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I want to believe the Saudis are making a bad invest and fundamentally misunderstand sport and its' influence in Western society. Admittedly this may be wish-thinking. I think they believe buying these players -- almost all of them are captains/co-captains of their national sides and clubs -- will mean they get those player's fans, twitter followers, sponsors and good-will. They say as much in the article: He will bring in a lot of fans to Al Hilal. I think the whole of Brazil will support us now.

I could be wrong, (judging by Citah and Newcastle lickspittles I am wrong) but I don't think it works like that. The shirt comes first. I know among Liverpool fans no one gives a single ---- about Hendo or Fabinho anymore. One day of shock and confusion, but once the check clears they are dead to us. Thanks for the silverware, now bring on Endo and Szoboszlai and buy Arthur (please buy Arthur). Salah is god-like to us, if he honors his contract and leaves in the summer for a big transfer fee we'll wish him on his way and probably build a statue of him outside the Anfield Road end. If he leaves now, 3 games into the season with the window closing, his memory will be forever poisoned. Neither now nor next summer or 2 years from now, no Liverpool supporter will watch a single minute of him playing in the Saudi Pro League. The unavoidable fact that they are greedy, murdering, religious lunatic scumbags will only sharpen.

Citah can have their titles, they'll be reminded of how they got them from the terraces every Saturday and that will have to be enough. As for me, and I think most club supporters across all the major leagues, I'd rather see our stadium burned to the ground than handed over to a Saudi Prince-ling.

To find a new place to poo without a toilet.
Fair enough, there are no toilets on the moon. Fear not, the space faring nations will work it out and you can read about it on the internet.

I thought Oppenheimer was a genius???
But OK... if you think a monkey is a genius

Oppenheimer? WTF are you on about? A Pavlovian response to having gone too long without typing something snarky about the Jews?

I don't even know what you are trying to say....
No, I dont imagine you would.
Look, I'm not necessarily calling your 'country' a cargo cult as an insult. Some scribbled lines on a map drawn by middle management at the East India Company, such as it is. I'm merely recognizing the obvious.
You know you can't build and maintain 50 year old fighter jets on your own. And you need those jets or your 'inferior' "monkey" neighbors will roll you up (again(for the fourth time)). And no one wants a nuclear exchange in Asia, it's bad for business.

So Pakistan gets to be the world's open air prison for the most despicable terrorists -- who live there under a sort of house arrest with their VHS porn, three "wives" and ISI handler. In exchange we dangle enough military cargo for you to keep tying together bamboo bi-planes.
We'd prefer to (and often do) just unalive these less-than-humans but drone strikes play poorly politically. Can't throw them in a hole with sodium lights and loud bossa nova blaring 24/7, either. We'd like to (and often do) but there are legal principles to consider and its seems too icky for television.
Praise allah for Pakistan! A home you would only wish on your worst enemy. Exporter of knited fabric, soccer balls and religious hatred. Always eager to smooth out another dirt runway if someone will show 'em how to rebuild a turbine. But you're never going to get the Beyond The Horizon radar or any of the avionics that make the planes useful in the first place. We're dumb, but we aren't that dumb, and neither are the Chinese.
Personally, I think it is a bad deal for us. Too much carrot, not enough stick. I'd prefer we sink our lot in with India. Wait on you two to kick off again, and go in there with four tank divisions and a carrier group and turn the place into a casino.

Here's the road:

It connects three large suburbs. There's a costco, two schools, bars, a park-and-ride terminal, sometimes there are merge lanes or turn lanes often times not.
For kids riding their bikes we have to do all we can, they arent very clever. Adults going to work or shopping or just want to feel like they are doing something for the environment, fine, great, not for me but knock yourself out. We should do what we can to keep them safe. More bike lanes or one-way streets, laws, better policing, whatever.

But for adults who are riding a bicycle recreationally on busy highways designed to get cars from A to B as quickly as possible -- those people have a death wish. Nothing can be done to make them safe. They are rock climbing without a rope, wind surfing without a life jacket.

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