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Monday, September 28, 2020

Models are learning how to generate images from captions, a sign that they're getting better at understanding our world. read more

Saturday, September 26, 2020

The heterosexual frontman for the Village People wants you to know the iconic song "YMCA" is not about illicit gay sex, warning he's going to sue anyone who suggests otherwise. Victor Willis, better known as the sexy cop with one heck of a nightstick, laid down the law about the meaning of the lyrics he wrote, and he's claiming it had nothing to do with hot guys hooking up at the local Young Men's Christian Association. read more

More than 95 million years ago, a mighty river system roared through what is now the Moroccan Sahara, providing a home to one of the most unusual river monsters known to science, the predatory dinosaur Spinosaurus. Fully grown, the 50-foot-long, seven-ton beast stretched longer than an adult Tyrannosaurus rex and had an elongated snout similar to a crocodile's that bristled with sharp, conical teeth. read more

Malle Gavet, a 15-year veteran of the tech industry, recalls an unsettling conversation she had at a Silicon Valley cocktail party in 2017. Gavet was chatting with an early investor at Uber and mentioned some of the disturbing news surrounding the company's co-founder and CEO, Travis Kalanick.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Amy Coney Barrett, a favorite to be President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is allegedly affiliated with a type of Christian religious group that served as inspiration for Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel, The Handmaid's Tale. read more


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