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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

For centuries the endless steppes of Eastern & Southern Ukraine were the lands of nomadic Cossacks who fiercely guarded them from invasions by hordes, Russians and Ottomans. Today, the flat terrain is being used by Russian bunker builders to prevent Ukraine's ground forces from taking back Russia's occupied provinces. The linked NYT article has excellent graphics & details. read more

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Belarus has not modernized since 1994 when Lukashenko came to power. But there's a large anti-autocracy opposition sitting on its hands while autocrats around the globe see Belarus as a potential foothold into Europe. Can Lukashenko's opponents now put Belarus on the path to Lithuanian style freedon? read more


If Trump had been physically less obese and young enough he still wouldn't have had the ethical and emotional stability to even enter boot camp, nevertheless run for any office of the public trust.

Candidates for US Senate and for the Executive Branch should be required to pass a government Background Investigation before their name is placed on an Election Day ballot.

A cursory background check is required before recruits enter bootcamp. The least intrusive check requires honest completion of the SF-85, "Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions" to initiate NACI investigations to support Low Risk positions. This de minimis requirement should be required for all political office candidated and its results made publicly available.

And candidate for high office including the presidency, should be investigated for their trustworthiness, reliability and competence to have access to sensitive information. At a minimum, such candidates should be required to complete the SF-86, "Questionnaire for National Security Positions", a form used to initiate the clearance process for High-Risk Public Trust positions and for all three levels of security clearances. It asks for personal identifying data as well as criminal records, illegal drug involvements, financial delinquencies, mental health counseling, alcohol related incidents and counseling, civil court actions, misuse of computer systems, and subversive activities for seven to ten years with some questions having no time limit.


Oddly, Trump and his daughter and Jared Kushner and others close to Trump lied on their SF-86 forms and after being required repeatedly to redo the application, managed to get access to information of all types that they could have mishandled or used for personal benefit. How in the world can anyone like that be permitted to run for high office or be connected to high office?

Then there's the emotional and mental stability factor. Can Congress require a definitive test for that? If there were an honest means to screen for that, certainly no one like Trump, a widely recognized candidate for a diagnosis of sociopathic and narcissistic personality disorders, would be judged qualified for office.

What a narcissist! In the course of a 3-hr slice of airtime was probably aired for all of 6 seconds which is 1/10th of a minute! Waaa! Tchumpy baby wants a binky??

Oh, and in one of Mediaite's following articles about CNN's Kaitlan Collins ("Trump Attacks CNN's Kaitlan Collins Over New Show's Ratings" www.mediaite.com), on Truth Social Trump derided his CNN nemesis posting this astounding comment, " ... she's got all the appeal of a first wife."

Say what? What's up with THAT "first wife" comment??

Geez, Trump's 1st wife passes away earlier in the year, and now he using "first wife" as term of insult? What a guy!

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