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Thursday, August 22, 2019

BEAUFORT, S.C."Andrew Yang was sitting here in a rented silver Suburban outside a black chamber of commerce surrounded by five members of his rapidly growing campaign staff when he saw a new Fox News poll in which he was tied for fifth in the sprawling Democratic presidential primary. read more

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Universal Background Checks: For ten bucks, any seller could phone in a buyer's driver's license number to find out whether the buyer's prohibited from buying a gun (appallingly, the current check system is off limits to responsible private sellers wishing to conduct a check). The new system could even be used by anyone to check out a babysitter or contractor. This system would record only that the ID was checked and issued a confirmation number. The seller can keep the confirmation as a defense to a false charge of selling to an unqualified buyer. The system knows only that someone was checked but has no idea if they even bought a gun, let alone what model or serial number. read more


But I never read posts by conservatives complaining that the employers a allowed hire illegal aliens with impunity. It is the law that the should be arrested. If you were really just interested in enforcing the law the fact that they don't get arrested should matter to you. Precisely the type of thinking that Ms. Fairbanks is talking about.
#58 | Posted by danni at 2019-08-30 01:26 PM

I, as a conservative, don't believe that employers should be allowed to hire unlawful immigrants. Unfortunately, corporations aren't authorized or capable of enforcing any laws, that is the business of the government. Corporations must follow the laws and request documentation be provided that a worker is legally allowed to work. The corporation is not responsible for or capable of verifying that the documentation provided is real or not...again, the business of government. If the employer has been found to knowingly hire an unlawful immigrant, then they should be held to whatever the appropriate legal penalty is for that infraction and the unlawful immigrant should be deported.

In order to prevent this situation going forward, I strongly believe that all potential and current employees should undergo mandatory e-verify and present a corresponding federal ID card with photograph. That ID should also be an acceptable form of identification at the polls. The e-verify system should be opened for public use so that even the smallest employer is capable of, and responsible for, determining the legality of any employee.

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