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you should be grateful

...some say our attitude should be one of gratitude, like the widows and cripples of old London town who owe their large pensions to Werner Von Braun...

You be grateful, I would have preferred we trade Gemini and Apollo for the chance to strap Von Braun to one of his V2s and watch it go boom. But that's just me, I think the best Nazis are dead Nazis, you have other priorities and that's on you.

1,004 officer involved fatalities
Delicate way to put it.

Combine the populations of Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK, Poland, Japan, Denmark and Germany and you'll have roughly the population of the US. They had 22 "officer involved fatalities". 41 is soft considering every person shot in their car is listed as "armed with a vehicle". And how many of the knives were found in a pocket after the shots? How many throw-away guns left at the scene? We'll never know. Dead suspects tell no tales. Twain had a phrase for stats like these, sadly it wont make it past the moderators here anymore.

So you aren't against BLM activists per se, it's ThA hYp0cRiSy of BLM failing to reform urban ghettos, end gang violence, organized crime and drug trafficking nationwide (or at least in Chicago) before they act on the less pressing issues of systemic racism and a police force that is over militarized, trigger happy and completely unaccountable.

A city nearing 100 shootings per week might suggest an ineffectual police department. But no, as your have proven, the poor cops are helpless victims of the violence. It's BLM that should be out in the streets bringing harmony to bloods and crips and teaching the white suburban kids to Just Say No.

Slightly off-topic, but I often see Chicago stats used as a prop for various pig-headed 'arguments'. Having visited I think we should consider the possibility the cold, the wind, the smell, the bad juju from the old days as Packingtown and the proximity to Michigan encourage many Chicagoans to prefer a bullet rather than living in such a dreadful place any longer.

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