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Then the republicans elected a fkkking moron.
Wrong. The Democrats elected a ------- moron. Beating a buffoon like Trump should have been a slam dunk. But out of 50 million eligible candidates in the US, the best the Dems could come up with was a lying, corporate owned, always one step ahead of a scandal loser.

I actually really disagree here. I think what we're witnessing is the culmination of the middle class being sold up the river (with the deep distrust and frustration being born out of it) and to that end campaign promises to "fix" or "lift up" the middle class have really lost their currency. Moreover, Trump, for better or worse, was true to himself - they may be horrible truths like lying, grifting, racist but true nonetheless. Whereas his opponent could really explain where her priorities were vis a vis $500k for GS speeches or lame excuses like "that's what they offered" furthers the notion of distrust - "whose team are you really on?" Your seeing the same thing right now with Joe & Hunter Biden. "It's not illegal" which is true but doesn't sound right to the average voter.

Trump's lack of polish was his greatest selling point. I don't think the Democratic establishment has come to terms with that yet (i.e. out of touch - prefers establishment candidates). I honestly don't think he could have been beaten in 2016 regardless of wherever you fall on the Russia influence spectrum. His dishonesty was less of a known than the political establishment's betrayal which has been going on for 40 years.

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