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What is an atheist organization?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation.


Technically not strictly an atheist organization. Some, like myself, believe in some sort of higher power. We just don't believe it should influence government.

The purposes of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc., as stated in its bylaws, are to promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism.

Top 10 firearm death rates, from Eberly's link, are:

1 Mississippi 27.57
2 Wyoming 26.45
3 Louisiana 25.47
4 Alaska 23.93
5 (tie) Alabama 23.18
5 (tie) Missouri 23.18
7 New Mexico 22.74
8 Arkansas 22.21
9 Montana 22.03
10 South Carolina

Here are the 10 states with the highest rates of gun ownership: from worldpopulationreview.com

I put a XX by the states which are also in the Top 10 firearm death rates

Montana (66.30%) XX
Wyoming (66.20%) XX
Alaska (64.50%) XX
Idaho (60.10%)
West Virginia (58.50%)
Arkansas (57.20%) XX
Mississippi (55.80%) XX
Alabama (55.50%) XX
South Dakota (55.30%)
North Dakota (55.10%)

And yes, 6/10 are in both top ten's

Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978, among other items:
Establishes public ownership of all Presidential records and defines the term Presidential records.
Establishes that Presidential records automatically transfer into the legal custody of the Archivist as soon as the President leaves office.

those seem the most salient points


And the subject of the search or the owner of the property being searched is entitled to a copy of the search warrant. The person from whom the property is seized is entitled to a detailed inventory of what was seized, normally provided at the time of seizure. The same inventory is part of the warrant return to the court. Law enforcement does not have to reveal to the subject of the search or the owner of the property being searched the reason for the search nor the probable cause in the affidavit and application for the search warrant . That information can certainly be challenged in a suppression hearing, but that process occurs after the subject has been charged. The calls by the Trumpuppets for the reasons why, the names of whom, and what's the probable cause are just so much B.S. Theater. Light and noise to distract your eyes and ears from justice being served.

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