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A few observations:

1. Until recently, no one under 28 (or 27) was drafted by Ukraine. Younger volunteers were accepted reluctantly. This led to an army that was more mature, more experienced in their careers and hence able to do more with less training needed and with great skills in things like tech, code writing, supply logistics, and manufacturing & construction.

2. The US & NATO aren't to blame for Putin's troll puppet Victor Yanukovich pissing off 87% of the Ukrainian people in 2013 when Yanukovich took Putin's bribe to reject the EU's offer to take initial steps toward EU membership.That eventually led to the Maidan Sq demonstrations, which led to Yanukovich sending Moscow-friendly forces to blast away at the demonstrators (killing many) and for the people and legislature of Ukraine to demand Yanukivich's resignation. Yanukovich fled to Crimea where Putin's special ops forces invaded in unmarked green uniforms and took over every government office in Crimea & rescued Yanukovich.

3. When this happened in 2014, the Obama administration did nothing except place sanctions on Russia's economy and tell Putin his annexations wouldn't be recognized.

4. Before 2013, when Putin invaded neighboring Georgia and annexed its Abkhazia district, the US & NATO did the same thing, chastised Putin and asked him to give back its annexed land to Georgia.

If NATO provoked Putin's invasion, it wasn't because PUTIN feared NATO. It's because he'd become used to getting away with land grabs and thought he'd go bigger this time. .

Putin's not in enough pain to really want a ceasefire. He's hoping Ukraine's in so much pain that it's willing to cease this battle of wits vs attrition. Ukraine has revolutionized warfare for generations, and as Ukraine invents more weapons to multiply its resources, Putin tech engineers innovate solutions to counter Ukraine's innovations and then Ukraine's invent ways to counter Russia's counter innovations. What's happening is that as Russia's warehouses of ancient weapons are consumed, both sides are inventing new lower cost precision weapons and countermeasures.

Unfortunately for Ukraine, its political system finds it disgusting to kill so many young Russian conscripts as Putin sends as cannon fodder, and even at personnel loss rates half that of Russia's, every Ukrainian life lost hurts Ukraine 100x more than any Russian conscripts' lives hurts Putin's side. Plus Putin knows he can mobilize 3x as many as Ukraine and he can buy mercenaries from Chad, Niger and other poor lands at a fraction of what Russian conscripts cost.

So, Putin's proposal isn't a true ceasefire, it's an offer for Ukraine to surrender on Putin's untrustworthy terms:

1. For Ukraine to permanently cede to Russia, the occupied AND Russian unoccupied parts of the Oblasts that "annexed" by Putin's 2022 proclamation, this includes Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia,
2. and to recognize Crimea as a Russian Federation State,
3. and to agree to the stipulation that Ukraine will never become part of the European Union or NATO.

And what would Russia agree to? Who cares? Whatever deal Putin makes never makes a difference to Putin or his sham government.

I know propaganda and Fox is 88% propaganda disguised as infotainment. I think the two other large Trump supporting networks have more non-political programing but their political leanings when aired are nearly always Trump promoting & Democratic bashing.

To watch those Trumpy networks, Biden's feeble and his mind is shot. If I only watched those networks or listened only to their affiliated radio channels I'd be very worried about another term for him, too. What Dems who pay no attention to pro-Trump media are missing is the constant Biden bashing and focus on mental & physical health that goes unchallenged all day long. So with a significant % swing state eligible voters in Pro-Trump media markets, the Dems need to counter the pervasive media messaging about senility and debility.

Further, as a warning to Dem Party marketing leaders, stop assuming that Latino and Black and South and East Asian voters prefer Democrats to Trump. 1. Miami's Latinos and much of Florida's are overwhelmingly Republican supporting. They see Dems as weak on Castro, Communism & Socialism, and anti-religion. To win their vote they have to refute those perceptions, or else! 2. Many Blacks aspire to become millionaires and want to follow leaders who can empathize with those aspirations. Most of these are well educated, have good work ethics, and many have had or still have leadership positions in the military or business. They want politicians who want to help them without creating programs that might reduce the credibility of their accomplishments. And many others are very God-fearing church-goers. They want Chic-a-Fil for dinner or lunch. Dem Party marketers and Biden need to hold their hands at church and reassure them he's not going to abandon them like Trump does when picking cabinet positions and lifetime judgeships.

Finally, Biden needs to do exactly what Hillary didn't in 2016. She needed to reach out to middle class sole proprieters and get them to identify her father as their kind of guy and to prove her affinity for them, and to draw a contrast with Trump who regularly screwed and stiffed his sole-proprietor contractors. What a scuz! Also she didn't go to union workers and she lost narrowly in pro-union states where she never made an appearance. Biden cannot afford to make any of those errors.

If Biden coasts rather than diligently working for votes with these groups, he'll be especially vulnerable to the crass deprecations of Trump and his media propagandists. The pro-Trump propaganda needs to be effectively countered.

Drudge Retort

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