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Sunday, October 04, 2020

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren has been indicted on two felony campaign finance charges, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley announced Friday. The first charge is for first-degree scheme to defraud; the second is an election law offense for illegally coordinating activities and expenditures. The grand jury indictment is connected to Warren's 2017 mayoral re-election campaign. Warren has adamantly refused any wrongdoing in the matter. Warren will be arraigned at 4 p.m. Oct. 5 in front of Cayuga County Judge Thomas Leone. She did not provide immediate comment Friday. read more

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Police are looking for a unknown gunman after seven people were shot outside a Milwaukee funeral home Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The New York City Board of Elections has mailed out nearly half a million absentee ballots ahead of Election Day this November, as many New Yorkers are opting to vote by mail during the pandemic. Yet some voters are already reporting problems with their ballots that could invalidate someone's vote if they aren't caught in time. Multiple voters in Brooklyn told Gothamist / WNYC that they have received a mislabeled "official absentee ballot envelope." Normally, the voter inserts their completed ballot into the envelope and signs the outside. But in these cases, their ballot envelopes bear the wrong name and address. If a person signs their own name to this faulty ballot envelope, the ballot would be voided. read more

Trump's genius, as illuminated by the Times, isn't simply for self-promotion but for harnessing self-promotion to a coherent and comprehensive strategy for personal gain. Profit gets paid out in multiple ways: money, of course, but also reputational currency. The taxes also highlight his ability to fully merge his personal and professional lives, in which houses and jets and hair stylists become business expenses (in some cases suspect ones). It is a simple fact that in this intersection of self-promotion, self-enrichment, and self-protection Trump has a mind that operates at a different level than most, and he has used it to fashion a historic career.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Greg Patton didn't think twice about using a Mandarin example during class. He'd used the same example for years. Little did he know it would lead to his removal, and spark international controversy. read more


She supposedly threatened students with scissors yet was in bed sleeping when the cops "bust down the door" in the middle of the night. There was zero reason for this type of "assault" on a 17 year old girl in a college dorm who was sleeping. - #1 | Posted by GalaxiePete at 2020-10-01 10:36 AM
A slightly less biased source might ease your mind a bit.

'It's not racial' | SFA officials say

...officers did not storm the room with guns out like it was the "wild west," despite some rumors on social media.
..a claim he said is backed up by body cam video. The department has asked for the parents' permission to release the video.
"Once that is released, everyone will see exactly what happened," said Chief Fields.
"At no time did we go in like it was the wild, wild west like it's been presented in the media and some of the other social media posts."

"The investigation evidence has identified the core group that Dr. Gordon mentioned, three black females and three white caucasian females. All students appear to be willing associates up until that incident." School officials said Hispanic females were also involved, and part of the evidence collected included social media posts.

Here's the whole interview that the original tweeter and then Gal_Tuesday are misinforming you about. You're welcome to watch all 6 minutes of it and try to find that part where she said it's inappropriate.

"So I think in sum, the President has the power to nominate, and the Senate has the right to act or not, and I don't think either one of them can claim that there's a rule governing one way or the other." (4:11) "It shouldn't be a surprise that the Senate is willing to push a President's nominees through, in an election year, when they share the same political affiliation."

quoting myself.
I'm not sure what sort of hyperpartisan would consider the popularity of a law when trying to determine the Constitutionality of that law. Regardless of how popular the law is, if it's not in accordance with the Constitution, then it deserves to be struck down. I hope it's popular enough to move forward with changing the Constitution. There's a method of doing that. We don't judge the constitutionality of a law by how many people like it. - #4 | Posted by Avigdore at 2020-09-22 04:02 PM

A non-partisan judge shouldn't really be considering the impact of a law when determining its constitutionality, should they? They were nominated and consented upon to uphold the constitution, not to be lawmakers. We have an entire branch of the government to fill that role.

SC Justices take 2 oaths (there is also a combined version).

"I, _________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God."

"I, _________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as _________ under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God."

We've reached this point because SC Justices seem to no longer behave as impartial judges (along with much of the judiciary, to be sure).

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