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We've been through homelessness before. It was called Hoovervilles, where folks made shanties out of any material they could scrounge to protect themselves from the weather when the economy got so bad no one could find a job or afford a place to stay. It seems we are once again on the doorstep of such with people living in their vehicles before those vehicles crater, giving them no place to go but the streets. Often those with vehicles also hold jobs, they just don't pay enough to make the cost of living.

The cost of living is too dang high. People are making choices between paying the rent, buying food, paying for the utilities, or paying for the high cost of medicines, to keep them alive. Homelessness is a sign our society is crumbling as we watch and many are just one emergency away from being homeless themselves. When people worry about having a mere $400 set aside for that emergency you know they are on the edge of being homeless themselves.


Face it, our money has become worthless as the fed continues to print two million dollars a minute just to meet the interest payments, with no production increase to justify the value.


Our government has become a spend thrift, financing wars on foreign soil, while ignoring the plight at home of those tax monies they are so blatantly wasting. Our infrastructure is one symptom of such waste. Our bridges are in terrible shape, needing repairs that aren't being addressed until they are near unusable. The push towards EVs make no sense when there isn't the infrastructure to actually charge those vehicles, with spare electricity to run the country.

Face it, unless there is a turn-a-round, we are likely to see another great depression should things continue to go as they are.

Drudge Retort

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