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Are you blatantly denying

No my mouth-breathing friend, no.

I am saying that when there is video evidence, the Stare becomes a party and it can easily override the blood money clause.

Meanwhile, worry about your own sordid butcher-shop of a nation.


Like when activists were claiming that Ma'Khia Bryant was the victim of police brutality.

Yeah, that's literally how Americans justify the concept of gunning some down. The rest of society need not concern themselves that maniacal murders are wandering the streets to kill in the name of the 2nd Amendment. Thank you for confirming.

Yeah, we have a lot of killings. .....But Pakistan

Dead is dead.

Worry about your own. You have MUCH to worry about.

Gun violence in the United States


In 2022, up to 100 DAILY fatalities and hundreds of daily injuries were attributable to gun violence in the United States.


Worry about your own. LOL

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