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Here is a little girl 'christians' kicked out of school over a birthday cake. She doesn't have a clutch of white-shoed grifters to get her a settlement and will just have to live with religious bullying like the rest of us.

The lefts position is odd to me....
God is the devil
and sexual material should be in the reach of children in the library.
Fascinating really ...

What do you call a strawman that has already had the stuffing knocked out of it?

What I find "fascinating" is why none of you seem very happy. I mean, God himself has ordered your whole 'life'. He gives you 4.0s for nothing. He scores touchdowns and finds your car keys. He clearly made you more pure and righteous than the rest of us. You get to go heaven forever and ever where angles cover Metallica while you fish with Granpa everyday. It comes with a window where you can look down and see the torture of the damned. What fun that will be!
All that still isn't enough. You can't be happy unless I believe it, too. Other people's kids have to believe it. Everyone must sit in silent homage while a 18yo kid bestows the wisdom gained from your god.

I think the school should take this kid at his word. By his own admission he didnt earn anything. Give the diploma to Jesus and put the kid in a GED program.

So you would be fine with a student doing a speech about Allah?

Would you be fine if he used his speech to call all believers a bunch of dopes and read excerpts from De Rerum Natura?

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