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a worldwide phenomena ... to gin up the hatred of "the other" who may be different from you.
Previously this tool was held as an exclusive right of religion.

Only about a third of evangelicals are Trumpers.
Intentionally lying, obfuscating or just wrong?

Overall, 59% of voters who frequently attend religious services cast their ballot for Trump, while 40% chose Biden. About seven-in-ten White, non-Hispanic Americans who attend religious services at least monthly (71%) voted for Trump, while roughly a quarter (27%) voted for Biden. White evangelical Protestants have been among the Republican Party's most loyal constituencies, and this remained true in 2020. More than eight-in-ten White evangelical Protestant voters who attend religious services frequently (85%) voted for Trump in the most recent election, as did 81% of those who attend less frequently.


I mean, Trump isn't religious, is he?
This tacit will never wear out its' usefulness, will it?
Careful, Tor holds tight to his power as the final arbitrator of who is and isn't a real christian.
Trump says he is a christain. He says the bible is the best book ever written.
Does he need a stigmata? Is there some secret shibboleth?

ignorance isn't really particular about religiosity or not.
No. Of course not. There is no consequence in teaching children to set aside common sense and critical thinking for unfalsifiable supernatural wish thinking.
In a completely unrelated coincidence: All flat-earthers are religious, all young-earthers are religious, the ------- mutation community is 100% religious. You show me someone that doesn't believe in the moon landing, I'll show you someone that is certain god exist.

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