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Wednesday, September 08, 2021

The deputy mayor of Airmont, N.Y., has been arrested on multiple weapons charges, after police discovered an arsenal of illegal guns in his house " including 16 assault weapons and 13 silencers, according to the district attorney's office. Investigators say they also found a stash of fake federal IDs, including FBI credentials. Deputy Mayor Brian Downey, 47, now faces more than 30 state and federal criminal counts.

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

When Ksenia Coffman started editing Wikipedia, she was like a tourist in Buenos Aires in the 1950s. She came to learn the tango, admire the architecture, sip mat. She didn't know there was a Nazi problem. read more

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Mississippi police issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for an Ohio man who they say confronted NBC News' Shaquille Brewster on live television. read more

On Aug. 29, President Joe Biden paid his respects to U.S. service members who were killed in a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport. The president and first lady Jill Biden bowed and placed their hands over their hearts as 11 caskets were presented at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. But on social media, some doubted Biden's sincerity. One popular post features two photos: one of Biden and one of now-former President Donald Trump. The picture shows Biden appearing to check his watch, Trump salutes as men in fatigues carry a casket draped in the American flag. read more

Several Fox News hosts on Wednesday praised a Florida restaurant owner's decision to ban supporters of President Joe Biden from eating at her establishment, saying it's "understandable" and that it could "lead to a lot more business for her." With conservative anger towards the Biden administration reaching a fever pitch following the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the owner of Debary Diner posted a sign outside her business telling Biden voters not to enter following the Kabul terror attack. "If you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, please take your business elsewhere," reads the sign from owner Angie Ugarte. "God bless America and God bless our soldiers."


#2 | Posted by sitzkrieg

What she is doing is de-glamorizing/de-glorifying the articles and making them simply factual or do you think glorifying the Nazi's and Hitler is a good thing?

As her biggest seeming opponent is quoted in the article as saying he considers Coffman's approach "most unencyclopaedic and a prime example of what Wikipedia is not (see WP:NOTCENSORED)." He went on: "Will we apply the same censorship to military history articles on units of the Khmer Rouge? Turkish military units involved in the Armenian Genocide? Rwandan military units involved in the genocide in that country? US cavalry units that massacred Native Americans? Arkan's Tigers? Where does that end?"

Well frankly yes - ALL those areas need to be cleansed of the glorification of war, genocide and other atrocities. As for where does that end? It SHOULD end with a more true picture of the horrors of these events. As a youth, I was enamored with the tales of WWII but then I began to understand what the actual human toll was. The horror of it. My father served but didn't see combat he ended up in the occupation force. I have great uncles that did see it though. In both the European and Pacific Theaters and on land as well as at sea. Their stories were NOT pretty. Fortunately they all made it home. One of my Uncles did get two purple hearts. The second being on Iwo Jima and it left him a bit scared for life - not just physically. Then there was my cousin who served in Vietnam, he finally seems at peace. I lost friends in Iraq and have friends who suffer from PTSD from both Iraq and Afghanistan. War, mass slaughter and genocide should never be glorified - especially the acts of the side actively committing the atrocities. We should be able to talk about the atrocities even of our own soldiers in order to understand why war needs to be a last resort. War changes people or in some cases just exposes the real people I suppose.

Or perhaps you are agreeing with him? But I see her approach as truly encyclopedic and we need a lot more like her.

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