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Saturday, September 04, 2021

The goal of this list is educational. Please share to help keep more people from making the same mistake. Welcome to sorryantivaxxer.com, a repository of stories of anti-vaxxers who died or came close to dying of COVID needlessly from their own scientifically un-sound and stubborn beliefs.


Alaska needs to close its border with Mexico


Idaho too.


....I'm waiting for conservatives to find away to blame Canada.

September 11th 2001 was a horrible day. It is imprinted indelibly upon the minds of practically anyone who was more than 10 years old when it happened. And here we are 20 years later.

For me, many questions remain. America lost almost 3,000 lives that day. There are more incredible stories of heroism from than day than anyone can comprehend or imagine. Yet the unfortunate truth is, that day set off a sequence of events in following years that America should truly be ashamed of. The wars that followed 9-11, politically justified by that horrible day, wasted thousands more American lives. Those wars also cost and wasted an unimaginable number of foreign lives. By some estimates millions of people perished in America's falsely justified vengeance. We should also stop to wonder at the number of new "terrorists" we have now created.

To this day, justice for the attacks on 9-11 has never been served. Fifteen of the nineteen men who hijacked those planes on 9-11 were not Afghani. They were Saudi. Osama bin Laden is a member of one of Saudi Arabia's wealthiest families. There is evidence that Saudi's were behind bankrolling the attack. Yet, in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, the Bush administration downplayed any role Saudi may have had. In fact, the Bush Administration allowed many Saudi officials to leave the country on special, chartered flights. Even as all but military flights were grounded in America for several days. Saudi Arabia has paid no consequences by the U.S., for its role in 9-11, or for any act of terrorism it has ever sponsored. As we all know, Saudi royal can literally get away with murder.

America occupied Afghanistan on pretty sketchy pretense. America all but abandoned the hunt for bin Laden to occupy Iraq. on completely false justification. The results were occupation, and attempted nation building, in a part of the World that had absolutely no interest in our freedom or ideology.

No, justice has not been served by our country's acts of aggression after those attacks. In fact, I think we should all be using this time to consider the incredible amount of needless loss and destruction that has occurred in the following 20 years. It has achieved nothing, but to cost our treasury trillions to enrich those connected to our military industrial complex. Afghanistan is full circle back under the control of the Taliban. Iraq is now significantly controlled by Iran. All of which are far more likely to fall under strong influence from China than America. America and the World are much worse off for America's actions following 9-11. I don't know that this nation can ever recover its integrity again.

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