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Russia is being aggressive in response to constant pressures on their western borders.

At this point I don't even know why NATO exists at all. The Warsaw Pact is ancient history.

Defending tiny countries who contribute nothing to the defense of the western democracies seems like a burden we shouldn't be taking on.

Binding alliances just lead to more unnescessary wars. Defending Latvia or Estonia and going to war with Russia over it? It's insane. We have no national interests there.

Russia is a great power. They can't be boxed in forever. Putin is one man. When he leaves office he may be replaced by someone worse.

NATO is a time bomb waiting to go off.

The Russians have been very clear about their red lines concerning the Ukraine and Georgia.

We keep playing chicken thinking they will back off.

I don't think they will. I hate war. So I think maybe we should back off.

We won't win a ground war in Ukraine. We couldn't beat persistent tribalists in Afghanistan. Moreover,I think it's wrong to push them anyway. Since when has the US cared about anyone's sovereignity if they wanted war anyhow? Iraq,Iran,Venezuela,Panama.we invade and usurp on whim.

This gives us no credibility as a peace maker.

War in Ukraine would just mean hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. Maybe because they mostly wouldn't be American deaths makes that ok for some of you.For me it's still unacceptable.

I don't trust Russia to be good people necessarily. I trust our own government less based in our track record of lying us into war.

How do we know anything the media issaying is true? Russian false flags to start a war in Ukraine?

Thats sounds more like our wheelhouse not theirs.

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