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Near every state has profiteering laws for use during public emergencies, such as a hurricane or earthquake, preventing price gouging. That is missing in the Federal laws. The only thing the Feds have is the The Defense Production Act of 1950, allowing the president to redirect manufacturing during times of emergency, which does not address profiteering. This is a case where a new law is blatantly missing and needs addressed.

That will never happen as long as corporations have voice to speak with money. They will literally buy their politicians to prevent such a law. I have advocated before and I continue to do so about corporation voice and money needing to be removed.

During the civil war, the 14th amendment was passed, ensuring civil rights for all citizens, including slaves. Because of cases before the Supreme Court, it allowed the basic follow through that corporations could be protected as well as becoming a corporate citizen. In 2010, the Supreme Court granted corporate personhood with money being their method of speech. Basically it allowed corporations to funnel money into corporate speech to buy their candidate since near no private citizen can hope to match the payouts of corporations.

This is the results of that questionable ruling allowing for corporations to become eligible for personhood. Since merger mania hit, these major corporations have gained a chokehold over raw materials and distribution of their products allowing them to jack prices with little or no options to go elsewhere and for the majority they are global in their influence.

What is the root cause?

And how do we solve that root cause?

#2 | Posted by LampLighter

We've thrown a lot of money at it, which has seemed to have disappeared without any real change. We've sent special forces as well as advisors, thrown diplomats at it, and nothing has really made any difference in the flood coming to the border. Those migrants are looking for either economic benefits or personal safety as the main key reasons.

I saw an article some days ago, saying something to the effect that some of the migrants are considering leaving the US in favor of Mexico, where they can actually work for income, since the US will not allow them to work while waiting for their years long wait for court. For them the American dream does not exist, as they thought it did.

This is similar to the flood hitting the EU as well. Unless you want to invade the globe to remove all the various dictators, gangs, and other disruptions, the source isn't going to stop. They are all eyeing first world countries as the mecca out of their various woes. The only thing I can see to slow it down is make it to where such are not eligible for any benefits, making the flood undesirable. Revolution in each country by it's own citizens seems to be the only real answer, to change the existing conditions for something a bit more workable. Another country coming in to establish some sort of order won't work. Lord the US has tried that over and over, with little or no results, other than animosity against the US.

Personally IMO, corporations should have their voice removed to influence politics. They are not people, because they can't be jailed, they don't die as long as they continue financially, and they can't make babies. Money is not speech. Lay a pile of money on the table and it says nothing by itself.

I also think corporations should have no influence in politics to get anything heard in their favor, unless they are headquartered in the US, pay taxes (not some long list of stuff saying they don't owe anything through deductions), and do not hold stances in favor of the public or public works benefits. If the CEO and the board members are making multiples of 100s ratios over their average workers wages, they should not be entitled to any deductions at all. Half of any moneys going to stock buybacks should be given to the lower paid workers in some manner, who made the products and services they sell.

CEOs and board members have used stock buybacks as justification for pay raises and benefits not available to the average worker. Stock prices now are just too high with distributions to stock holders too low to make investing in them worth the pay back. The result is investment houses for retirement plans have instead gone to buying real estate to own apartments and homes they can raise the rents on for their increased profits. Add to this a lot of investment companies have even went into medical, making medical procedures and medical equipment far too expensive as they raise prices to increase profits.

Once you gain all this money as profit, how you keep it is to dodge their taxes in some manner. Which is where Microsoft went. As long as there are countries willing to be tax shelters you will never get rid of corporations hiding their profits from the taxman unless you make some sort of penalty against it other than the laws on the books now. It has to be something that effects their operations to the point they want to voluntary pay their share rather than face the penalty.

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