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I'll believe this when I see it happen. A government program they had for low income families to be assisted by the government for pay was required. A radio program talked of it. Yet when I went to the AT&T website, no where could you find that program. It was well hidden where it would not be likely to be found.

Since I had just moved in, I was getting set up for internet. I asked the AT&T representative about the program only to be told I didn't live in the right place to get it. I was quickly steered towards a more expensive internet package.

AT&T was such a PNA to deal with when it came to customer service and coupled with very poor speeds, it just wasn't worth it for me. At the time they were doing fiber upgrades to the nodes but not the last mile. They closed down the process for hurricane evacuation, rehooking all the neighborhood but left mine not reconnected. I was 'offered' two free months of connection for compensation, only if you have no internet then having two months free of no internet is no bargain.

Even contacting them was a problem, I had VOIP and without internet I had no phone. I had to go to the public library just to contact them. After 20 minutes of round and round about a phone number that couldn't be reached, I had reached my limit of patience. I wanted to know just what to do to return their equipment and drop their whole service.

A new independent came in, giving them competition and I promptly dropped them, getting a fine speed boost and the dropping of caps to go with it.

Given my past experiences, I never, ever, want to deal with AT&T again.

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