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No mystery here. This virus came and changed everything. Employers have not advanced with the times.

Boomers are retiring rather than deal with the high possibility of getting infected. They took their experience with them. The younger generations are now filling those spots. Only there is not as many replacements as the boomers that retired.

So workers now have a choice of where to work at. They can pick and choose their employers because of that gap between the amount of workers and the jobs available. Employers are still thinking they can pay minimum wage and limit hours to less than 40 hours a week so they don't have to supply benefits. Those that don't step up and are still thinking they can get away with low pay are the ones not getting employees.

In addition, the women in the work force who have children, do not have support and have to stay home to take care of the kids. Bus drivers are lacking so many have to go twice a day, to take the kids to school and to bring them home. Kindergarden places aren't handling enough kids, those that are open, and they are charging record fees. Momma has to prepare food, do laundry, and all the things necessary to run a house hold. Many parents are deathly afraid of public schools and believe with good reason that their children could be infected and bring it home, so they are home schooling that takes time and personal attention.

The younger generations have been taught that the dollar is everything. They don't have job security because first time workers are to be laid off, it's them. They've learned there is no loyalty to the job, only to the dollar and they now have learned that lesson well. They will not work for peanuts and many demand working from home. If the employer will not meet the demands of the workers, they will go else where to someone that will.

Again, no mystery why workers are not showing up. Just employers that don't want to pay what is needed to get them.

Covid will stop when everyone has the antibodies. There's only two ways to get them. Either you can accept the jab or wait till it's your turn to get it.

With the jab, you might have a sore arm or some other symptoms and they go away in a day or three.

If you get covid, maybe you come through alive, maybe you don't. If you do make it through alive, that might not be the end of it as there is such a thing as long covid. Long covid can affect you for the rest of your life. I know one elderly lady on the internet who got covid, then long covid. She lost taste and smell, and since her lungs got damaged by the virus, she will now be on oxygen for the rest of her life. There are other possible symptoms such as blood clots floating around in your arteries. All those blood clots have to do is gather in your heart and you can die from that.

Only real problem now is so many are coming down with covid that didn't take getting the jab serious, they are all showing up for medical help at the same time and no hospital is equipped for the masses all at once. They don't have the beds, the medical staff, to tend to those many people.

So triage has begun. That's what crisis standards of care is. They will have to pick and chose who gets medical help and who waits till there are people and beds to deal with them. Some won't make it, as those most at threat of death, with little chance of recovery will be last to get medical help. Those most likely to live will get help first.

I know two people that are heads of the departments in major hospitals. They both tell me, the first responders are worn out already trying to deal with so many. It has both an emotional toll as well as a physical toll on them, trying to save as many as they can. Most are working 12 hour days. One I know is on the verge of a break down due to stress working in the ER. The other is putting in the same type of hours and getting little sleep. Both are having supply issues with medical needs not arriving on time needed to treat patients.

So refuse to take the jab and sooner or later your number will come up. You'll be the patient looking for a bed in ICU. Maybe they'll be able to take you in, maybe not.

Both people tell me that it is very common for those with covid to ask for the vaccine after they are in ICU. It's too late then.

I have learned of another victim of the non-vaccinated today.

My girl friend's grand daughter has come down with covid. She's 5 years old and got it in school. No vaccination approval yet for their age group.

Schools have always been a hot bed for any disease that is communicable. Then the kids bring it home to share with the parents, who go to work and share it with their co-workers.

This virus is non-political. It doesn't care what your politics are. It doesn't care what your beliefs are.

When someone dies of a heart condition because they can't find a bed in 40 different hospitals in the ICU, it tells you those who won't get vaccinated are clogging up the system totally, to the point of medical failure. Since they won't get a vaccination to help stop the deadly part of this disease, they are causing repercussions for everyone else by their lack of caring beyond the 'me' and 'freedumbs'.

This nation is falling apart with two sides that don't seem to be able to agree on anything to keep it going. Patriotism for the good of the nation has fallen to the wayside in favor of 'me' being most important. Trouble is each 'me' got assistance to be where they are by everyone else not being a 'I'm the only one that matters' attitude. Education, public services, are both things that the public as a group pay for, which is not a 'me' but all of us.

This rift is turning us into a third world country and quickly. Come December, when all these renters that haven't paid get tossed out, the one thing the government doesn't want to see is going to come to the forefront. Those who are unemployed, homeless, lack food security, and threatened with a virus gone crazy, will do the one thing it doesn't want to see. Protest, raise cain about the things that were not taken care of in the last bubble, and possibly threaten revolution, as businesses crater, the economy sinks to new lows, and stagflation takes hold and makes it the problem to add to all the other issues.

Pardon, I'm just teed off over the latest news I got... end of rant.

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