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Monday, July 22, 2024

Watering and fertilizing crops to provide enough food for a changing world is a major challenge in agriculture. Now, scientists at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a "smart soil" that can keep plants better hydrated and provide a controlled release of nutrients. In tests it drastically improved crop growth while using far less water. read more

Disneyland employees in California authorized a strike in a union-wide vote Friday, opening the door to withhold their labor from "the happiest place on Earth", the theme park's unions announced. read more

Russia on Sunday said two US bomber planes had approached its border in the Arctic and that it had scrambled fighter jets to make them turn away. read more

In just over one year, three vehicles have driven into the water at Honokohau Small Boat Harbor in Kailua-Kona. The latest incident happened just this past Saturday. read more

Sunday, July 21, 2024

When Florida real estate professional Susan Hicks discovered the app Forewarn over a year ago, she was shocked to learn that for a service costing about $20 a month she could instantly retrieve detailed data on prospective clients with only their phone number. read more


Don't need a comedian....

My god what an idiot': J.D. Vance gets whacked for past Trump comments (October 2021)

... "I'm a Never Trump guy," Vance said in an interview with Charlie Rose in 2016, a clip used in both the new ads. "I never liked him."

Both ads also feature a screenshot of a Vance tweet from October 2016. "My god what an idiot," he wrote, referring to Trump.

Vance expressed a similar sentiment in other interviews and since-deleted tweets from that time, including publicly mulling the idea of supporting Hillary Clinton, calling Trump "noxious" and "reprehensible." ...

Behind the Curtain: Trump's dream regime

... Republicans long fantasized about a very different government: one run by a strong president indifferent to media pressure, empowered by a Republican Congress, backed by a conservative Supreme Court and lower court system, and free of administrative state handcuffs and hostile federal employees.

Why it matters: This dream -- a true decades-long, unfolding nightmare for Democrats -- is closer to reality than at any point in our lifetimes.

- - - If you're a Republican, you probably love this. If you're a Democrat, you probably loathe it. Either way, readers should be clear-eyed about the totality of sweeping change in governing power.

The big picture: We're not arguing former President Trump will win, or that Republicans will hold control of the House, or flip the Senate. But all are plausible.

- - - If Trump wins and congressional Republicans run the table, the other components for the most powerful White House in history are set firmly in place, and increasingly in law.

So let's dig into each component of the Republican fantasy: ...

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