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The track layout seems unlikely. That's a huge footprint with half the cities hotel rooms inside in the ring. This isnt Baku where the government can tell everyone effected to get fcuked.

Remember the promo video for the London GP? Cars zipping around Trafalgar Square and through the Admiralty Arch. In a city where you need 14 permits to move a post box. It was laughably stupid and unrealistic. The concept has been nerfed to a run down neighborhood in the East End. This is only possible because Londoners already support building a wall around the Milwall fans.

I'll be there even if it is in the parking lot at Ceasers again.

I say all this as a religious person. I say all this because I am a religious person. I believe that religion can raise the moral sights of politics (see the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.) and root our belief in human dignity. But it is the very power of religious conviction that can make people co-opt it with their own passions and beliefs. Instead of being judged and challenged by the best of their faith, they use their faith to judge others. And they move closer and closer toward blasphemy.

Notice how he author commits the same infraction he lays at Thomas' feet. If you leave the door ajar for religion to "raise the moral sights of politics" there will be enough space for every televangelist and scientologist to squeeze through. It isnt enough for him that Thomas' texts were wrong or unethical or treasonous, it's "blasphemy". It breaks god's law. Whose god? His. Which law? Insert some metaphysical white noise here.

A minority of The Founders won a tiny concession after 2000 years of absolute religious tyranny: "..no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". That second part virtually nullifies the first. There is no "wall", there never has been.

Even the King reference seems to show his blind-spot. Letter From a Birmingham Jail hurled MLK into the zeitgeist. Go read it. Its 6 pages of brilliant, secular (socialist) argument, but after the initial throat clearing, begins:

Beyond this, I am in Birmingham because injustice is here. Just as the eighth-century prophets left their little villages and carried their "thus saith the Lord" far beyond the boundaries of their hometowns; and just as the Apostle Paul left his little village of Tarsus and carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to practically every hamlet and city of the Greco-Roman world, I too am compelled carry the gospel of freedom beyond my particular hometown. Like Paul, I must constantly respond to the Macedonian call for aid.

He is clearly weaponizing religion. Its the only weapon available to him that his enemies fear. And it's a sword of Damocles.
Most of King's speeches carried this tone. "I Have a Dream", Moses leading to the promised land. Anyone remember from Sunday school how it ends? Spoiler Alert, it wasnt good for the Canaanites or Moses.
Im not knocking King (before the -------- brigade get their pitchforks out) he's gonna dance with the girl who brung him. I'm just saying you can't turn this stuff off when you want. The same sword was used to defend slavery and segregation. This power is available to anyone willing to stoop low enough to pick it up.

What we need is freedom from religion in all its possible manifestations. Until we as a society openly mock and laugh at anyone who wants to wield religion in the public square (Im looking at you 'good'-christians) we will have to accept god in politics.

Get back to me when your irrational fears become a reality
It would be too late then. WMLS and WNBA teams are already a red number on their parent team's balance sheet. Those leagues would collapse long before that point.

Isn't the point to get more trans athletes involved, and simultaneously empower more people with GD to transition, and simultaneously make a society more accepting non-binary people? The number of trans athletes (almost entirely women) will go up, and that's a good thing. Neither of us know by how much. The hypothetical is supposed to be a reach; I'm asking if their is a point where you would be willing to protect women's sports over an admittedly infinitesimal minority.
I don't just think you are wrong on the issue. I think you are doing long term harm to the people you want to help. How much political capital are you willing to spend here? Because you know as well as anyone on this site, politically, this issue is a loser. You're going to lose. You're messing with sports/apple pie, and the Republicans are going to beat you over the head with it in every school board election and State House seat across the country. And what do you get for this? Wait, what did you call it: "only ONE trans woman athlete in the entire state".

you've yet to acknowledge that athletic participation by trans women is regulated by the level of testosterone in their bodies, period.
Didn't know I needed too. Laura said it best: "I've been on hormones 7 years 2 months 20 days. I am a shell of my former self as far as strength goes. I couldn't compete in ANY sports. Her last 7 years are everyday in the life of a cis woman. To continue your race car analogy (and I don't think you know anything about motorsports) cis women would need to take any and all performance enhancing drugs they want for 4 years (or average male puberty) before spending their NCAA eligibility.

seemingly based on the fiction that unsuccessful males will seek the avenue of transgenderism
Im talking about sincere people with gender diaspora in their physical prime, after male puberty and one year removed from transition. But since you brought it up. Suppose there is cis man who trains until 20, lots of testosterone, no lost time to a menstrual cycle. Transitions. Hits the women's tennis circuit at 22. Wins two majors over 2 years. Pockets 12 million. Retires. Is this a "fair competition"? Do you honestly believe the number of cis men that will try something like this is zero?

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