn has pleaded guilty.

Lawyers representing U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said in a court filing that he is not a "mere rubber stamp" and needed to carefully consider the department's "unprecedented" request. Democrats and former federal prosecutors have accused Attorney General William Barr of politicizing the criminal justice system to go light on Trump associates in key cases.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle ruled against a Florida law limiting the scope of Amendment 4, a 2018 ballot measure allowing most felons to vote. He called the law, which he mostly struck down, a "pay-to-vote system" read more


US troops routinely vote by mail. Why can't the rest of America do the same?

Federal statutes specifically govern military voting by mail. www.fvap.gov There is no such statute for "the rest of America," so the states set the "time, place and manner" of elections. Most states have varying degrees of vote by mail. Only a few have none. www.ncsl.org



Condolences to the family and friends of Nulli. May both he and Zat RIP.

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