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Wednesday, December 06, 2023

An unnamed IDF official cited by AP says that at least 15,000 Palestinians in Gaza have died since the outbreak of the war on October 7. The army says it estimates more than 5,000 of the Gaza deaths to be Hamas terrorists. AFP quotes an unnamed Israeli official: "I'm not saying it's not bad that we have a ratio of two to one," noting that the use of human shields was part of Hamas's "core strategy." read more

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

High-ranking members of Atlanta's police department have been using Signal, an encrypted phone app, to communicate about the controversial police and fire department training center known as "Cop City" " to each other, to other police departments and to companies involved in building the project, the Guardian has learned.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

After a successful challenge to Texas' abortion ban for women with complicated pregnancies, a judge put that ruling on hold after Texas appealed. read more


West Bank: "I think it should all be Israel. They are the only Nation with any claim. Jordan doesn't want it back, the PA have proven unreliable and the Pals living there dont trust them and can't un-elect them."

Gaza Strip: "Gazans are run by mask-off terrorists, they elect terrorists and support them. They carry out terrorism whenever they get the opportunity. They have no intention of living in peace with Jews."

So, what we have here, is a one state solution, where Israel controls the land from the river to the sea.
Hopefully I am making it crystal clear that this is the same thing Hamas wants.
And that's not a good look for Israel.

What's the plan to, uh, re-educate the millions of kids whose crappy apartment buildings you just blew up? Oh you don't have one?

It's not so much that Israel is a failed colony, but that it can never succeed, and it especially can't succeed with leadership that can't do the song and dance of being a responsible member of the global community.

What incentive exists for the Muslim world to make peace with Israel, that isn't almost always going to be outweighed by the propaganda value of a Zionist Occupation? My solution, I think these Zio-Kibbutzniks should just move to Oklahoma and Oregon. They'll fit right in and land is cheap. Or at least stay within the 1948 boundaries.

I can appreciate how Jewish mythology and folklore not to mention history tells the tale of a people oppressed and on the run for five thousand years -- "A tribe of humans known through ancient records to be located somewhere, on a distant, shining planet " a planet called Earth." Now that they do have a land they can call their own, they are not going to let go and went nuclear as soon as feasibly possible in perfect Mad Scientist style. It's understandable that they have a pretty big "Right To Exist" chip on their shoulder at the moment.

Speaking of South Africa, they gave up their nuclear program because it was not only a failure it was a pointless expense when you're trying to live by colonial rules in a global economy built on trade and technology, where the threat of war is intended to be mitigated by the cost of war to any warring nation's economy. This was a lesson South Africa had just learned from sanctions, of course.

Israel, being a tiny outpost, naturally sees it differently.

"No one can live in peace with Jihadists, not even other Muslims."

Neither can Muslims seem to stop them from taking root.

It's not reasonable to expect Israel/Jews to be able to solve Muslims problems for them, especially if they can't even keep their own Zionists from inflaming the Jihadist spirit by driving Palestinians out of the West Bank and destroying Gaza.

So, since "No one can live in peace with Jihadists"

What is the solution, other than to drive them into the sea?

There can be no Two State Solution here, but the two state solution is what the world agreed to in 1948 and apparently that matters juuust enough to continue to be a thorn in Israel's side forever.

I don't understand why Israel has allowed these terrorist to oppress these Palestinians for generations. What kinds of things do they think the terrorist will teach the Palestinians in school? It is guaranteed to make peace impossible for at least a generation.

Israeli leadership, and the hard-liners, puts me in mind of the Second Amendment enthusiasts who especially like the gun violence in Chicago every weekend. They wouldn't want any sort of effective gun control to come along and actually make those streets safe. They support bad policies because it hurts their enemies worse.

Israel should have never agreed to a Two State Solution if they knew it was never actually going to be possible. That's why the Israel Apologists try to conflate anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. They bait and switch the UN Mandate with the Zionist Manifesto. And then they say you're Anti-Semitic if you say No State has a "Right to Exist". That's not how Statehood works anywhere at any time in history.

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